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Re: Battle Round ~ TEAM HARLEY

Turner it's like you have this odd goal to always be the last to submit in games. Meanwhile you're always on here.

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Re: Battle Round ~ TEAM HARLEY

I have sent already jesse

Knockout Round ~ TEAM TURNER

It's now time to start off the Knockouts!

We will start with Team Turner!

1) Madonna - "Music"

Turner: music is one of my favorites it is so *beep* catchy I bet Harley and Jessica would love it as well.

vs. Miranda Lambert - "White Liar"

Turner: white liar is one of my favorites of her as well. I happen to really like country music unfortunately Nat and Harley do not that worries me

Winner: Madonna...........

2) Whitney Houston - "It's Not Right But It's Ok"

Turner: I loved this song when I was around five years old I still love it now as well.

vs. Ellie Goulding - "Love Me Like You Do"

Turner: why did you pick one of her best songs so early this should be sent for the finals but I loved this as well

Winner: this one was hard for me but I have to choose whitney she has a bigger catalogue that can benefit her in later rounds

3) Bruce Springsteen - "American Skin (41 Shots)"

Turner: this song was fsntastic this song was very touching.

vs. The Police - "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic"

Turner: I wasn't crazy for this one sorry and the quality was u

Winner: Bruce it was a way better song

Re: Knockout Round ~ TEAM NAT

It's time now for Team Nat!

1) Bat for Lashes - "Daniel"

Nat: I predict that this will be the toughest match-up for me. Both artists I haven't heard a lot from, but I really like what I've listened to so far. Bat for Lashes is OG Team Nat. And honestly? This song is even better than the last one. I really like this a lot. It's 3 and a half minutes, which I would say is standard length of a song, but it feels shorter somehow. I think that's a sign of liking a song. So yeah, I dig this. Sorry if you're the same person who sent Kyla La Grange. I feel like you are. I feel like you're half my team.

vs. Kyla La Grange - "Vampire Smile"

Nat: *beep* *beep* Why did I pair you two off? God damn it, so much regret. Like, this is a really good song. Way better than I expected. Gah, I done *beep* up. I'm sorry whoever I kick off.

Winner: I genuinely hope one of you gets stolen. I wish I could steal you back. Although I'm sort of hoping you don't get picked up and some rejects that I dislike get taken so I don't have to score them high later on. The winner by a small margin is Bat for Lashes.

2)The Killers - "Just Another Girl"

Nat: The Killers vs. The Who. The Battle of the The's. I mean, like I said, I pretty much like all of their songs. I really like this one too. It's typically Killers stuff. That's pretty darn great in my book. Teenage me would have really loved this if it came out when I was still in high school.

vs. The Who - "Going Mobile"

Nat: Strange pick. Not one of their better songs, in my opinion. It's still pretty catchy and certainly not bad, but I'm not feeling it this round.

Winner: The Killers.

3) The Rolling Stones - "One Hit (to the Body)"

Nat: I like it. Doesn't blow me away though. I don't know, man. I don't really dislike anyone on my team anymore. I'm just not loving this one.

vs. Laleh - "In the Comet"

Nat: Really hoping that this is better than Bat for Lashes and Kyla La Grange because if not, then I regret everything. Very happy that I picked you up. Although let's be honest. I don't think I really had to fight for you lol. 75% of my rejects got picked up, so it's a pretty decent trade. This is a pretty mesmerizing song. I kind of wish I was on something right now and just watch and listen to this video. This song is special. And I feel like whoever sent this in has a similar mindset to me. Like, the other judges might not love it, but who cares. We know who the best team is.

Winner: Laleh. Not the "safer" choice, but let's take a shot and see how we do.

Knockout Round ~ TEAM JESS

It's time for Team Jess!

1) Michael Jackson - "Butterflies"

Jess: I like that you sent a lesser known MJ song. This isn't the best song I have heard by him, but it wasn't bad.

vs. Cher - "Take Me Home"

Jess: Again, not the best song from Cher, but wasn't a terrible one.

