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Children Smoking in Films

My question is about children smoking on screen. There have been several hit films (Stand By Me, The Client, Mean Creek, Pineapple Express) that have featured child actors smoking, either cigarettes or marijuana. I have a few questions regarding this topic.

What do they use? How are they able to get clearance on something like this? Even though it isn't actual tobacco or weed that they're smoking, isn't it still illegal for children to smoke...anything?

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Re: Children Smoking in Films

Sometimes they can get away with telling the kids not to inhale. But like movies when Stand by Me was made, it was common for kids to be smoking in the first place. But with marijuana I don't know what they do. Might just roll fake joints and light them.

Re: Children Smoking in Films

For most of the movies with kids smoking they use herbal cigarettes, they have no tobacco but they have herbs and spices that are not harmful.