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"Stand back. I'm gonna shoot it."

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I just have two words. RAIN DROP

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For the SECOND time in a row, everyone has submitted already except for the one guy who complains that the game is moving too slowly xoxo. Isn't that silly.

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No one died. Go away.

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Here's a blink-182 music video where they are in jail while we wait.

Re: Theme Five


AKA GTTT, TDA, and Pikkiwoki, the New Guinean Mud God


First, Sunflower - here is your Mermicorn card: There are some additional rules to playing this card. 1.) You cannot challenge someone who placed in the top 3 that round. 2.) Your opponent will choose the theme, which will then be approved by Cherry and/or me. More specifics mentioned when/if the card is used. Also, this next round, round 6, will include the very last Mermicorn Card of the game. And it's a big one.

Now, the theme...
The great shamans of the Mermicorn race were legends in the ancient world. The plurality of avatars amongst man's great religions are a mere shadow - a vain attempt at capturing the wisdom and grace that the Mericorns possessed so naturally. The fusing of senses, of temporal dimensions as they suggest another realm, is ingrained in the Mermicorn culture. Even their language is beyond human comprehension, relying on not only sound but telepathic images and the setting in which it's spoken, all combined to convey a unique meaning that our language could never express. For this reason, your next theme is...

Theme Six: Sound + Vision

For this theme, you will submit a song as it appears in some film medium. It can be a movie, a TV show, a short film... whatever. There will be a total of 30 points available for each player: we will grade on a scale of 1-5 for how much we like the song, and a scale of 1-10 for how well the song fits, and enhances, the scene. The song can be playing independent of the events in the scene, or it can be sung by someone in the scene - both are fine. But the key is finding a scene where the music truly adds to the scene, to create a depth that wouldn't be accomplished without the music. It can be the best song in the world, but if it doesn't fit the scene, you'll get a low score; it can be the best scene from the best movie, but if the music is unimpressive and the scene isn't enhanced by the music, your score will be even lower. We will judge all music in the scene - if, such as in the case of a short film, the music is only in part of the scene, we will judge the effectiveness of both the music and periods of silence. Note: We will not be judging how "good" the scenes are as a whole, only how effective the soundtrack/score is in enhancing the story/visuals, and how good the soundtrack/score is on its own merit (regardless of the scene).

Send scenes/songs to me, Tomcat Murr, by January 15th at midnight-ish CCT (technically 16th, blah blah).


Wait, I have a card? What?? I won? Where do I look? I just got to my laptop a little while ago and sent in my short story for Survivor. Yay!! You like Bob Dylan, you really like him! 😄

Oooo, I love the card. I have to go find my scores and stuff. 💨


Here's blink-182 in American Pie while we wait


First, Jesse played his card, so submitted 2 for this round. Also, Cherry is the worst for a number of reasons this round, but here goes...

Elliott Smith - Needle In The Hay (Royal Tenenbaums)

Cherry: I resent Murr making me watch videos as opposed to my usual just listening and typing. This takes more time, and that is why you all had to wait longer for results! Okay so I have never seen this movie before, and now I am upset and need to know if he died or not. Anyway, I like the song, I mean it's Elliott Smith, so that shouldn't be surprising, something about his voice is so soothing. Anyway, I don't know how this fit the scene. Like I guess the scene would have been just as good with a similar paced song, it didn't have to be this one specifically. I don't know! THERE IS A REASON I DON'T JUDGE MOVIE STUFF.

Murr: You get the honor of my intro rant. I based this theme on short films, actually - namely short films starring Naomi Scott, but I digress. Also, a scene in "I Origins" where Radiohead's "Motion Picture Soundtrack" plays. Tons of others came to mind, too (lotso Velvet Goldmine and I'm Not There scenes). Gotta admit my Wes Anderson knowledge isn't what mankind feels it should be. Never seen this movie, thus it couldn't occur to me. Amazing song, though - one of Elliott's best, maybe. I'm not sure what the storyline is here, but the song has this kind of ambivalence/indifference, and just casually shaving, then "I'm going to kill myself tomorrow" fits pretty well. I like the pause, too. Maybe a little too camp, wink wink near the end (breaks the build-up with irreverence), but for the most part, it worked beautifully.

Jesse 1
Counting Crows - "Colorblind" (Cruel Intentions)

Cherry: THERE ARE SONGS IN THIS MOVIE BESIDES BITTERSWEET SYMPHONY? I haven't seen this movie in soooo long, I actually don't remember a lot of it besides the like, basic plotline. Anyway, I like Counting Crows, mostly anyway, I don't like all of their songs, but one is pretty good. I feel like it actually did fit the scene pretty well too, so good job.

Murr: Hm. I feel like maybe I'd need to see this movie to know how the song works in it. Beautiful song, of course. And it fits the scene, if in a way that's akin to a huge warm and fuzzy comforter thrown atop the scene. Romantic scene, turned to romantic/dead fish sex... sensitive song plays. It definitely fits, and frames the scene (if in a very sappy way), though.

Pierre Bensusan - Elm (Cowboy Bebop)


Murr: This is so weird. Definitely not what I was expecting of this theme, yet I'm somehow kind of enthralled. It's such a weird song for this scene - the juxtaposition between the two almost makes me uncomfortable. But I think that's kind of the point? It's definitely a good example of a song completely changing your perspective on a scene... how the 2 put together elicits a reaction you wouldn't have from either individually. I don't think it's the most brilliant example of that ever, nor the most seamlessly interwoven, but... it's effective. Lolz... this is so weird.

Rick Springfield - "Jessie's Girl" (Boogie Nights)

Cherry: I've never seen this either. I don't watch movies, guys. I have always liked this song though. My first ever real boyfriend was named Jessie, so I always associate it with him, haha. I was once Jessie's girl, guys. Anyway, idk what is going on. Drugs and shooting. Is anyone named Jessie? I feel like this scene could have had any similarly lulztastic 80's song in it, but I am glad it didn't, because I mean, THERE AREN'T THAT MANY 80'S SONGS I REALLY LIKE, SO.

Murr: I love how this starts out, and how the music - the same song - seems to change to fit the scene. At first, this crazy loaded guy (I'm assuming a dealer) singing along as a crazy junkie would. Then it goes to Mark Wahlberg spacing out, as the music becomes louder and drowns out everything else. Like when you're high and something - a song - catches your attention so much that it just becomes everything for a moment. Something about this, how it was just him, loaded, sitting on a couch, as the song just becomes so dominant... idk why, but I love that. Then it goes into the background when all the shooting happens, at some point changes to "99 Red Balloons", and goes into the groove right as he kicks the door in. Then some great/silly running music for the chase. There's this song playing continously, but how it relates to the scene changes - and it *feels* like it's changing as it's reflecting a different character's mental state, or action, whatever - all seamlessly. This is what I wanted out of this theme. Brilliant. The song itself? I'll bump it a bit for the moment of Nena. EDIT after reading Cherry's comments: honestly, this clip is the best use of sound + vision submitted, the scene that best uses the song to carry the scene, and the only scene I gave a perfect score to. So, Cherry is the worst.