Winner: Neither song really blew me away, but there was one that I liked a tad bit more and I think this person has a better shot at going all the way in the competition. The winner is Michael

2) Carly Rae Jepsen - "Your Type"

Jess: Never heard this one before, but I really like it. Carly has a good voice. <3

vs. Paramore - "That's What You Get"

Jess: Words cannot express my love for Hayley Williams! 💜💜💜 This is one of my faves. I still love it after all these years, it never gets old. Great choice!

Winner: I have to go with Paramore. Carly, you did good too though.

3) Pink - "Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)"

Jess: This one was ok.

vs. Third Eye Blind - "Losing a Whole Year"

Jess: I love 90's alternative music. :) This is a good song.

Winner: ugh this one was hard for me. I seriously changed my mind 3 or 4 times and had to delete my comments. lol ughhhh I choose Pink. Third Eye, you did really good this round, but I like more and think she will do better going forward in the competition. I hope that you are stolen. :(

Knockout Round ~ TEAM HARLEY

And lastly, we have Team Harley!


1) Blur - "Music is My Radar"

Harley: Okay Blur are like one of my fave bands of all time. They are a staple of Brit pop and tbh without them I doubt Coldplay would've even of been signed. However, you've already been kicked out of one coaches team idk if people enjoy Coldplay more. Also, with the other coaches being American some of the lyrics and songs might be lost on them.

vs. Coldplay - "Viva La Vida"

Harley: Coldplay, I cannot deny that you're great band but for me - the song is probably one of those songs I honestly have trouble listening to. It's just so...blah. However, you're the successful band if we go by commercial impact.

Winner: I put you to together because you're both staples of British pop culture. I may regret my final choice but i have to go with what my heart is telling me and this to take Blur into the next round.


2) Mariah Carey - "Obsessed"

Harley: Honey, Mariah is the ultimate guilty pleasure and although I think she has become a parody of herself over recent years with her diva attitude her music is solid. She has a cluster of hits that span the test of time however she lacks diversity and you have send two songs that broke up that ballad streak. Obsessed is a cheesy record but it has a place in my heart.

vs. Christina Aguilera - "Something's Got a Hold on Me"

Harley: I've always been a Britney fan, back in the day you could only be one or the other. However, I can respect Christina as an artist. This song wasn't bad and I like that you picked filler but when you're up against Mariah it makes it hard. I don't want to take Christina into this game if we are going to have the over exaggerated vocal acrobatics. It's low-key here but I can hear it. I do think she has a cluster of strong material.

Winner: This was the hardest choice because I love both of you. However, I have to choose who I think will go further and offers more diversity and that person is Christina. Mariah, I really wish I hadn't stole you so I could steal you this round - heartbreaker is one of my favourite songs of all time. Christina- I would love for you to send a slower one for the next round. She has enough singles to get you through, please stay away from album tracks that nobody has heard of.


3) Lady Gaga - "Monster"

Harley: Wow. This song took me back. I was a massive Gaga fan during this era. Went to see her in concert and she truly is a great performer and singer. Of course this song plays on my nostalgia but it's pretty basic when you don't have that affiliation with it. Something I am worried a lot of the other judges (minus pop tart Tuner <3) might not have with her.

vs. Paul McCartney - "Band on the Run"

Harley: There's no denying that you are a force in music but I am worried your songs might become tiresome after a few rounds. Paul is great but a lot of his best material comes from featuring imo. Saying that, the other judges may live for your material.

Winner: I have to choose Lady Gaga here. It was quite easy, I just don't think Paul's music has stood the test of time. Gaga, please play it safe next round as it will be the first time we see how the other judges react to you. I want to see a single on the similar level as Alejandro.

Re: Knockout Round ~ TEAM HARLEY

Congrats to the 12 artistes that made it to the Top 16! Each coach now have ONE final steal to choose from the other 12 artistes that have lost.

Please send me a ranked list of the top 3 artistes that you want to steal and I will reveal the final 16 once I get the picks.

Re: Knockout Round ~ TEAM HARLEY

I already sent jesse

Re: Knockout Round ~ TEAM HARLEY

And we have our final 16 going into the live rounds.

And here are the updated teams with the steals.

