Special and Visual Effects : Is using VFX in superheroics feasible?

Is using VFX in superheroics feasible?

I was wondering, is it legitimately possible to use VFX in real life as a superhuman? Because in some media it has been carried out to great success. The supervillain Mysterio was formerly a special effects designer who decided to use his tools of the trade for crime; then there was a film/series called F/X, about the adventures of a VFX man; and finally, in OZ THE GREAT AND POWEFUL an illusionist was able to defeat two real enchantresses. So is this sort of thing more or less feasible?

I think probably only the practical VFX could help out:
- a smoke machine
- a projector
- pyrotechnic fireworks (at varying levels of intensity)
- a kaiju-suit (suitmation, though bulky and not looking too real these days, does provide a defense)
- some animatronic puppets to assist you.

Maybe someone more knowledgeable in these affairs can help me out, or assist me.

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