Lou Reed - Perfect Day (Trainspotting)

Cherry: I feel like you probably were thinking you were appealing to Murr, but I know he thinks this song is overrated, and he is probably pouting about all the songs he likes better but they aren't used in movies enough, or else maybe he has an examples for you. Anyway, I hate watching junkie scenes, so thanks. I guess the song is good for the scene, because it's like, the exact opposite. SINGING ABOUT A PERFECT DAY, BUT YOU KNOW, BEING AN UNCONSCIOUS JUNKIE. IT'S THE PERFECT DAY.

Murr: It's long been speculated that this song is about heroin, but Reed never actually confirmed that. Still, it would be an odd use of this song if you were going into this scene not knowing the history of the song... might be fun, actually. I like all of the white noise as he's shooting up... people talking, cars going past, static, what sounds like a subway or bus station... then the woosh, then the song starts. Love that. "And then later, a movie too, and then home" as he's being dragged down the stairs. <3 A little on the nose - a song that's *probaby* about heroin, in a scene of a dude OD'ing and being dragged to the hospital. Still, Lou Reed. Obviously a perfect song score. The song does work well with the scene - maybe doesn't do too much to transform (Transformer... get it?) each other, but still good.

The Who - A Quick One, While He's Away (Rushmore)

Cherry: Ew bugs. Wtf I don't wanna watch this. Okay, don't totally understand wtf is going on, and this song isn't that good, and I really don't know why you sent this, it's like literally generic as *beep*. BUT MARTIN SENT ANIME, SO THERE'S THAT.

Murr: Another Wes Anderson movie I haven't seen! I love how the music comes in right when Bill Murray sees what's happening, and that look on his face - could totally see him mentally making the sounds in the song's intro. I love the "you are forgiven" as his brake lines are cut. Is Jason Schwartzman really 5'3? I actually love this scene, but I'm not scoring the scene. Decent song - for The Who, at least - and parts of it work really well with the scene. lol @ Jason Schwartzman looking tough. I love how deadpan it is when Bill's giving a description, then how Wes Anderson-style badass Jason looks when the music picks back up, walking down the hallway. A few little moments like that where the music works perfectly with the scene.

Joshua Radin - Winter (Scrubs)

Cherry: Wait, that guy is dead? Weren't they just talking to him? I don't know what is going on! How am I supposed to determine if these fit the scene when I don't know what is happening t.ears. Anyway, the song is moody, and someone died. I don't know. I'm too tired for good comments.

Murr: It really is a beautiful scene. It's been ages since I've watched Scrubs, and I don't think I've ever seen this episode. Kind of considering going back and rewatching. Nice song, and it suits the theme. But it's another that was kind of just thrown over the scene, like a blanket of warm and tearjerking fuzzies. Which isn't bad, but I also feel like the song and the scene are separate - they go well together, but I feel like the song could've been swapped for a million others.

"The F Word" (Shameless)

Cherry: Steve Kazee <3 A show I know! Except this is from season 6, and I actually didn't watch that season yet lolz. But whatever, I saw season 5 so I can kinda put stuff together. This is great, I am kind of in love with the guy who plays Gus actually, so great pick there. I have kind of a love/hate thing with Fiona too, so I can relate to this song, I am sure she deserves it, but also, I feel kind of bad for her too. Anyway, this is my favorite of the round, yay.

Murr: Dammit, Kathy. I don't even know if you actually read the theme. But somehow, this does actually work. Not at all what I intended... but hey, it is a song, and it is moving the plot along in the scene. Never seen this, and really curious what happened before this. I mean, I can get the gist. But why is she there, and what was she expecting? Also, that would be awkward for everyone, wouldn't it? What's cool about this is it isn't just someone singing in a show, but the plot seems to be developing as part of it... like she's realizing his feelings, it's hitting her, she's feeling embarrassed... all of these character moment thingies are happening as part of it. The song is good for its purpose, but not something I'd listen to for its own sake, though.

Jim Croce - I've Got a Name (Django Unchained)

Cherry: Never seen this either. I KNOW. This song seems great for just like, RIDING AWAY ON YOUR HORSE though. Also, then he met a girl in the water, so that's nice. Happy endings, maybe? I DON'T KNOW. I liked the song though.

Murr: I know I'm not judging this, but the scenery here is beautiful. And those hot springs surrounded by snow? Wow. Alright... I do really like the song, and it does fit. But somehow it almost feels like a commercial? I keep expecting a company logo to pop up with, "You're an adventurer - buy our crap", or some slogan that makes people wanna buy BS they don't do need for some vain, soulless attempt at corporate-supplied individuality. But I digress. The scenery is so beautiful! Not bad at all, but nothing too poignant. Lovely song, though. I should really watch this at some point.

Bob Dylan - The Times They Are A-Changin' (The Watchmen)

Cherry: Okay, I know I said Steve Kazee was my favorite, but I take that back, this one is easily the best. I've actually seen this movie!!!!! My brother made me go see it with him in the theatre. I remember the opening credits actually, I thought they were so cool when I was watching them. Like a lot of the movie was really good, it was just so LONG OMG IT WAS SO LONG I got bored in the second half and kept dozing off. Malin Akerman though <3 and now I kind of want to watch it again lolz. Anyway, I thought it was really cool how they like, mixed history stuff with the like, superhero stuff and whatever, and it was just so well done, plus, I mean, BOB DYLAN. So yeah.

Murr: Brilliant song, of course. But lol @ this just being the opening credit scene. Though it is clever seeing the times actually a-changin' in the scene. Maybe a little on the nose here - montage of stuff through the years, Bob Dylan singing over it. Not really much interaction between the scene and the song. Still, brilliant song. And it does work with the scene. Yeah, I'm tired and wrapping this up. You'll be fine.

Results in the next post...


In first place, with a score of 25/30 is... PETE! Congrats! Here's your stunning piece of artwork, the final Mermicorn Card!

And the rest of you heathens...

24.5 Tamara Toumanova
23.5 Jesse
23 Neil and Katheter
20 Eric and Dana
18 Sunflower

Which means, with a score of 15, Martin, you are eliminated. I'm pretty bummed about this - you send in some of the most unexpected, but brilliant songs, and it's been a blast reading your thought process on what to pick. Cherry just tanked you this round. <3 Thanks for playing!

Cherry will be around with your new theme (or themes?) shortly.


Well, that sucks. I was pretty confident in this one, because of the way the music changes the way you look at the scene. And I thought I would get originality points for sending in something obscure. Sucks to suck, I guess.

Edit: Haha, and I considered sending in a Watchmen song as well. Not The Times They Are A'Changin', though. I considered sending Unforgettable.