Team Turner:
Bruce Springsteen
Whitney Houston
Mariah Carey (STEAL)

Team Nat:
Bat for Lashes
The Killers
Ellie Goulding (STEAL)

Team Jess:
Michael Jackson
The Rolling Stones (STEAL)

Team Harley:
Christina Aguilera
Lady Gaga
Cher (STEAL)

This is the final sets of artistes representing each coach heading into the lives. Top two from each team will automatically move on to the Top 12 while the final artiste from each team will be decided by the coach itself.

Re: Knockout Round ~ TEAM HARLEY

That also means the following 8 artistes are eliminated. I will also reveal the player behind each of them.

Carly Rae Jepsen - Angel
Coldplay - Emer
Kyla La Grange - Tomcat
Miranda Lambert - Angel
Paul McCartney - Martin
The Police - Pete
Third Eye Blind -Tomcat
The Who - Angel

These are the number of artistes each player has.

4 artistes - Henry, Jesse
3 artistes - Emer
2 artistes - Tomcat
1 artiste - Angel, Pete, RTF
0 artiste - Martin

And that also means we have our 1st player eliminated from the game, Martin! Thanks for playing and you always have out-of-the-box selections. Too bad it didn't work for you.

For the other players, I need one song from you. Please do submit asap. From now on, all coaches and myself will score each song. So, song selection becomes more important than ever.

Re: Knockout Round ~ TEAM HARLEY

Wow no one picked Coldplay? I am not a huge fan of them but I thought their catalogue was very large and strong, strong enough to win? #Shocking.

Yay @ all my artists still in. Can't help but laugh at something though

Oh it's like slang. From...England

Re: Knockout Round ~ TEAM HARLEY

All of mine are still in too... I am shocked.

Great job guys!

Martin, sad to see you go bud.

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Re: Knockout Round ~ TEAM HARLEY

I'm not so sad. I didn't really know what the game was when I started, so I didn't really plan out properly on what I should have sent. Got me killed pretty quickly and I'm okay with that, since my selections were crap.

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Re: Knockout Round ~ TEAM HARLEY

I almost picked Paul McCartney as my number one

Re: Knockout Round ~ TEAM HARLEY

Live and Let Die was an awesome send! <3

Sorry to see you go, Martin; I like your usual picks. I've never seen The Voice myself, so just think of this game as an elaborate Masked Idol - at least I think that's how it is, right? lol

Re: Knockout Round ~ TEAM HARLEY

Well, in Masked Singer you don't have to send in a bunch of stuff from one artist. I don't listen to much popular music (I'm one of those weirdos that only listens the the really out there alternative stuff), and even if I sent in what I know, very few artists are good enough to fill even a whole album of halfway decent songs.

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Re: Knockout Round ~ TEAM HARLEY

Coldplay was my second choice. I'm pretty sure I coached Ellie Goulding to the finals before though so maybe second time's the charm.

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Re: Knockout Round ~ TEAM HARLEY

Yeah Nat, I think you did bring her before.

Anyway, waiting for Tomcat and Angel to submit.

Re: Knockout Round ~ TEAM HARLEY

I'll send soon. Sorry, this is hard! I'm trying to find a certain middle ground here, and it's proving to be nerve-racking. [t.ears][perplexedemoticon]

Re: Knockout Round ~ TEAM HARLEY

That's the unique thing about the game. Choosing what songs and to submit when to please either one or all of the judges is the key.

Re: Knockout Round ~ TEAM HARLEY

Please tell me he sent LOL... who are we waiting for?

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Re: Knockout Round ~ TEAM HARLEY

He says we are waiting on Angel

Re: Knockout Round ~ TEAM HARLEY

Sorry, been without power most of the day and last night.

Re: Knockout Round ~ TEAM HARLEY

Songs have been sent out to the coaches.

Re: Knockout Round ~ TEAM HARLEY

How many people leave this round?

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Re: Knockout Round ~ TEAM HARLEY

I said it earlier but you might had missed it.

Top two from each team will automatically move on to the Top 12 while the final artiste from each team will be decided by the coach itself.

Re: Knockout Round ~ TEAM HARLEY

Are results coming up?

