Welcome friends, acquaintances, and people I kind of tolerate, to season 2 of MURRCHER IDOL!

Cherry and I, Prince Murr, are dedicating this season to the mythical Mermicorns, a fantastic non-people people who are half unicorn-half mermaid, and who once roamed our planet. We hope you come to love them, and cherish them for their beauty, through submitting songs in homage to their once great culture. [smilemoticon]

Aside from participating in ancient Mermicorn rituals, you will be submitting songs in a standard Idol format. For those who don't know, each round we will post a theme and you'll submit a song that fits that theme. Cherry and I will judge your submissions and decide which sucks the most, and that person will be eliminated.

Oh, and there will be a twist... but we'll reveal that when the game starts (read: we haven't decided yet, but we want a twist). Sign-ups are below. I'm listing 12, but we'll take as many people as we can get.


1. EnnJaySee
2. Martin_Stett
3. alrmwoo
4. modica
5. Eric_the_Pelican
6. thanasisk276
7. KingJesseRebel
8. cooltu101
9. SweetSunflower
10. mas_bond84
11. DanaShelbyChancey
12. realitytvfreak2
13. soullimbo
14. tom_delonge_ava

Round 1: Seventeen
Top Score: EnnJaySee ; Travis - Why Does It Always Rain On Me?
Eliminated: cooltu101 ; Rodgers and Hammerstein - Sixteen Going on Seventeen

Round 2: The Church
Top Score: KingJesseRebel ; The Church - Hotel Womb
Eliminated: modica ; The Church - When You Were Mine

Round 3: Multilingual Songs
Top Score: soullimbo ; Eartha Kitt - Under the Bridges of Paris
Eliminated: realitytvfreak2 ; Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mya, Pink - Lady Marmalade

Round 4: Lost Verses
Top Score: Martin_Stett ; Linda Perhacs -- Chimacum Rain
Eliminated: mas_bond84 ; BBMak - Ghost of You and Me

Round 5: Prison
Top Score: SweetSunflower ; Bob Dylan - Hurricane
Eliminated: thanasisk276 ; System Of A Down - Prison Song

Round 6: Sound + Vision
Top Score: soullimbo ; Bob Dylan - The Times They Are A-Changin'
Eliminated: Martin_Stett ; Pierre Bensusan - Elm

Round 7: Vexation and Mythology
Top Score: KingJesseRebel ; Tupac - I Don't Give a *beep*, Nick Cave - Mermaids
Eliminated: Eric_the_Pelican ; Linkin Park - One Step Closer, Thrice - The Melting Point of Wax

Round 8: Conversations and Nonlinear Narratives
Top Score: tom_delonge_ava ; Postal Service - Nothing Better, REM - Try Not to Breathe
Eliminated: alrmwoo ; long story...

Round 9: Family and Casinos/Gambling
Top Score: tom_delonge_ava ; The National - Afraid of Everyone, Leonard Cohen - The Stranger Song
Eliminated: SweetSunflower ; Paul Simon - Mother and Child Reunion, Lady Gaga - Poker Face

Round 10: Amused to Death and President Gas
Top Score: EnnJaySee ; Roger Waters - Amused to Death, Ramones - My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down
Eliminated: tom_delonge_ava ; Courtney Barnett - Dead Fox, and some Incubus song

Round 11: In the Aeroplane Over the Sea, Bright Eyes pre-2002, Misunderstood Meanings
Top Score: KingJesseRebel
Eliminated: DanaShelbyChancey

Final Three Results!

First up is Pete:

The Clash - Combat Rock

"Know Your Rights"

Murr: I'm thinking my format here will be shortish commens for each song, follow by a longer rant at the end, just so I can listen straight through. lol @ Cherry not being familiar with this album. It's been years since I've listened to it. Wasn't crazy about The Clash back then, but I've liked them more in bits and pieces since, so this should be interesting. I like that it's just kind of violent and shouty. And the guitar has a nice cut to it. Makes up for the reggae-ish groove.

Cher: Guys, I have a document on my laptop where I have put all of my comments for every round I hosted of both this season and last season, and the document is currently 68 pages, haha. Anyway, album time! I put yours first because I don’t know your album, and I already know I like the other two Obviously I know who The Clash are, but it’s not something I listen to much. Cute that you told me this was one of the first albums you bought as a young teenager. I wasn’t even born when this came out you are such a sexy old man. Anyway, his voice reminds me of someone else’s, but I can’t think of who or whatever. I kinda like the music for this one, it’s not like a OMG attention grabbing song, but it’s not bad.

"Car Jamming"

Murr: Lauren Bacall in a car jam! I will say that punk political songs were far more biting and clever than hippie political songs, generally speaking. Thought this lacked a little power in the beginning, but as it went on it had a pleasant feel. Didn't want it to end, especially given...