"A passionate celibacy is all that any of us can look forward to."


Oh, how did Jesse's lower song do on its score?

"A passionate celibacy is all that any of us can look forward to."


Oh, how did Jesse's lower song do on its score?

22.5, so pretty comparable. He'd be safe either way.

I can't say I loved your scene as a scene, but how the music changed the dynamic of the scene - I actually gave it a good score... actually scored it higher than the scene that got 1st place. Blame Cherry. <3


The Boogie Nights scene was the best of the round and I will stand by it -_- lol

Cherry messed up lol

In Trump We Trust



Taco Coma


I can't say I loved your scene as a scene, but how the music changed the dynamic of the scene - I actually gave it a good score... actually scored it higher than the scene that got 1st place. Blame Cherry. <3

Totally there with you. It really isn't the greatest scene, but the music was used to wonderful effect. Which is why the show popped into my head -- the use of music in CB is unique.

"A passionate celibacy is all that any of us can look forward to."


Sorry Martin, don't blame me, blame Murr for his stupid theme, or also, yourself for sending anime <3

I'll post themes in a bit. Murr and I are arguing lolx

Taco Coma



*It's like a racist, only you don't like certain mediums. Like anime or comic books -- or on the other end of the spectrum, opera or ballet. Heh. I could have sent in a scene from Princess Tutu, which would have combined anime and and ballet. Also princesses. How would you have handled that?

"A passionate celibacy is all that any of us can look forward to."



Taco Coma



Taco Coma


Princess Leia doesn't wear a sparkly dress and she is still a Princess lol

In Trump We Trust


ew Star Wars


Taco Coma

Round Seven Themes

Since there are no more mermicorn cards to be awarded, we are now moving on to the double themes portion of the game, yay.

Theme 7A: Vexation I like this word because it sounds sexy. ALSO, IT CONVEYS MY FEELINGS TO MURR RIGHT NOW. Anyway, submit a song that you think fits this feeling.

Theme 7B: Mythology/Mythological Creatures Mermicorns are obviously completely real as we all know, but for this theme you will be submitting songs about myths and mythological creatures. Should be some fun stuff.

Taco Coma

Re: Round Seven Themes

Here's a song about aliens by blink-182 while we wait.

Re: Round Seven Themes

No idea why a sock is trolling Murr. WTH has he done? Anyway blocked them.

I don't like jumkie scenes either, but I was so stuck on that theme and it just felt deep and meaningful so went with it. Very tight round.

I cursed you, Martin. I said you can win this. Now you're out.

Jesse, you can win this man. I BELIEEEVEEEEE.

Just kidding.

Ugh 2 themes. I can't be bothered lol.

#VivaLaBull - Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

Re: Round Seven Themes

What? My card was 2 scenes. So I sent 2. You make no sense.

Quit your obsession with me.

In Trump We Trust

Re: Round Seven Themes

Jesse, I think he is just complaining about there being two themes for this round.

Taco Coma

Re: Round Seven Themes

What is he whinging about now?

Yes 2 themes. I'm actually really looking forward to this round. This is when The Bull comes into his element! BEWARE players. Beware of the charging bull, for I shall knock you down like bowling skittles! BOOOM!!!!

#VivaLaBull - Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

Re: Round Seven Themes

You bowl with skittles? They are called pins here. Skittles are candy!

Taco Coma

Re: Round Seven Themes

THEY'RE BOTH CALLED SKITTLES! Lol. I'm somewhat of a champion bowler. 200 club OH YEAH BABBYYYYYY!

#VivaLaBull - Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

Re: Round Seven Themes

Can someone clarify the second theme? Will a mythical creature in the title suffice or must the song actually be about one?

#VivaLaBull - Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

Re: Round Seven Themes

Forget it. FORGET IT!!

#VivaLaBull - Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

Re: Round Seven Themes

Got the songs... ... ...

I'll judge tomorrow. Hopefully Cherry can judge this weekend, too. <3

Re: Round Seven Themes

She's currently fighting with a troll, so she has time.

#VivaLaBull - Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

Re: Round Seven Themes

Yes, two short replies made on my phone while lounging in my bed is definitely the same as listening to 16 songs, commenting, and then putting Murr's into mine.

But we probably will have results late tonight.

Taco Coma

Re: Round Seven Themes

. Thanks for biting.

and then putting Murr's into mine.

Do you ever stop with the filth?!

#VivaLaBull - Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

Round Seven Results!


The Civil Wars - Falling

Murr: Cherry is gonna love the *beep* out of this. Interesting take on the theme... not sure it's what Cherry was going for, but it definitely fits in its own way. Plus, Cherry loves The Civil Wars, so should do well. It's good... can't say I'm blown away, but it's a nice listen. Unrelated to the song/how I'm scoring it, but something about the way they interact with each other is interesting... Such a standard country/folk dynamic - guy with guitar singing back-up, girl belting it out, facing each other - but... idk, I'm rambling. Decent pick.

Cher: Girl, I’m not sure if you know what vexation means This seems like a break up song, is a good idea, if I ever want to stop being friends with Murr, I will just have you guys submit breakup songs to get rid of him. KIDDING. I AM A NICE PERSON. Anyway, this song is nice, I love how it is a soft simple acoustic, and you can tell there is a lot of emotion behind it. The emotion isn’t quite the same one I had in mind for the theme, but I guess I can see some frustration via the song, so I will give you that. It’s a great song though!

Say Anything - Vexed

Murr: "using footage from some Frozen Squirrel videos!" ANYWAY! Lolz. "I know your kind; you do me from behind"... I keep expecting this to suddenly rock out, and it never does. The "you think you're Jesus Christ" actually makes up for it... oh *beep* here comes the distortion... along with the Jesus Christ part. JESUS SAVES! Um, not sure what to make of this entirely, but it's enjoyable. Also, Jesus.

Cher: Wow, I remember listening to this band a really long time ago. There were a couple songs I really liked by them, but I am too lazy to look up the titles now. Actually, I think I’ve listened to this one before too. Hmm. The title fits the theme perfectly, and the lyrics convey the feeling as well, but his voice is so like...calm and upbeat haha, he doesn’t seem frustrated. WHEN I AM FRUSTRATED, I CAPSLOCK. THIS GUY DOES NOT. Although the first line “pay your respects to a greater intellect” does make me think of Murr

The Knack - Frustrated

Murr: For some reason this made me think of the Avril Lavigne song, "Complicated", because I forgot it was called "Complicated", not "Frustrated". Anyway - everyone, thank you for not sending "Complicated". Does this count as mod revival? idk. Very '60s, re-invented via New Wave, sound. Not bad, not great. Pretty sure I have this album, found on the street or something, and have just never listened to it more than once or twice. It's alright!