Re: Knockout Round ~ TEAM HARLEY

I'm still waiting on Harley. I have yet to score mine also so will give him some time for that.

Re: Knockout Round ~ TEAM HARLEY

Sorry I've been away this weekend and forgot headphones. I am judging this evening (within the next hr)

"Everyone is doing emails these days" - Britney Spears, 1999

Top 16 Round Results (Part 1)...

It's now time for the Top 16 to face not only their own coach but the other coaches and myself as well. Let's see what the comments are.

1) Team Turner: Madonna - "Girl Gone Wild"

Mas: I'm gonna admit I'm just lukewarm about Madonna but she does have some songs that I like from her. I totally forgot this number but it does brings me back memories of a few years back. Quite a catchy number. Probably you are keeping the classics for later rounds.

Turner: I love this song it is really catchy I am so happy to have the queen of pop on my team

Nat: Oh god, what have I gotten myself into? I'm just really not into this stuff. Is she still making music? This does sound different than her older stuff, but it's really just generic pop noise to me. Not feelin

Jess: I like this one. It's catchy and fun! How is Madonna almost 60? I don't get it. lol

Harley: A pretty weak Madonna song when you compare it to her discography. MDNA was a pretty embarrassing album for her, this song is a good example of her following a trend and for an album that was only released 5 years ago, it sounds very 2007ish. I'm not that impressed but I can't have the queen of pop leave this soon but this might be the worst song of the round.

2) Team Harley: Cher - "Just Like Jesse James"

Mas: I'm kinda surprised Harley decided to steal you among the remaining artistes. This is very country. Not sure I like it that much though.

Turner: this is a pretty good song I really like Cher but I like quite a few artists more but it was good

Nat: Another big female pop singer I'm not into. I'd just like to clarify that I don't think these are bad songs by any means. They're just not for me.

Jess: I am glad that Cher found another team. This was a good song!

Harley: Firstly, I love the fact that Cher and Madonna are in the same game. Truly iconic. Cher, is an incredible pop artist. I am kind of excited for her in this game cause I think she could be a bit of a dark horse. This song to me, proves it. I hate country but this song is just that right element of country meets pop. Come on Cher, let's get sickening.

3) Team Nat: Ellie Goulding - "Still Falling For You"

Mas: She has an interesting voice. This song was just okay for me.

Turner: I knew you would get picked I have to be honest I wasn't feeling this this round it was just ok I know you can do better next time if you make it

Nat: Just realized that most of what's left of this game are female pop singers. I like the ones on my team though. I actually really like Ellie Goulding. Really surprised that I was able to snatch her up. This isn't as catchy as her other songs, but I still enjoyed it okay.

Jess: I really like Ellie's voice and I didn't think I would like this song at first, but it was pretty good.

Harley: llie sounds a bit like a Furby tbh. I'm not her biggest fan, I did really like her earlier stuff. I've also heard from friends that she is a COMPLETE *beep* which kind of taints the image she tries to give out. I honestly, don't know if I know this song or not? It was for Bridget Jones so I am sure it got some heavy airplay over here in the U.K. I kind of like it and I hate myself for that. A pretty solid pop song.

4) Team Jess: Paramore - "Ain't It Fun"

Mas: This is quite an upbeat song and I do kinda like it.

Turner: this song is a lot of fun this song used to play all the time at work great job you did awesome

Nat: I've never been big into Paramore, but I don't dislike them. This is a fun song. I like it. It feels like it drags on too long though. After a while, it sort of plateaus.

Jess: THIS IS MY JAM!!! A great catchy song. I love the part when the Choir joins in. Love this!

Harley: I never really got Paramore. They have this really annoying American vocal soft rock/pop sound that I've never really been a fan of (Green Day, Blink 182, Bowling for Soup etc.) This wasn't super in that vein though, so I could actually listen to it. I like the chorus, her vocals were nice and the music has just the right amount of everything going on.

5) Team Nat: Laleh - "Some Die Young"

Mas: This is my first time listening to her and I do like it. She has an interesting voice and this song is good. Looking forward to hear more from her.

