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Film coloration?

I'm currently writing a film that I'd like to see made down the line, and I've had a very distinct idea in my head as to how I want the movie to look. My vision for the movie has always been for it to look like a black-and-white picture that has been colored in, sort of like what was done with The Phantom of the Opera with Lon Chaney.

But its a little more difficult to describe then that. Until now, I've always used Sin City as the template for what I'm talking about, but even that wasn't completely what I was going for. So today, I saw the music video for "Basket Case" by Green Day for the first time. This is exactly what I want my film to look like?

Can anybody tell me what this coloration process is called? All I've been able to figure out is that it was shot in B&W and then colored in, the question is how.

Here's a link to the video:

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Re: Film coloration?

The Phantom of The Opera (at least the one scene) was shot in an early 2-strip (as opposed to 3-strip) Technicolor process. That wasn't done in post-production.