Special and Visual Effects : Stop motion should make a comeback

Stop motion should make a comeback

I feel the use of stop motion ended prematurely. I know Jurassic Park is what killed it, but then how many movies since then have used CGI that looked that good? Not many. With the invention of the go motion technique, stop motion looked better then a lot of CGI these days. For example, Mysterious Island, Dragonslayer, Robocop 2, all more convincing then almost any CGI used since Jurassic Park. I feel that the few imperfections Stop motion still has, jerky movement, not looking like it's in the same environment as the rest of the cinematography, can be fixed with digital EDITING, then I think it would be flawless. Does anyone else feel that it's time for a comeback?

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I agree

particularly for scary movies though - can you imagine if Beetlejuice (I know that it was made before JP) had been made with CGI - it doesn't bear thinking about.

Nothing was scarier for me when I was a kid than stop motion because it is an actual thing not something a computer has made.

also CGI has done nothing for the remakes of classic (not that they needed to be remade!!!!) movies such as clash of the titans. in fact they look utterly *beep* imo

thank you for your post :)

Do the *beep* snow angel, dude. Do the *beep* snow angel!!

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Finally, someone who's been thinking the same goddamn thing :'p

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Yep fully agree!

Oh it is a Sopworth Camel

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Plus it's much easier now due to digital photography allowing people to see their results instantly.

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What I think is most telling is that in more than four months, not a single mention of motion control has been made. Yes, CGI has made great inroads. But motion control deserves its props as being the greatest improvement to the stop motion technique that there likely ever will be in the film domain.

I also think that Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer" video was so magnificently brilliant that a lot of stop motion artists decided to pack it in. I'm sure that stop motion will get dusted off and trotted out from time to time, whenever it becomes so forgotten that's "fresh again". But the fact remains that the computer has forever altered cinematography.

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