Turner: another one of my former team mates I think this was pretty good not jumping out of my chair or anything

Nat: I love my team. I didn't at first, but then I made it awesome. I hope the other judges appreciate this because I think it's rad. It's different from the last song you sent in. It doesn't have that certain quality that I loved so much in the other one, but I still like it anyway. Very pretty song.

Jess: This was just ok to me.

Harley: So, she's probably the least known artist in the line up but I've got a feeling it's not going to hurt her. This is strong. I also checked out your earlier submissions and you was one of my choices for a steal at one point. She's has a good mix of pop meets modern aesthetics. Its good - not the best of the round but it's a refreshing mix. She could be the one to keep an eye on.

6) Team Harley: Lady Gaga - "Marry the Night"

Mas: After the surprising combo we had of Gaga and Bennett last season, so we have Gaga alone this season. This is catchy but more in the bottom half of the songs I like from her. This game have shown that not necessarily the biggest names will win the season, depending on the song choices submitted at diff points, Gaga can either make it or not. Will be interested to see the choices in future rounds.

Turner: I love gaga but I never really cared for this song if I were you I would send songs that weren't singles from the fame you have some great material unfortunately this wasn't very good

Nat: Lady Gaga's an interesting one. I don't really listen to her, but some of her songs are actually pretty good. Never heard this one before, I don't think. It's not bad, but gets really repetitive.

Jess: I am soooo dancing right now!!! I love this song!!! I am mad that I never got to steal Gaga. Great song!!!

Harley: It's not really what I had in mind (I may of gone for Judas?)'s a good pop song. Way more experimental than the Madonna song that was submitted and I think that is saying something. You may of found a good middle ground between pop and slightly alternative here? Will be interesting to hear the other judges comments because I predict good things from Mother. (Omg this song is really catchy bye - perfect illusion next? I love that song bye.)

7) Team Turner: Whitney Houston - "All the Man That I Need"

Mas: Wow, this feels so nostalgic. I can't deny how good her voice is and this song really brings me a retro feeling.

Turner: you sent beautifully I much appreciate that I have you on my team this song is brilliant

Nat: Obviously Whitney Houston is a legend and I don't want people to think I'm just hating on all these singers because they're not on my team. It's just not what I enjoy. I can appreciate this song though. I always thought she had a great voice.

Jess: Whitney has an AMAZING voice and though this isn't a fave from her, I still like it.

Harley: Right shoot me but I am not the biggest lover of ballads and this is Whitney's staple act. It's one of the reasons I got rid of Mariah. A lot of Whitney's music relies on the chorus. This song is a prime example. The verses are just not...good. The chorus is redeeming and packs the punch big enough to carry the song. So it's not a bad a song. Her vocals are as clear as day.

8) Team Jess: Michael Jackson - "They Don't Care About Us"

Mas: MJ is such an icon. Quite a hard-hitting message in this song. And such impactful visuals as well.

Turner: I love mj so much I remember two seasons ago I got so mad at Russ Denton for giving him low scores I wanted to punch him out so badly you can't go wrong with Michael he's a perfectionist

Nat: How can you not like MJ's music? This is a powerful song that touches on issues that are still prominent today. Very good song. I have nothing bad to say.

Jess: Epic song and video!!!

Harley: Actually one of the best MJ songs. Now MJ is imo the biggest threat but you can step wrong pretty easily. I mean I would love to see you moonwalk out of the competition but I'm not one for sabotage. Saying that this song is a solid 10. However there are BIG Michael songs that everyone loves that will get a solid 1 from me. This however is not one of them. Sits somewhere in my top 5 MJ songs.

Top 16 Round Results (Part 2)...

Let's continue with the 2nd part of the comments.

9) Team Nat: Bat for Lashes - "Sunday Love"

Mas: Another one of Nat's indie artistes although I prefer the former's song. This was just okay for me.

Turner: this was awful I was bored to death by watching this sorry

Nat: As devastating as it was to lose Kyla, I'm very glad that you're still on my team. Every song I listen to by her, I fall in love with. Damn if this isn't an awesome song.

Jess: I like her voice, but I just couldn't get into the song

Harley: Bat for Lashes are gonna go one way or another - they will either be amazingly reviewed or will fall flat. I actually love this song. Also love this album. It's nice and it's a good choice to compliment the pop artists in this game. You are clever. I see you girl.

