Special and Visual Effects : Ray Harryhausen Homage poll

Ray Harryhausen Homage poll

Hello, one of the masters of special effects and stop motion animation, Ray Harryhausen, recently died, as a homage the people at the daily poll board have organized a poll asking people which of his creatures is your favorite, all of you interested in special effects have surely something to say about it so we wanted to invite you to vote. Sincé the IMDb decided not to host polls anymore we have been running our polls in another site so we wanted to invite you to visit and give your opinión at http://moviesdailypoll.blogspot.com Harryhausen's poll will be opened till next saturday and each week we publish new movies questions so you can vote on a frequent basis as it used to happen on the IMDb.
Also if you have any ideas about visual effects related polls we could use we would love to hear them at the daily poll board.

Have a nice day.

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Re: Ray Harryhausen Homage poll

It's a shame you're using his death as a way to promote your website. I won't be visiting it. But I will tell you his rendition of Medusa is one of my favorite creations of his. Very malevolent.