Cher: I like the title of this one. Let’s jam in your car, bro. This song is a little bit faster than the first one. Omg is he singing about hyenas? That’s fun. I don’t know. I mean like...this isn’t torture to listen to, but the other two literally both sent albums that are on my CHERRY TOP TEN ALBUMS OF ALL TIME list so like...if you make it to the finals, it’s purely based on Murr. That said, this song isn’t bad for something from the 80’s

"Should I Stay or Should I Go"

Murr: I think this is the song that first mad me sneer at The Clash. I remember my first trip to Bell Buckle, TN (some bluegrass mecca), this came on the radio as we were pulling up, which I thought was apt at first. Cool town, though. Anyway... not crazy about this song.

Cher: I know this one! Haha. This is actually a pretty cool song, sorta sexy, haha. It’s super catchy, and I do like the music, the part where it starts to speed up is great. Also, I like how he is describing a conundrum. Also, I always want you to stay, Pete someday you will come to America and respond to my advances in an appropriate (or...maybe inappropriate xoxo) manner <3

"Rock the Casbah"

Murr: Another one I'm not crazy about. Sounds so '80s, and not in a good way. Strummer's vocals are really great when he screams or goes all airy, though. Enjoying this more than I thought, but still lacking.

Cher: Amg I know this one too! I actually was thinking about this song like a couple weeks ago for some reason, but I forgot what band it was by. I just remember hearing it on the radio when I was like, a teenager, and my sister telling me what it was about, like the king banning Western music or whatever. That’s actually really cool, like *beep* YEAH WE DON’T CARE IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT, WE’RE GONNA ROCK THE CASBAH. Haha this song is kinda like the misunderstood songs, I bet a lot of people also put this on their AMG 80’S DANCE PARTY playlists without listening to the lyrics and knowing anything about it.

"Red Angel Dragnet"

Murr: I kind of love how weird this is. With less of a space-rockabilly thing, and more pounding dissonance, it would be kind of Velvet Underground-ish. I love how so much is spoken word, more or less, voices kind of reflecting off each other without a direct call and response.

Cher: Omg shut up, this has that weird AMG BRITISH 80’S MUSIC SOUND. Not a fan of the opening, but then it gets a bit better as it goes on. WHY DOES HE SOUND SO WEIRD THOUGH? I FEEL LIKE...HE IS MOCKING SOMEONE, VOCALLY? IDK. ONE OF YOU CAN PROBABLY TELL ME. Anyway, so I guess this is about THE GOOD OLD DAYS IN NEW YORK WHEN IT WAS DANGEROUS AS *beep*, AND FULL OF DEGENERATES, AND ALSO, PEOPLE DID COKE IN THE STREETS. And someone got shot tonight!

"Straight to Hell"

Murr: I fly like paper, get high like planes... wait. No, that's not right. I actually kind of love this song. Lyrically, it's such a cheeky but heartbreaking take on colonialism. And musically, it's just so chill while still being engaging. Great song.

Cher: This song is called Straight to Hell, so I kind of assume it’s about Murr. Lmao did he just say “it ain’t no coca cola, it’s rice?” I don’t get what this song is about. Is he comparing Vietnam to hell? Is this like, a song about the war a decade later? IDK WHAT IS GOING ON.

"Overpowered by Funk"

Murr: Not crazy about this. Some parts are pretty good... "is her name in there?" I'm noticing these weird little Cockney Rebel-like bits in The Clash that I didn't notice years ago. The Futura 2000 part is pretty damn cool. Still, definitely my least favorite song so far.

Cher: I am OVERPOWERED by FUNK amg. Fun opening music. I do like how they have like, a bunch of different sounds all on one album, that is kind of cool. This song is all over the place, lyrically, not totally sure if I get what it’s all about, but it’s kind of cool.

"Atom Tan"

Murr: This is like some weirder glam song, maybe one of Roxy's or the Sparks' stranger moments, completely deconstructed. The deconstruction doesn't serve it well, but it's still good.

Cher: These songs are all political, t.ears I am so tired of politics, even ones from 35 years ago. I don’t know, the song sounds okay I guess.

"Sean Flynn (song)"

Murr: Cool instrumental to this, the vocals are obviously secondary. Definitely in the background music category, but pretty cool for that. This would be amazing if I were high... bookmarking this, both literally and figuratively (mental bookmark).

Cher: I am losing momentum in my comments, haha. I liked the earlier songs more, or maybe I just had more to say about them. When in doubt, remind Pete of how sexy he is, right? <3 anyway, this song does have a cool, unique sound, and like I said, I really do appreciate how different so many of these songs on the same album sound.

"Ghetto Defendant"

Murr: Jean Arthur/Arthur Rimbad... clever. Lyrically a really cool theme, and in such a cheeky way - seems standard for this album, but I do really like that. Definitely one of the album's stand-outs.

Cher: Omg, it sounds like he is talking right in my ear, in a semi hypnotic way, haha. Lots of rhymes! ENLIGHTEN THE POPULUS. This is really kind of a hypnotizing song, the music and the lyrics together work nicely, it’s an interesting sound.

"Inoculated City"

Murr: And this is another of the album's clunkers. Ploop! Naw, it's not bad. But this just kind of there.

