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Re: Top 16 Round Results (Part 3)...

Tom is the Turner of this game.

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Re: Top 16 Round Results (Part 3)...

Mas, are you going to create a new forum for this game? I really want this to finish. :(

Re: Top 16 Round Results (Part 3)...

I just read the news. This is sad news. I might create a forum to finish up the game.

Re: Top 16 Round Results (Part 3)...

I need feedback from all players and coaches. Do you want it to be moved to a forum or a reddit page to be finished? I will need all of you to agree or if not, it won't work. Do post here so I know everyone's thoughts. Thanks.

Re: Top 16 Round Results (Part 3)...

A forum would be nice.

Re: Top 16 Round Results (Part 3)...

Forum... Reddit will get noisy

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Re: Top 16 Round Results (Part 3)...

A forum. You can probably just start a thread on the "Games" section of Henry's forum, if you don't want to start a whole forum of your own.

Re: Top 16 Round Results (Part 3)...

Either way is fine with me. I agree that it might be easier just to do it on Henry's forum.

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Re: Top 16 Round Results (Part 3)...

Yea you could do it on the forum I made Mas. I think almost everyone playing/coaching is already there. Only missing Pete, Emer and Harley. And you obviously.

But if that's not what you want, that's fine too. I'm fine with whatever.

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Re: Top 16 Round Results (Part 3)...

I vote yes to using Henry's forum.

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Of course that's cool with me - can someone send me a link?

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Re: Top 16 Round Results (Part 3)...

Here you go:

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Re: Top 16 Round Results (Part 3)...

Okay, we will continue it on Henry's forum. Just waiting on Turner now.

Re: Top 16 Round Results (Part 3)...

Ok Il send right now

Re: Top 16 Round Results (Part 3)...


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Re: Top 16 Round Results (Part 3)...


Re: Top 16 Round Results (Part 3)...

12 songs in 23 minutes?

Re: Top 16 Round Results (Part 3)...

I have heard almost all the songs before

Re: Top 16 Round Results (Part 3)...

Even if I have heard the song I listen to it in full while judging.

With that said, you are ALWAYS on here. So why do you never get your judging done??? You clearly have never ending time on your hands.

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Re: Top 16 Round Results (Part 3)...

Yeah. I don't mean this personally Turner, but it's really not fair to those playing that the scores won't even reflect you actually listening to the songs (impressions can change, etc...).

Re: Top 16 Round Results (Part 3)...

Some of these songs I have heard over 1000 times my opinion was not going to change why you guys want to stir up trouble for no good reason?

Re: Top 16 Round Results (Part 3)...

I'm really not trying to stir trouble, so my apologies if it came across that way. It just doesn't seem fair to the players or the other coaches whose artists are getting arbitrary/memory-driven scores, that's all. It doesn't seem in the spirit of a fair game.

Anyway, that's all I'll say. Truly wasn't trying to insult you personally, and again, I'm sorry if it came across that way.

Re: Top 16 Round Results (Part 3)...

Trust me tomcat the other judges and contestants wouldnt mind a great score would they?

Re: Top 16 Round Results (Part 3)...

Murr is too sweet.

Turner, you need to get your sh!t together. Quit lurking on here 24/7 and start doing the obligations you agreed to do. In a timely manner. Thanks

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Re: Top 16 Round Results (Part 3)...

Do you know,what jesse you are right i took way too long this round i promise i will be quicker

Re: Top 16 Round Results (Part 3)...

The Mas/s exodus has already taken place! Lol sorry, mas. Didn't see this thread till now and see everyone's already migrated there! D'oh, I feel like Keven in Home Alone...or Turner here I'll sign up likely tomorrow when I'm on a comp

Top 12 Round Results...

It's time for the coaches to share their comments. I would just like to add that Tomcat and Jesse bring up good points about judging the songs. And I hope Turner will do his part as a coach to judge them collectively, even if he had heard the songs before.

And now on to the submissions.

1) Team Jess: Paramore - "Brick By Boring Brick"

Mas: This is a nice number. Very upbeat and catchy.

Turner: I thought last week was way better this one was just ok for me

Nat: I forgot to pause Spotify when I clicked on this video and it was playing Lil Dicky. I was like, wait. This isn't right. Anyway, the song. Like I've said, I've never been into Paramore, but it is way better than a lot of artists in this game. This one in particular isn't bad, but it's kind of generic. I liked it fine though.

Jess: I was obsessed with this when it first came out. I love the lyrics to it and the video is cool too.