10) Team Jess: Pink - "Just Like a Pill"

Mas: Pink definitely has a good catalog of songs and this song is definitely one of them. Definitely brings back memories of years back and I love this.

Turner: you sent one of my favorites from her so quickly you better be careful and save some of her greats for later but we'll done

Nat: It's been well documented (because someone always sends Pink in games) that I'm not a huge fan. Her songs are hit or miss. The hits are usually like razor leaf on a charizard. Not very effective. Such is the case with this song.

Jess: OMG I remember being so obsessed with this when it first came out. I love it!

Harley: I am super shocked to see this sent in this early. I would be shook if I was you. This is one of her best songs and I predict it will get good scores because it's got a bit of nostalgia in it however sending this soon is a bit insane. I used to love Pink but honestly - her new stuff from Funhouse era onwards just doesn't do it for me.

11) Team Turner: Bruce Springsteen - "The River"

Mas: Bruce has a good voice and this song does feels different from most of the other songs before, to me. Whether that's a good or bad thing have to be seen when the judges scores it together.

Turner: I am loving you on my team as well he still is making fantastic music you sent a great one I am so proud of you

Nat: Happy that Springsteen is still in the game if not really surprised. This is a fantastic song. One of my favorites from Bruce. Hope you stick around.

Jess: Not a big Bruce Springsteen fan, but I do love this song. I really like the lyrics. Good choice!

Harley: I am just not here for it. Sorry. Bruce isn't really a big thing in the UK (at least not within my generation). I can't really connect with him as an artist. I will admit he has an okay tone in his vocal but it just doesn't do it for me unfortunately. I didn't hate this song as much as I thought I would and it got better over the course of the song. It was more the instruments I couldn't deal with. Soz.

12) Team Harley: Blur - "Go Out"

Mas: I have never really heard much of Blur but they do seem like those type of quirky British band. I don't know why they decided to give this for the MV. kinda funny lol. Not a bad song though

Turner: I didn't care for this I don't know why Harley would want this on his team I think it sucks sorry

Nat: Ah yes, dailymotion. Yo dawg, how come so many of my former team were picked up? Am I like a terrible coach? lmao. This song was pretty good. I like it better than most of the songs this round besides the ones on my team. Very cool.

Jess: I like the verses, but I found the chorus very annoying.

Harley: You're probably my odd ball of my team but this is a PRIME example of why I kept you over boreplay. I don't feel like I need to even explain why this is a good song and I am hopeful of the other judges comments. A great song and I love how we are getting a bit more of their recent material. The music is supreme tbh. Sorry about it. Might even be my fave submission from my team.

13) Team Jess: The Rolling Stones - "Paint It Black"

Mas: I like this song but this might be a little too early? I'm sure Jess would have saved you irregardless but who knows. Guess you playing it safe.

Turner: this was great as well jess seems to have a good team this season the stones are no exception

Nat: Whoa. I thought for sure you'd be saving Paint It Black for the end of the game. I actually love this song. Never get tired of hearing it. Not much more to say than that. Hopefully sending it at this stage wasn't a mistake.

Jess: I love The Rolling Stones and was soooo happy to have them on my team. This song is a classic. One of my faves! Love it!

Harley: Iconic song and I can't mark it any other way. Oooo Jess has got me shook with her team!! I was very close to stealing Rolling Stones but my heart was calling Cher. Flawless pick.

14) Team Harley: Christina Aguilera - "Save Me From Myself"

Mas: I am a fan of her but I don't think I've heard this before. I do like she keeps it simple instead of her usual belts. Good choice!

Turner: this was fantastic I love xtina so *beep* much it is so pretty and her vocals were great.

Nat: Not gonna lie. I was totally prepared to be a hater. This is a really good song though. Is it rare for her to sing as softly as she is here? I like it a lot. It's nice.

Jess: Her voice sounds so pretty on this, but the song was just ok.