Cher: The title is fitting. Omg, these guys all have terrible hair. I think this might be really late 70’s and not 80’s, but it has that gross 80’s sound that I am not a fan of. DAMMIT, NEIL. YOU MAKE ME FRUSTRATED. It’s also so playful, all I’m frustrated, but I will right a catchy song about it. Like am I the only one who just goes on random capslock sprees? I FEEL LIKE EVERYONE IS DOING VEXATION WRONG. YOU ARE MAKING ME VEXATED. These guys should stick to Sharona.

Icona pop - I Don't Care

Murr: Cherry got the title of this song wrong. I didn't, Pete did. All I did was copy what he wrote TYVM. But for real, I love the *beep* out of this song. I guess you could call it a guilty pleasure, because I should feel guilty, right? This was the most recent golden era of crap mainstream radio-friendly pop. Honestly, that 2012/2013 period was pure gold... largely because of songs like this. It's gotten so boring since then, and it was so boring for years before that... anyway! Love this song. "I crashed my car into the bridge, I watched, I let it burn... I love it ; I don't care ; I love it!" Fine, cheesy and [insert bad things about pop], but that snarkiness is just *beep* beautiful.

Cher: Wait, what the hell is this? THIS IS A POP SONG FROM THIS DECADE, DID PETE REALLY SEND THIS? OH GOD, DID I MIX UP THE SUBMISSIONS? WHAT IS GOING ON? Oh, I’ve actually heard this, don’t know where since I rarely seek out modern pop songs, but yeah, I know this….I actually kinda like it too lolz. I don’t usually like dance pop, but you know, occasionally I make exceptions, this is really catchy, and it kind of sounds like they are singing in capslock, so I MEAN, PLUS THERE. I DON’T CARE HOW YOU FEEL, MURR AND PETE. I LOVE IT. AMG MY VEXATION.

Tupac - I Dont Give a *beep*

Murr: Drinking beer in Mill Valley. <3 Such a cool song, and such a cool album. It's like Tupac hadn't fully found his voice yet... really hear a lot of Rakim influence - and a lot of NWA influence, sure - in this, both lyrically and musically (a bit more boom-bappy than his later stuff), and even in his flow/delivery. It's an interesting album in context of gangsta rap, because it's really more conscious hip-hop. I guess shows how the moms leading the witch-hunt didn't really listen to anything. It's very much political, satirical... "conscious". Great song.

Cher: Not really one of my favorite Tupac songs, but I guess it works alright for the theme. He sounds pissed off enough, it’s a good *beep* off theme. This is more political than your best friend being the worst though. I don’t like Pogo’s parts as much, but Tupac is always good.

Rolling Stones - You Can't Always Get What You Want

Murr: Isn't there an edited version of this that's, like, Mick only rambling for about 5 minutes? Some of his ramblings in this song are actually really good, I'll admit. I actually love the version they did for Rock & Roll Circus. But this version is a little too... the wannabe soul/funk grove is excessive, and listening the long instrumental passages... I mean, not something the Stones were ever great at. Not a bad song, though.

Cher: This song is a *beep* masterpiece and I absolutely love it, but Murr is the worst (hence the vexation!) so he might say some negative stuff, so I mean, just ignore him, like I always do. Anyway, I really love this song, and I have put it on many playlists, and in my personal opinion it’s fitting for this theme. I MEAN I GET REALLY FRUSTRATED SOMETIMES WHEN I CAN’T GET WHAT I WANT. Also, this song plays in both the series premiere and the season one finale of Californication, one of my favorite shows, and so I wish someone would have submitted that for last theme, BUT MURR PROBABLY WOULD HAVE GOTTEN MAD AT ME ANYWAY FOR BASING MY SCORE ON HOW MUCH I LOVE BOTH THIS SONG AND HANK MOODY (HE IS INSPIRED BY BUKOWSKI!) AND NOT FOR BEING ALL PRETENTIOUS “THIS IS ATMOSPHERIC, THE HEIGHTENING!!!!” or whatever junk xoxo. MURR I LOVE AND HATE YOU. Dana <3 HOW MANY TIMES HAVE YOU BRUSHED YOUR TEETH TODAY?

Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit

Murr: Lolz. I'm guessing with Beatles and Dylan doing so well, you decided to try your luck? I do like some Nirvana songs, and love Kurt as a songwriter/lyricist. The "Nirvana sound" irks me at times, though. "And I forget just why I taste - oh yeah, I guess it makes me smile / I found it hard, it's hard to find - oh well, whatever, nevermind". Honestly, that line is brilliant. Everyone always thinks of this song as representing just some sort of apathy/coldness/ennui, but no one seems to acknowledge just how cleverly that's all addressed. For a moment of pretention, for Cherry, I love the modernist/Dadaist/Expressionist quality to the lyrics. Funny - in the context of rock music, people see things like that as nonsense that historically would've been very highbrow poetry. I always take this to mean that rock music fans are uncouth and kind of dumb. But I digress. Obviously a good song, but far from the best of the round.

Cher: ...I seriously can’t believe that this song was submitted by you of all people. Ugh. You know this is Murrcher Idol, and not every other idol game on imdb, right? This is probably one of the top 5 songs I have seen sent the most in imdb games. I also feel like you misinterpreted my theme as teen angst, which makes me VEXATED, SO EVERYTHING IS FULL CIRCLE! DAD JOKES FOREVER! Anyway, I actually do like this song, but it still annoys me that you sent it. There are better songs out there, and better choices for the theme, and Nirvana is kind of overrated. ALSO I JUST LOST MY PINK SPARKLY PEN AND CAN’T WRITE YOUR SCORE DOWN, OMG. ...found it. Couch cushion, as usual.

Linkin Park - One Step Closer

Murr: Yeah, so... in case people haven't noticed, I basically hate most late '90s through mid '00s mainstream rock music. Hate it. Honestly, I'd say it's one of the worst eras of popular music ever. Nu-metal, the cock rock revival in the guise of alternative rock, dance pop/boy bands... Seriously the worst era of popular music, at least in my lifetime. This is *beep* awful. Sorry. Good, it's over.

Cher: You know what I like about you, Eric, is that you are in your 30s, but you still listen to the music the rest of us listened to when we were 16 <3 I definitely listened to this song in high school lolz. Anyway, anyone over 17 listening to this band is pretty much an embarrassment, but it is kind of fun as a throwback song, and it fits the theme well enough. Like seriously, sometimes Murr just needs to SHUT UP when I am talking <3


Bob Dylan - Isis

Murr: Cheap shot, but you win. Oh, it's a live version. And... some woman with a hula-hoop? Anyway... This song is glorious. It's actually cool to hear a live version... not sure what this is from. It's kind of an aggressive version, yeah? One of the things I love about the album version is how it sounds kind of cryptic, which is replaced with aggression here. But it makes those instrumental breakdowns pretty incredible. Not as good as the studio version, but still amazing. Best song of the round.