Harley: I remember the name of this song or maybe it was the name of the album. But it's I don't remember the actual song and after listening to it again, I can't say I will remember it this time around. I don't get Paramore, I think Hayley (is that her name) is cool but also a bit annoying. The song is just average for me, I preferred the one you sent last round.

2) Team Turner: Bruce Springsteen - "Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out"

Mas: Liking this. Very old-feel feeling to the song.

Turner: you nailed it this was a brilliant pick so proud of you

Nat: This is a cool song. I think Springsteen has better though, like The River, which you sent last round. It's tough deciding when to send certain ones. I think it's good, sure. Nothing special as far as I'm concerned though.

Jess: I didn't like this one at all. Sorry.

Harley: Turner pm'd me after my comments to let me know that Bruce is massive in the U.K. However, I can only see albums have done well and only old people buy them so I stand by my comment that he doesn't click with the younger UK market. I mean look, I don't hate the songs you have sent but I don't particularly like them either. I am just having trouble connecting with him it's just not my genre.

3) Team Nat: Ellie Goulding - "Burn"

Mas: Ellie always has this unique voice. I do like this catchy number to her. Always leaves me humming.

Turner: this was an improvement from last week I enjoyed it

Nat: I have a hard time gauging whether or not Ellie Goulding is a guilty pleasure or not. Because I think this song is rad and I'm kind of embarrassed to say it. Definitely one of her catchier ones.

Jess: Not the best Ellie song, but it's alright

Harley: This song is just a bit too repetitive for me to enjoy fully but I don't hate it at all. It was over played on radio at the time of release and her PR's really try and tip her as the next British sensation (which she isn't). As I said I would of preferred her earlier stuff and this is still stuck in that Calvin Harris era which just becomes noise. I mean if Nat can stand by this but can't understand Madonna's last song pick then...well you know what I am saying.

4) Team Harley: Blur - "Coffee and TV"

Mas: I know you had a hard choice deciding to go with the obvious or not. Haha. This is not too bad a number. It is a little above average so not sure how it will go with the others.

Turner: I am sorry I really didn't like this at all

Nat: Unlike Turner, I absolutely DO NOT think Harley made a mistake in saving you. God help me if I had to listen to another Cher song. I've really liked Blur's songs. Granted not enough to keep you on my team, but I would definitely love to if I could. This is a pretty awesome song. I like it a lot.

Jess: Oh gah, this was awful. Couldn't get into it at all.

Harley: Well let's face it. We are probably not going to get Turners support any time soon because you're a bit to quirky for his pop submerged mind. However the rest of the judges comments are completely up for grabs and that's why I chose you. I've always loved this song, it was featured in my fave guilty pleasure Cruel Intentions. I think you found the middle ground of safe while still holding some of your bigger songs for later.

5) Team Turner: Madonna - "Express Yourself"

Mas: A missed opportunity for comparison with Gaga's "Born This Way". Hehe. Nice going back to her older hits. This is quite a good number.

Turner: omg this was perfect pick anybody who doesn't like this is lying I am very proud of you and so glad I kept you

Nat: Still not a fan. Sorry not sorry.


Harley: Thank god Gaga didn't sent Born This Way or we would of been in a bit of trouble. This is a great track by Madge, I prefer it to a lot of her other stuff. However I have a feeling me and you are very different Madonna fans. You seem to be going for the obvious hits - after awhile that's going to get boring.

6) Team Nat: Laleh - "Stars Align"

Mas: Liking this. A catchy number. Kinda reminds me of something Sia would sing.

Turner: this wasn't very good I thought the visuals were nice but the song was *beep*

Nat: I am very happy that you weren't in the bottom two of my team last round. I am digging Laleh with every song that I hear from her. God damn, this is good. It feels large, for lack of a better word.

Jess: This was pretty good. I liked it better than I thought I would.

Harley: I prefer her last song a little more but this wasn't bad it wasn't as 'cool' as the last one. It was a bit more obvious, if you know that I mean. Nothing groundbreaking in either production or vocals but it's not bad. Could almost be a Eurovision entry from somewhere like Sweden.

Re: Top 12 Round Results...

7) Team Jess: Michael Jackson - "Wanna Be Startin Something"

Mas: I feel like a broken record but there are so many catchy numbers this round. I appreciate you sending not the obvious hits, at least. This is so good though.

Turner: I am so jealous you are not on my team you did great this song is one of my all time favorites

Nat: Not one of MJ's best, I'm afraid. It's fine, but I don't think I would ever listen to it on my own.

Jess: BEST SONG OF THE ROUND! I want to give you a score of 100, but I can't. This is a classic. So catchy and you just can't help but sing and dance along to this. Great choice!