Harley: Okay. Not gonna lie, when I saw this pick I wasn't sure (I've never heard it) however listening to it. This is amazing. I am truly impressed. Probably the shortest 3minutes ever, it was that pleasant. It has a slight resemblance of Nat King Cole? Idk what it is. I am really impressed. I'm also happy you listened to me about the vocal acrobats. This is COMPLETELY stripped back - I can even hear her mouth opening. It's that clear. Serious respect.

15) Team Turner: Mariah Carey - "Never Too Far Away:

Mas: At first, I thought this was from her concert but guess this is from the movie? Wondering why she behaved that way instead of like a diva lol. Not too bad a song. Guess you keeping some of the rest for later.

Turner: you took a huge risk with sending a song from her disastrous movie glitter but it played off big time this was fantastic very impressed

Nat: My feelings haven't changed. This wasn't terrible though. You could have done a lot worse and this was decent.

Jess: I didn't really care for the song too much, but Mariah sounded amazing.

Harley: This was a bit of an odd pick. I would of played it a lot safer. I quite like the chorus. I honestly don't know this song. It's also not on Spotify which is odd for a Mariah song. Her vocal is as good as ever but I am just not 100% behind this song. It kind of has a Disney feel to it? If you know what I mean? Good luck.

16) Team Nat: The Killers - "Mr. Brightside"

Mas: I love this song! It has such a good beat. But it's too early to send this, I think.

Turner: I don't really care for the killers they are very overrated this song was played to death on the radio It isn't a very good song but it was probably there biggest hit you should have saved this For the finals

Nat: Oh *beep* dude. Kind of wish you saved this one because it's one of my favorite songs of all time. I picked this one to use for a music video I was supposed to make for high school film class. Probably listened to it more than any song. It's perfect as far as I'm concerned.

Jess: You can't help but sing along to this. It is so catchy. I like The Killers and this is a good song from them.

Harley: I feel like we had the Killers on this before and they did pretty good. They're one of those bands you don't realise how many songs they have until you listen to a greatest hits album. This is probably their most iconic song. I can't say I particularly enjoy it though. It's kind of annoying after awhile.

Top 16 Round Results (Part 3)...

It's time now to reveal the results. Only 12 artistes will make it through. The top 2 artistes from each team will automatically move on while the 3rd artiste will be decided by the respective coaches.

I will now reveal the 1st artiste moving on from each coach's team.

Team Turner: Whitney Houston

Team Nat: The Killers

Team Jess: Michael Jackson

Team Harley: Christina Aguilera

Congrats! I will reveal the 2nd set of artistes moving on next.

Re: Top 16 Round Results (Part 3)...

I will now reveal the 2nd set of artistes that are safe and moving on to the Top 12.

Team Turner: Bruce Springsteen

Team Nat: Laleh

Team Jess: The Rolling Stones

Team Harley: Lady Gaga

Congrats the above 4 artistes.

That means each coach now must choose between their remaining 2 artistes.

Team Turner: Madonna, Mariah Carey

Team Nat: Ellie Goulding, Bat For Lashes

Team Jess: Paramore, Pink

Team Harley: Cher, Blur

Coaches, please PM me the name of the artiste that you have decided to bring along to the Top 12!

Re: Top 16 Round Results (Part 3)...

Can I steal Blur?

Must be a Devil between us Or whores in my head Whores at the door Whore in my bed

Re: Top 16 Round Results (Part 3)...

Why would you want blur?

Re: Top 16 Round Results (Part 3)...

I have the coaches picks. So here are the 4 artistes completing the Top 12:

Team Turner: Madonna

Team Jess: I save Paramore...

Team Nat: This was a tough choice and I want to make it clear that I am not picking the artist that I enjoy more, but the artist that I think has the better shot of going further in the game. I know I said that I was going to just push who I liked more regardless of what the other judges thought, but I don't know who I like more. It doesn't seem fair for the other person if I think they have a better chance. I've been back and forth on this decision. I still don't think I'm going to win given the judges, but I am going to go ahead and save Ellie Goulding by a hair. I think she can appeal to more people and Bat for Lashes would probably continue to be underappreciated.

Team Harley: This is a hard decision but I was expecting it to be you two. Compared to Gaga and Xtina you guys are obviously going to have to work harder in this competition.