Cher: I don’t appreciate that you snuck into my backyard and filmed my hulu hoop workouts to set as the background to your song! Okay like, is this a different version? I have heard this song before, I even remember judging it, I don’t remember if it was last season, or one of my seasons of Cherry Idol, but I feel like it was a little slower, a little less rocking when I heard it last, which is better for me...also the song cuts off early I found a better video on youtube and I am listening to that now. Anyway, this is a cool song, it’s like the whole thing is a folk tale.

Suzanne Vega - Calypso

Murr: One of the songs I wanted sent is basically about the Odyssey, with kind of a focus on Calypso... so it's nice to see her represented. Nice song. So, does she just start every song with, "my name is..."??? I actually like the ending a lot - the guitar solo followed by her last verse, which somehow sounds more intimate or something. The rest of it is good... but... yeah.

Cher: Gross, 80’s music. I guess this is based on the Odyssey, which I’ve actually never read, but everything about this screams something Murr loves, so I am sure you are safe. She has a really nice clear voice which carries the song, and the music fits it nicely. It kind of makes me think of the sea, like the sirens luring sailors and whatever. Also, my sister told me about this book about debunking mythological creatures, and sometimes the sirens turn out to be walruses lololol.

Xandria - Mermaids (Child Of The Blue)

Murr: Legit never heard of this band before. Looked them up... this is symphonic metal? I admit, most metal-sub-sub-sub-sub-genres are a blindspot for me. Mostly because metal fans seem to think every band deserves their own genre, which gets tedious, and they usually suck, anyway. This is oddly good, though. Parts of it - not all, only parts - sound kind of like Mew, which is always a good thing. It has a distinct pop feel to it, too - and I mean good pop... like with a different arrangement, this could easily be by some Icelandic/Swedish/Danish art pop artist. idk. I'm oddly liking this a lot.

Cher: Lol wtf. Her name, the title, the opening couple notes of the song...all make me feel like this is something that would be playing in the background at a palm reader’s house, but then the song like, picks up and starts rocking out hard, this is like, metal lolz. Which...on the one hand, the rock music mixed with the sweet singing and haunting music makes it kind of unique...but...not really in a good way. I think it would be much better if the whole thing was slow and haunting. It kind of grows on me though, I guess, but it could have been a lot better if it was styled a little differently.

Shocking Blue - Venus

Murr: lol, really? This isn't awful. It's fun. I mean... yeah.

Cher: Late 60’s, now this is the Pete we know and love <3. This song is kind of super cheesy, mostly the chorus, but the rest of the song is good, and the music is great. Plus I mean, it’s like, probably about me, maybe .

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Mermaids

Murr: Was this sent last season, or did I complain about it not being sent? I forget. Really suck a beautiful song. "I believe in God / I believe in mermaids, too / I believe in 72 virgins on a chain / I believe in rapture / For I've seen your face on the floor of the ocean"... Pretty *beep* amazing. His voice here is great, and that atmospheric arrangement... very Scott Walker-ish.

Cher: We had a mermaid theme in season one and Nat sent this, it did really well. I seriously love this song. His voice just draws you in, the music is nice, and I mean, he pretty much implies mermaids are real, so like, obviously Nick knows what he is talking about. “All the ones that come, all the ones that go, down to the water…” <3

Warren Zevon - Werewolves of London

Murr: <3 When I first listened to "Excitable Boy", I was amazed. And this is a classic from that classic album. As a sidenote, I still have a "Send Lawyers, Guns, and Money" t-shirt somewhere. I need to find where it's hiding. I honestly don't know wtf this song means, or if it means anything, or whatever. I mean, obviously various film references, but it's just this weird-ass awesomeness. I love the little nod to Trader Vic's, too. The man was brilliant... fantastic song from a fantastic album.

Cher: This guy again, I think last time I called him the lovechild of John Lennon and John Denver, haha. Anyway, this is a fun song, it seems a little goofy. But you don’t get that many werewolves songs, and I personally am a were kind of girl. Actually, I’ve never paid attention to all of the lyrics of this song before, some of the lines make me giggle.

Radiohead - We Suck Young Blood

Murr: Oh yay, Thom Yorke droning on. <3 I've actually been listening to Radiohead a lot lately, but mostly Kid A and OK Computer. I've always had trouble getting into their albums after Amnesiac. I was really excited for this album when it came out - even bought the deluxe edition and all that. Then listened and... didn't want to admit to myself it didn't live up to Kid A/Amnesiac. T.ears. I guess this is my way of saying this isn't as good as I want it to be. Actually, I take that back - I forgot how good the 2nd half of this is. Definitely more engaging than the first half. idk, whatever. It's fine!

Cher: Vampires are such creeps. Like why do they always want young blood? Why not old blood? Is there a difference, is there more flavor in the young blood? Why does this song have random clapping noises, I don’t like them. Honestly, I don’t care for this song that much. Thom’s voice is nice, but I just don’t really like the music, plus, not feeling the blood sucking, gross. I’m sure Murr had a murrgasm though, so yeah.

Thrice - The Melting Point of Wax

Murr: I remember in some idol game, Matty was judging, and he chose the theme... metalcore/alternative metal, or something like that. So, I sent a song by Botch from "We Are Romans" - the metalcore holy grail, right? Not for Matty. Turned out by "metalcore", he meant pussified crap like this. I still hate this era and genre, but this is definitely better than that horrid Linkin Park song, so... well done.

Cher: Yup, another band nobody has listened to since they were a teenager This is like...I don’t know. It sounds like something I listened to when I was a lot younger. It’s not the worst song of the round, but it’s far from the best. FLYING, THOUGH. SOUNDS FUN.

Taco Coma

Re: Round Seven Results!


15 + 18 = 33 Jesse!

16.5 + 16 = 32.5 Dana!

14 + 18 = 32 Sunflower!

15 + 12.5 = 27.5 Tammy

16.5 + 10.5 = 27 Pete

12.5 + 12.5 = 25 Kathy

9 + 13 = 22 Neil

MURRCHERLIMINATED: 9 + 9.5 = 18.5 Eric I'm sorry to see you go, it was fun that you played, but ultimately you listen to the music of a 16 year old in the year 2000, so...yeah. You are a dumb. Love you and thank you for playing!

Taco Coma


Sorry. Passed out last night, then was in a rush this morning. No long Mermicorn write-up (I'll "make up" for it next time?), but here are your themes...

Theme 8A: Conversations

Ah, the old duel of the iron mic! For this theme, you'll submit a song n which there's a conversation... The conversation can be between two singers/rappers/speakers, or it can be one person narrating both sides of the conversation. But it must be expressed as a conversation, with a back and forth response between both. Not every party needs to have an equal role in the conversation - if it's mostly one-sided, that's fine. For example, if one narrator, "Serge" for example, is rambling while another narrator, maybe "Jean", is just saying "ahhhhhh, yes" every now and then, that's fine. It can be imbalanced like elephants and rats on see-saws, but it does need to be a conversation. I want to be very clear that I am not looking for duets, necessarily, nor will I accept duets that don't include what comes across as a conversation.