Harley: I'm gonna say the same thing that I said to Madonna. Hit after hit from an artist like MJ is boring. I'm not going to mark you down on this song but if your sending pattern is going to go something like Man in the Mirror, Thriller, Billie Jean, Bad etc. It's a bit safe and basic. With an artist like him you should be branching out into some of his smaller hits. Still WBSS is a great hit and a token to its era. It's also pulled from the best album ever made. However it does get a bit repetitive as the song goes on.

8) Team Harley: Christina Aguilera - "I Turn to You"

Mas: It's been awhile since I heard this. This is such a good number. Christina's voice is just nice to listen.

Turner: this song brings back so many memories this is one of my favorite xtina songs and I happen to enjoy everything she does great job

Nat: I liked her last song better. This is good and all, but it's not my cup of tea.

Jess: I haven't heard this song in forever. I have always liked this one. Christina has such a beautiful voice and this song is beautiful as well.

Harley: Okay here's the thing, last rounds was a smash because you showed the judges something different but this isn't going to be as greatly reviewed. I think you're a Xtina fan which can be good but it can also be really bad. You might hear things or have a special memory to a certain song that us judges don't have. This is kind of an example. We need to move into second gear but we seem to be stuck a bit in first with this submission. It's not a bad song, but I am worried that the other judges may not connect with this. Please take my advice, I'm not saying it for fun.

9) Team Turner: Whitney Houston - "I'm Your Baby Tonight"

Mas: Why the closeup and the lighting in the beginning? LOL. This was an okay number. A good voice but yeah, pretty average.

Turner: I am so glad you picked an upbeat one I think you made a great choice with this song it's,always been a favorite of mine keep up the good work

Nat: Yeahhhhh. Not for me, homie.

Jess: I liked the chorus, but the verses were just ok to me, and kind of forgettable. Whitney has better songs.

Harley: Okay wait, does this songs chorus remind ANYONE of the 90s X-Men cartoon series??? Lol. I've never heard this song, which is cool you're not relaying on hits like Michael Jackson and Madonna. Saying that the song was just an okay for me. Really long and started to sound the same after awhile. I did like the bridge though.

10) Team Nat: The Killers - "Somebody Told Me"

Mas: LOL, I'm gonna be interested to see her the upcoming round's picks since I'm not sure I've heard anything else from them besides their popular songs. This is definitely catchy though

Turner: I don't like this song I never did I think it really sucks.

Nat: Jesus Christ, dude. Why are you sending in their most popular songs at this stage? lmao. I've always loved this song and it's one of my favorites from them. You can't hear the chorus and not sing along. The only OG Team Nat artist left on my team.

Jess: YAS!!! I love this one!! Now it's gonna be stuck in my head for the rest of the night.

Harley: Yo, if I was Nat I would be pissed. Do you know how to play this game? That's two of their better songs sent in the last two rounds. Maybe you're playing it by how it goes. And I did say we always forget how many great songs this band has, so I could be forgetting. Saying that - this is a great song and probably my favourite from them. When I was younger I always thought it was Franz Ferdinand.

11) Team Jess: The Rolling Stones - "Get Off My Cloud"

Mas: Love some rock and roll. Good number!

Turner: I liked this not one of my favorites this round but it was good

Nat: Very cool song. I like it a lot and this game needs you in it for diversity's sake.

Jess: Another great submission from The Stones. Though this isn't a fave of mine, it's still a good one.

Harley: Idk, it's okay. It's not my favourite from them but it's iconic and rightly so. I kind of expected a bit more but I think you're playing the game and that's what needs to happen. I'm not gonna lie I'm judging these last 5 songs drunk and my comments might be contradicting themselves lol. Anyway, yes, just an okay from me. Nothing amazing from the Stones.

12) Team Harley: Lady Gaga - "LoveGame"

Mas: Old school Gaga! Really brings back memories of those years lol. Forget how catchy this is.

Turner: I regret telling you to pick from the fame this is one of her best songs well done

Nat: I think I've mentioned before that Lady Gaga is hit or miss. This is a hard miss. Hope you stay and bounce back, but I just don't like this at all.

Jess: Loveeeee this one!! It's so catchy and fun. Great way to end the round.

Harley: Ehhhhhhhhh. Maybe we need to ask Mas how many rounds are left in this game. Please refer to my comments that I left Christina. As a coach you have disappointed me and you didn't listen to my advice. If you're planning on saving Just Dance for the later rounds, please don't. You should of sent Just Dance here. This song is good don't get me wrong, I loved it when I was younger but I am a bit worried. Like Mas said, Lady Gaga can go either way in this game and I will support you but this is an odd choice. Step it up. I guess it is a guilty pleasure, and it makes you want to get a bit trashy.