Cher, you are a pop icon but this game is already so full of female pop icons and I am worried you might pale in comparison.

Blur, this game lacks artists that are like you. However, I can't help but think that is for the reason of the case that the other judges don't really connect with your genre.

I have been going back and fourth but I have chosen to take Blur into the next round. Cher, I wasn't impressed with the comments on your song Nat will have a hard time enjoying you and Turner kind of out right said that he enjoyed others more. I think this game is too saturated with female singers and I can't have three, I need one artist that offers an alternative. If I could turn back time, if I could find away

Blur, I'm kind of risking it going with you but I think you offer more. Please play it 10x safe next round.

So, here is the Top 12.

Team Turner:
Bruce Springsteen
Whitney Houston

Team Nat:
Ellie Goulding
The Killers

Team Jess:
Michael Jackson
The Rolling Stones

Team Harley:
Christina Aguilera
Lady Gaga

Re: Top 16 Round Results (Part 3)...

That also means the following 8 artistes are eliminated. I will also reveal the player behind each of them.

Bat for Lashes - Tomcat
Cher - Henry
Mariah Carey - Jesse
Pink - Emer

These are the number of artistes each player has.

3 artistes - Henry, Jesse
2 artistes - Emer
1 artiste - Angel, Pete, RTF, Tomcat
0 artiste - Martin

From now onwards, 2 artistes with the lowest scores will be leaving each round, irregardless of which team they are on. I need each player to send me their songs for the Top 12.

Re: Top 16 Round Results (Part 3)...

Later Mariah Carey. You were done dirty in this comp lol.

In Trump We Trust

Re: Top 16 Round Results (Part 3)...

T. Earsworth. I was saving her most accessible songs, to be unleashed this round, too, thinking I was safe last round. Alas! You are brilliant, Natasha. Don't let any of these heathens tell you differently.

Respect for Nat and Harley. Solidarity.

Re: Top 16 Round Results (Part 3)...

NOOOOOOO!!!! I didn't even get to send If I Could Turn Back Time!!! Or You Haven't Seen The Last of Me!!! OR BELIEVE!!!!

omg t.ears. how sad and frustrating 😭😭😭

Oh it's like slang. From...England

Re: Top 16 Round Results (Part 3)...

Henry Cher should have stayed over blur i think harley made a huge mistake

Re: Top 16 Round Results (Part 3)...


Taco Coma

Re: Top 16 Round Results (Part 3)...

Why are you sad cherry

Re: Top 16 Round Results (Part 3)...

Henry. I don't listen to Mariah but I know some of her songs. I didn't get to send Always Be My Baby or Fantasy or We Belong Together lmao 😂

In Trump We Trust

Re: Top 16 Round Results (Part 3)...

Yea that's another tricky part about this game. I mean, when Jess didn't choose me for her team because she didn't like the Cher song I sent, I was like, IM SORRY YOU DIDN'T LIKE IT BUT I CANNOT SEND HER BIGGEST HITS SO EARLY GAHHHHH.

Now I am sad because I didn't get to send any of her more iconic songs. But if I had sent one, the judges would be complaining that I was sending her biggest hits too soon I think Cher was just doomed. Too many pop divas in this game like Harley said lol.

Oh it's like slang. From...England

Re: Top 16 Round Results (Part 3)...

Yup. Same as last season.

Remember after Top 12 there was nothing but women in the game. No men... JT left at Top 12 lol

Britney <3... I am still bitter at her loss to AVRIL. Ugh. She lost to the worst one in the Final 4 lol

In Trump We Trust

Re: Top 16 Round Results (Part 3)...

Turner you should stop worrying about Blur and start worrying about your own team. With your guidance Madonna nearly left the game.

"Everyone is doing emails these days" - Britney Spears, 1999

Re: Top 16 Round Results (Part 3)...

Harley Madonna is going to do great this round I think even nats gonna be crazy for it.

Re: Top 16 Round Results (Part 3)...

Miss Edwards <3

Oh it's like slang. From...England

Re: Top 16 Round Results (Part 3)...

Just waiting on Tomcat...