Theme 8B: Nonlinear Narratives

For those who don't know and for whom Wikipedia is blocked, a nonlinear narrative is exactly that - a narrative in which the sequence of events is not in chronological order (not linear), and perhaps disjointed, maybe even only vaguely related; connected by random association, often mirroring memory, or events as they're remembered rather than as they happened (both chronologically and the events themselves, often introducing an element of fantasy/surrealism in the half-remembered events). For this theme, you will submit a song with nonlinear narration. This means the events narration cannot be chronological (linear moments here and there are fine, but not consistently from beginning to end), but they must somehow convey a story. The story can be a little vague - that's fine.

Send songs to me by, idk, tomorrow evening.


You guys had better send in some good stuff for the second theme. So many of the greatest songs play out non-linearly.

"A passionate celibacy is all that any of us can look forward to."


Omg that second theme. Help someone!

#VivaLaBull - Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.


a narrative in which the sequence of events is not in chronological order (not linear), and perhaps disjointed, maybe even only vaguely related; connected by random association, often mirroring memory, or events as they're remembered rather than as they happened (both chronologically and the events themselves, often introducing an element of fantasy/surrealism in the half-remembered events)

I'm going to throw out a couple of examples of songs I like, but you probably won't. I hope you'll get the idea of what I see, though.

Take the song Willie O'Winsbury by Anne Briggs:

"Cast off, cast off your berry brown gown
You stand naked upon the stone
That I may ken ye by your shape
Whether you be a maiden or none."

has an immediately consequent verse in

And she cast off her berry brown gown
She stood naked upon the stone
Her apron was low and her haunches were round
Her face was pale and wan

Action leads to consequential action leads to consequential action, and so on. That is linear storytelling.

A nonlinear song would go like this bit from Lifeline by Imogen Heap:

Freeze-frame on me
Mmm, can you read it on my face?
Data mining from old memories
Sunflowers and a smile catching
Welcoming a heartbeat to the family
Light-tie lanterns
Wish-bound in the night

Which is fractured and disjointed to a heavy degree, but the point is pretty clear. A less fractured version would be Stacey Kent's The Summer We Crossed Europe in the Rain:

Do you remember that hotel
The crooked balcony door
From where we stood and watched the market
In the downpour
Sharing warm baguettes
On sunny cathedral steps
Dancing the tango
Waiting for our train

Interestingly, this is a nonlinear segment (the three events listed seem to have no immediate bearing on each other, certainly) of an otherwise linear song, but also the centerpiece of it: she's recalling fragments of events based on her own (inaccurate or romanticized?) memories of what happened and leaving it to her lover to make the connections as she jumps from place to place. These memories serve as the impetus for her to launch the first verse:

You say that it's the way these passing years
Have treated you
That the weight of the dreams you once carried
Have now defeated you
That our candlelit dinners will all just be
Reheated through
Our quarrels and disappointments
Just get repeated too

Do you get the idea? I'm not explaining it well.

"A passionate celibacy is all that any of us can look forward to."

Round Eiate Resultz

Comments in 2 parts...


Human League - Don't You Want Me

Cherry: Well, on the plus side, as far as 80's music goes, this song is actually pretty decent, I kind of like it. I kinda don't think it's a conversation though. Like, I really don't see this as the two of them having a conversation, it's just like, her confirming what he already said earlier. I don't know. I mean I guess it counts, but I feel like this is not what Murr had in mind lol. It's kind of a fun song though.

Murr: So, the inspirations for this theme were GZA's "Living In the World Today", in which GZA and Method Man have an actual conversation put to music, and Serge Gainsbourg's "Un poison violent..." with Jean Claude Brialy, in which the entire song is actually a conversation. Both were hinted at in the description of the theme. Tons of other songs like that (Lou Reed's "Turning Time Around"... <3), but... yeah. The theme was songs in that include a conversation, not general conversational lyrics/singing styles. So, I basically caved and accepted the bare minimum for this theme. That's nothing to do with your pick, though... actually good for this theme, and something I didn't think of. I was hoping for a more immediate conversation, but verse to verse works, too. Not sure how well the '80s-ness will do with Cherry, but... eh. She doesn't matter. Great choice for this theme.

Prince - U got the look

Cherry: Another 80's song? Come on guys, why are you doing this to me?, like seriously, no lol. I feel like you don't know what a conversation is, you just picked a song that has two people singing (THERE ARE A LOT OF THOSE, BTW) and somehow you picked this. Maybe we are being trolled <3

Murr: Lolz. Maybe you just wanted to waste your card. You know neither Cherry nor I are big Prince fans. Don't pull a Warrant this game! Anyway, I do love how there's actually some direct, immediate interaction between them... i.e. a conversation! It may be minimal and brief, but at least it's there.

Kanye West - Heard 'Em Say (featuring Adam Levine)

Cherry: Seriously any of you know what a conversation is? The theme was not any songs that feature two people singing. I'm not being too harsh with my scoring because I know a lot of you had trouble with this, but I am kind of disappointed so far by how the songs meet the theme. As a song though, this is pretty good actually. I've heard it before, they are both artists who are talented, but get annoying when they are overexposed, haha. They sound good together though, and this video is cute.

Murr: I kind of hate Kanye West, but this actually isn't bad. Not really a conversation... kind of recounting what someone - some general "they/them" - said, and then just... saying whatever. Not really a conversation at all, but whatever. I was lax with a lot of these, so it's fine.

Glen Hansard & Lisa Hannigan - Falling Slowly

Cherry:Thank you for picking a version of this song with Lisa <3 I've never seen this movie or anything, and I actually never heard this song until a couple years ago, so I kinda like it and don't think of it as super cheesy like Murr does, haha. It's a duet though, not a conversation. I know some of you will argue with my comments and be like ANYTHING WITH TWO PEOPLE SAYING SOMETHING IS A CONVERSATION and like, technically, but like...none of these songs are remotely what Murr was looking for with this theme. Still, the music for this song is great, no one else knows what a conversation is either, and Lisa <3 get you a good score.

Murr: Wasn't sure I was gonna count this, but then other songs started coming in, and I started hating everyone, and quietly hating everyone was easier than getting people to resend, so... yeah. I actually kind of dislike this song - or at least did dislike it when it came out. Though he does have a nice voice, as does Lisa, of course. There is that one point where Lisa sings on her own, and it makes it kind of conversation-like... a little bit... enough to count once I was already annoyed. Anyway, Lisa is so lovely. Lisa makes this song a lot better.