Re: Top 12 Round Results...

It's time now to reveal who will be moving into the Top 10. Remember, the bottom 2 scoring artistes, irregardless of which coach's team they are, will be eliminated.

1st artiste to move on come from Team Jess!

MICHAEL JACKSON, you are safe!

Next artiste moving on come from Team Nat!

The artiste moving on is ......THE KILLERS!!!!!!!!

The next artiste safe comes from Team Harley!!!


7 more spots left!

Team Turner: 0
Team Nat: 1
Team Jess: 1
Team Harley: 1

Re: Top 12 Round Results...

More scores to announce!

The next artiste to be safe comes from Team Jess...

The artiste moving on is THE ROLLING STONES

Next artiste is from Team Nat!


And the next artiste is from Team Harley!

LADY GAGA is safe!

Team Turner: 0
Team Nat: 2
Team Jess: 2
Team Harley: 2

4 more spots left!

Re: Top 12 Round Results...

I'll now announce 3 more safe artistes.

Next up is from Team Turner!

Madonna is safe!

Next is from Team Jess...

Paramore is safe!

And also safe is from Team Nat!!!

Laleh is safe!!!

Team Turner: 1
Team Nat: 3
Team Jess: 3
Team Harley: 2

1 more spot left! Who is the final safe artiste?

Re: Top 12 Round Results...

We are down to 3 artistes: Bruce Springsteen & Whitney Houston from Team Turner and Blur from Team Harley!

I will now announce the final safe artiste!

The final safe artiste is from Team Turner: WHITNEY HOUSTON!!!

That means we say goodbye to BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN and BLUR!!!

I will also reveal the player behind each of them.

Blur - Henry
Bruce Springsteen - RTF

These are the number of artistes each player has.

3 artistes - Jesse
2 artistes - Emer, Henry
1 artiste - Angel, Pete, Tomcat
0 artiste - Martin, RTF

That also means RTF is the next player eliminated! Thanks for playing!

All players and judges, I will be moving this game to Henry's forum from now. You can still comment for now but the next round's results will be on there.

That also means all songs to be submitted through PM on the forum and not here! Please take note!

Re: Top 12 Round Results...

LOL why am I not surprised

I feel so bad for Nat having to listen to all of these pop divas

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Re: Top 12 Round Results...

Bye bruce😭

I have no idea what harleys problem is

Why is he so against sending hits? Xtina and gaga you did great this round a good song is a good song you both sent great songs. He should be proud of you two

Re: Top 12 Round Results...

I am not against hits - I wasn't sure if the other coaches were going to feel Gaga's and Christina's songs and I was just worried because I love my team and would hate to see them go so early.

As for Madonna and MJ all I was trying to say is obviously they will be saving some of the big smashes for the later rounds but I just don't fancy having every obvious hit sent in. I would like atleast one semi underrated smash. With those two artists it really shouldn't be hard. Only cause my fave songs from those ones are not in that selection. Anyway, I didn't downmark them in anyway they still got good scores unlike you who just gives each of your team 10's.

Don't start Turner.

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Re: Top 12 Round Results...

Hits are fine, but you have to be a bit strategic about saving hits. If you have MJ, you don't send Thriller first round.

Re: Top 12 Round Results...

I didnt mean to make you upset i just wanted to know what you were talking about.

Re: Top 12 Round Results...

There goes Turner throwing around sass and attitude again... and then when he annoys the person he plays sweet and innocent. Please already

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Re: Top 12 Round Results...

Jesse I am not playing victim at all I didn't mean to make anyone upset.

Re: Top 12 Round Results...

I'm not upset lol but you were 100% sassing me you sass queen

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Re: Top 12 Round Results...

Rofl turner stay strong <3

Re: Top 12 Round Results...

Stay strong? What he needs to learn to do is STFU. It would do wonders for him, and maybe he would grow up and quit the victim act.

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Re: Top 12 Round Results...

That's *beep* up

You can get a look at a good T-Bone Steak by sticking your head up a bull's ass.

Re: Top 12 Round Results...

Am waiting on Angel and Emer

Re: Top 12 Round Results...

Were these in order of scores?

Re: Top 12 Round Results...

Yes, they were.

Re: Top 12 Round Results...

Songs have been sent out to the coaches on the forum.

Re: Top 12 Round Results...

Just sent

Re: Top 12 Round Results...

Results are up on the forum!

Re: Top 12 Round Results...

Waiting on Pete and Henry