Postal Service - Nothing Better

Cherry: AMGAMFG THE POSTAL SERVICE! I love the Postal Service! I like this song a lot too, except for some of the music in the beginning always sounds a little too shrill to me, not sure why, but I always end up turning the volume down on this song. And this one actually seems to be a legit conversation! Look at how they go back and forth! SHE EVEN INTERJECTS HIM! The reason this works as a conversation is because you can easily take away the music and imagine two people going back and forth, saying these things to each other. That's how conversation works, kids! Meeting the theme + Ben Gibbard <3

Murr: A song that really fits! Like, a conversation isn't just two people saying something - it's what each person says being a response to what the other person says, with each person's input shaping and developing the... conversation. And this, more than any other song, does that... like, if you just took this as text, it would work as a conversation - an awkward, whiny conversation - but a conversation, nonetheless. I think I've rambled about my anecdotal memories concerning this album, so I'll save it. I hate that I love it, though. So, well done.

Jimi Hendrix - Hey Joe

Cherry: I like that you went for one person recounting a conversation and telling both sides, it's a different way of approaching the theme, and that is cool. I don't particularly care for the song as a whole, though. Aside from the guitar, it's a little boring, plus I mean, HE SHOT A WOMAN. JOE IS A JERK, GUYS. Although I guess the woman is a jerk too, but violence isn't the answer, kids!

Murr: I'm not really the biggest Hendrix fan, but at least this is actually Hendrix's version. Very rare for Hendrix songs submitted on this board. Actually, this works as a conversation better than I remembered - it actually works really well. Huh. It's funny listening to him, because it's a guitar style that seems so generic now, but there wasn't really anyone playing quite like this before Hendrix. Yeah, this is actually better than I remembered. Well played.

The Magnetic Fields - Yeah! Oh Yeah!

Cherry: This song is like...a trance kinda. I have listened to it twice now, and my brain doesn't take much in, haha. I guess it works as a conversation, one person doing all the talking and someone else agreeing. It's not a bad song, it's just kinda there.

Murr: Love this song. "69 Love Songs" was a favorite for a bit when I was a kid... like, this *beep* represents an era to me. A few songs from this album actually would've worked for the theme, including "Papa Was a Rodeo", which would be a perfect 10. But this is still great... Stephin and Claudia with this perfectly mundane couple fight put to song... "Are you having an affair" - "Yeah, Oh yeah!" "But I can't take your perpetual whining, and you can't sing". <3 True love. Actually, this fits the theme really well, too. Huh. You guys actually did better with this than I remembered... I must've been really grumpy that day. heh, sorry.

Next theme in a few...

Re: Round Eiate Resultz

Part poop...

Nonlinear Narrative

Bruce Springsteen - Highway Patrolman

Cherry: Stop trying to make Bruce happen! Apparently he already happened, but I missed the memo. Oh this is slow though, and it's from that Nebraska album. It seems like that album is probably his best work, this is the second song I've heard off of that one, and they have both been really good. I like how the music and his voice are slow and moody, emotional, but in a straightforward kind of way. I like the story in the song, about two brothers, one good, one bad, and the good one being caught between family and duty. Fits the theme too, since the song begins with him stating his job, and then the middle of the song is him joining the force.

Murr: Beautiful song. I think Misty sent a song from this album last season, and... Honestly, Springsteen's best album, no contest. Beautiful from beginning to end. Not only is it nonlinear, but it's also a very clear narrative, telling a story from a distinct point of view. Read: great song that actually fits the theme perfectly.

Rod Stewart - Maggie May

Cherry: This song is pretty classic, and it seems nice enough, it seems enjoyable enough. It doesn't really seem like a nonlinear story though, it seems pretty straightforward reminiscing about something that happened. Maybe the reminiscing makes it nonlinear from the get-go. I don't know. It doesn't jump around at all though.

Murr: I hate to admit that I actually really like this song. I had to look up the lyrics to make sure there was any nonlinear aspect to this, though. One distinction I think people forgot is that reminiscing about something doesn't necessarily make the narrative nonlinear. But whatever, it's fine. And some lines, like the morning sun one, seem more like event happening rather than looking back on it. And really, I just like this song a lot. So, yeah.

Brandi Carlile - That Wasn't Me

Cherry: Ugh I thought I was over my cold, but there must be something wrong with me. I can't stop sleeping, just dozed off for like, two hours again. Listening to this take two...she has a sweet voice and all, but like...seriously, wtf? This just seems like a "normal" song, not seeing the non-linear thing here, like, at all. This also doesn't seem like a very Murr or Cherry song. Strange submission.

Murr: Meh. This has some nonlinear elements, notably mentioning the break-up then going back to being "loved like a song", and then questioning/reproaching herself after it. Again, more reminiscing than distinctly nonlinear, but I was lax. I'm sure you were banking on that, of course, and you know very well what a nonlinear narrative is/were just relying on me getting annoyed and caving and being lax with others too, so fair enough. Her voice is pretty, and it's a nice song. Not blown away, but it's pretty. I like the sentiment... how it shifts from her saying "that wasn't me" then altering that slightly with "that will be me", kind of both reproaching herself and declaring that she cares, mirroring this idea of weakness as both something shameful and something that shows an openness/love. I'm rambling. It's nice.

Kath-y - Melons

Cherry: AMG IT'S MY SONG <3 Wtf is this title? Did Murr make that up trying to disguise this? Kathy already made me listen to it the other night though, hahaha. Anyway, here are my thoughts: I am super flattered that someone went through so much work making a song for me, and I kind of think people should do this more! CRITICISM: it seriously creeps me out that you picked a melon picture with a long ass stem growing out of it rofl. Also, my boobs bounce, not flip flop! This song is so much lulz though. Such nonsense, swimming in noodles rofl. WATCHING YOU POOP. SEEMS LIKE YOUR FANTASY. This is the most ridiculous, amazing lulz song I have ever heard, hahaha. And don't LIE, Kathy, you want me to give you shivers!!! Anyway, everyone take note, more songs created for me, and also, my boobs.

Murr: I should note that I titled this "Saint Francis and the Pigeons of Mercy - "11:11 Waltz"" when sending it to Cherry, in case she comments on that. heh. This is kind of amazing. Like, this is a work of art. Like, you know that era when composers would write music for the work of some of the greatest poets? Debussy using Mallarme's "Apparition" immediately comes to mind. This is the modern equivalent of that... just sheer beauty and brilliance and wonder. lolz, I'll also mention that I started accepting reminiscence as "nonlinear" before you sent this. Like, I love this, and I love that you took the time to actually sing a song and make a video. Definitely A for effort. I keep lol'ing so hard at "I met this girl, Cherry, on the internet / I hated me but I didn't care / and she sure got hella pissed off at me..." followed my a chorus about her "melons". Amazing. Amazing enough to outdo the Sun Kil Moon song coming up? Hell no. But we love you anyway, Kathy.

REM - Try Not To Breathe

Cherry: Since Murr always has to be a dick if there is an error on my end, I will point out that he sent me this song as TRY NOT TO BREATH. THERE IS AN E AT THE END, BRO. BREATHE. I didn't look for Murr's "Easter Eggs" (it kinda makes me roll my eyes that he not only does that, but then tells you guys on the thread lol. He might as well just submit a list with his theme PLZ SEND THESE SONGS") anyway, I didn't look at the list, so not sure if this was on it, or just something you picked. I'm guessing the latter. Did I judge this song before? A theme of songs about death or something, maybe? Not sure. This isn't quite what I personally imagined for this theme, I imagined a sort of clear(ish) story, told out of order. This is more like...snippets, I guess? It definitely isn't a regular traditional narrative story, and you could argue nonlinear aspects of it as well, since it kind of jumps in between trying not to breathe (dying) with flying over his grave (obviously already dead). This isn't a bad song, I didn't dislike it, I am just commenting that it was more abstract than I was expecting for the theme. interesting submission.

Murr: Funny enough, the other REM song you send has a more distinct nonlinear narrative. Also, didn't you send this for the Dead Narrator theme last season? Whatever, obviously a brilliant song. It's funny, because the nonlinear quality comes from the question of whether or not he's actually dead while saying this, and why it worked for the other theme... that ambiguity. But in this case, he's going between when he's dead vs. when he's alive, back and forth. And it's REM... I love Michael's voice so much, there's just something so soothing about it. Plus, obviously I love the themes in this song. So yeah, great work. Pushing the theme a little, but whatever... who didn't?

Sun Kil Moon - Carry Me, Ohio

Cherry: I assume this is the song Murr had hidden for you guys to send. He loves this band, and no one ever sends them without him forcing it lolz. Anyway, this theme took such a dark turn, we had a song that was literally about my boobs, followed by two songs about death. This theme is producing songs about Murr's two favorite things, kids! I like this song a lot, "A million miles ago you seem, a star I just don't see anymore" is probably my favorite line. This is a sad, but enjoyable song that you kind of just float through when listening.

Murr: I love Sun Kil Moon (/Mark Kozelek/Red House Painters). Another song by them was the Easter Egg for this theme, and kind of cool that you actually ventured to find another song by them. It's odd, because Kozelek's lyrics tend to be pretty rambly, but this was before that really happened. Such form in this! Maybe note quite as narrative-like as I would've preferred, but it definitely fits. "Can't count to all the lovers I've burned through, so why do I still burn for you?" <3 It juxtaposes nicely between past memories vs. feeling the loss after her death vs. the process of her death itself, all in a jumble. Which is beautiful to me... this song about a girl (he's written a lot of songs about her... Katy was her name), and how he was in love with her for so long, yet had grown so far away and didn't feel that immediate connection at the time she was dying, then sort of regretting that in this nostalgic *beep* of latent feelings upon her death. idk... it's a strange, but very poignant/real sentiment. Love this. Is that 500 words yet?

David Bowie - Life On Mars

Cherry: This is another song that's not a traditional narrative exactly, but it doesn't seem totally nonlinear either. Like it doesn't really seem to be told out of order, like it jumps around a bit, but not really out of order, just like...between the girl, and the narrator. Watching/writing stories, pondering if there is more to the world than life on Earth, etc. Anyway, it's a nice song, this round just really didn't go where I thought it would much at all, either theme.

Murr: I love Bowie. But I actually like "Heroes" better. It's one of my favorite Bowie songs, and since I caved and started accepting reminiscence, I was accepting it. Wish you would've stuck with it. But this is great, too. It's not quite a nonlinear narrative - the chorus is taking place on screen/in thought, so it doesn't really change the chronology of the story. Any vaguely nonlinear aspect comes from different points of view - the same moment in time (in a movie theater) told from 2 different perspectives - one from the perspect of the girl, one from the perspective of Bowie (or, the narrator). So it's not really breaking chronological order, just retelling the same moment. But fine, whatever... if reminiscence counts, I'll count this. Funny enough, it's an oddly political song, or at least a lot of social commentary... this idea that in some search for "individuality", people basically follow a mould written for them (by popular culture, by government, by business... whatever)... and an emptiness in that (taking pity on some man, wondering if he'll ever know "he's in the best selling show"). I mean, Lennon's on sale again, man. Then this wondering if there's life on Mars/something else out there, with no real conclusion but the suggestion being pretty grim. Of course, right after this Bowie created a Martian Messiah to save the kids... to CREATE that life on Mars and offer the suggestion of something more. Part of what I love about Bowie/Bolan/Reed/Ferry... despite the commercial, glam facade, they were - at least in that era - at their core anti-commercial, and extremely subversive in expressing that, while also offering this fantastical alternative (rather than just the cynicism that came shortly after with punk). Rambling... but this song is a great pre-manifesto for Bowie's mission to come with Ziggy.

Results coming up... I did math and there's something tricky this time, so I want to try to coordinate with Cherry first.

Re: Round Eiate Resultz

Alright, had a problem, needed Cherry's opinion. You'll see in a minute... But first, the top score: with a score of 35 (18 + 17), Tom the Dayman, you win absolutely nothing, but good job!

The rest...

34 (14 + 20) Dana
31.5 (12 + 19.5; 14 + 17.5) tie Neil and Jesse
31 (14 + 17) Kathy
22.5 (11.5 + 11) Sunflower

Which means, with a score of 21.5 (8 + 13.5), that means, Pete, you are NOT eliminated. Alright, so here's where it becomes a mess, and I'm not gonna bother with spoilers.

Now, I'll assume everyone wants to play their cards. Which means Pete is not eliminated, and 2nd lowest score is eliminated. However, Sunflower is the 2nd lowest score, and she has the Warrior Card and can challenge someone to a duel.

The card states that she cannot challenge anyone in the top 3. However, Pete is protected by his Invincible Card, and there is a tie for 3rd place. Which means Kathy is the only person she can challenge.

So, Kathy - despite your good score, per the rules of the Warrior Card, you will need to pick a theme for your duel with Sunflower. The theme can be most anything you want, but it can't be something impossible (ie: it can't be so specific that only 1 song fits) - it has to be broad enough to allow for options. Cherry and/or I will need to approve it first, Sunflower will be informed of theme, and you'll both pick a song and have a duel. Loser will be eliminated from the game.

I'm assuming everyone wants to play their cards (there's nothing saying you have to, but...). If either Pete or Sunflower don't want to play their card, let us know. But for now, to speed it along... KATHY, CHOOSE A THEME!

Re: Round Eiate Resultz

Charlotte Church song

👜 #briapurseclub 👜

Re: Round Eiate Resultz

That works.

Theme 8.2: Dueling Charlotte Church

I'll need both Kathy and Sunflower to send me a Charlotte Church song.

Cherry will be posting the next themes for everyone shortly.