Cher: Inoculated is a cool word. This song has like, a commercial playing in the background, that’s cool bro. I don’t know. Honestly, I want to know what adorable little teenage Pete thought about these songs. Like, were you a deep and enlightened tween, or were you just like amg this band is cool. Please share personal stories <3

"Death is a Star"

Murr: Weird-ass track, but as a closing track, it works really well. I'm not sure how to judge that... if we were judging these as a proper album, I'd give this a better score. But we're not, we're judging as a collection of stand-alone songs. And for that, this is amusing and kind of enjoyable, but nothing special.

Cher: DEATH IS A STAR. Another great song title, it would make a good band title too. HE WAS GRIPPED BY A DEADLY PHANTOM. This song like...kind of has an almost fairy tale thing going, that’s kind of cool. I do like the soft music too, and omg, do I hear CRICKETS? This song is kind of awesome, it fades out like twinkling fairy lights.

At once I knew I was not magnificent

Re: Final Three Results!

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication

"Around the World"

Murr: Another album I haven't listened to in ages. From what I remember, I LOVE some of these songs, and HATE others. In fact, you know when people always talk about skipping certain songs on an album? I never understood that, always listened to albums all the way through... until this. That said, it does have some of my all-time favorite RHCP songs, so this should be interesting. Anyway, definitely a great opening track... Does he even know wtf he's rapping/singing about, aside from the chorus? I like how it's kind of just the opening to an adventure... like, you know when you read a fantasy/adventure book, and on the first page it shows a map of the land? This song is the map to the album's adventure book.

Cher: I’m guessing you sent this because you know I like it, and it’s one of the few things you know that I like, that you actually know and like yourself, haha. This is on my top 10 albums of all time list, this album is like, really important to me actually, because well, one it’s one of those albums where it’s pretty much good from start to finish, but also because it is one of the first albums that I like, seriously got into. Like there’s the pop albums you buy when you’re young and are like AMG BRITNEY <3 and then there’s the albums where you start paying more attention to like, music and lyrics and all of that. Anyway, this was the first album that I bought by the band, and I still think this is hands down their best album. That said, this is not one of my favorite songs on the album, haha. I mean it’s a nice start to the album, and I know it’s one of the more popular songs on it, but it’s not a personal favorite. The guitar is nice at the end, John Frusciante is always great.

"Parallel Universe"

Murr: I loved this song back in the day, but already it's not really living up. Let's see how it goes... Oh, right, the chorus. "Christ, I'm a sidewinder; I'm a California king..." That's what this is all about. I also love how he says "microcosm". "You can die but you're never dead; spiderweb". OK, I remember why I loved this.

Cher: I used to be like, completely obsessed with Anthony Kiedis. I mean, I still love him, but I have that UNDER CONTROL NOW, GUYS. His biography Scar Tissue is a really great read btw, if anyone is interested. Also, he shares a birthday with Hello Kitty. Anyway, I like this song better than the one before it, I’M A CALIFORNIA KING. Parallel universes are a cool thing to think about. Cool, and also, maybe terrifying. Anyway, another song with great instrumentation. I should probably just stop saying that, I mean it’s kind of obvious for all of these songs, these guys are good with their instruments. I saw them live once, John and Flea just like, jammed together for 10 minutes at the end, it was kind of awesome.

"Scar Tissue"

Murr: Beautiful song, hands down my favorite of the album. "Push me up against a wall, young Kentucky girl in a push-up bra / Falling all over myself to lick your heart and taste your health..." Back in the day, this song reminded of a girl, and I listened to it a lot when I moved. This sense of departure and all that... I'm sure his is more grim and down to drugs, of course. Except she was from Tennesse, by way of Texas, but they were all more or less the same place to me at the time. "Soft spoken with a broken jaw / Step outside, but not to brawl / Autumn's sweet; we call it Fall / I'll make it to the moon if I have to crawl..." Really, everything about this is beautiful. Kiedis' best lyrics, Frusciante's slide playing and that cool little glassy rhythm groove. Definitely their masterpiece.

Cher: The line “sarcastic Mr Know it All” is about Dave Navarro, btw. Omg, I also used to have a thing for Dave Navarro, that guy was like, crazy hot and just pure sex appeal. But in terms of the band, obviously John is the best of all of the guitarists they have had. This is probably the most popular song off the album, and I have definitely judged this one in idol games before. Actually haha, I remember like, twice I did themes in Cherry Idol where people could send songs from my favorite albums, and of course everyone sent from this album because it was the only one they knew lolz. “Autumn’s sweet, well call it fall, I’ll make it to the moon if I have to crawl” <3 Still one of my favorite lines. Lolz at the video, Anthony’s blonde hair </3


Murr: Good song, but I'm not as crazy about it as others are - "Scar Tissue" and "Porcelain" are the stars of this album, sorry. Cool bassline, how it just slides in and out. I hate the bridge, but love how the song picks up some energy when it resolves.

Cher: This is definitely one of my absolute favorites, and if I remember correctly, Murr likes this song a lot too. “Heard your voice through a photograph, thought it up and brought up the past, once you know you can never go back” That was my senior quote in my high school yearbook, btw. That is how much I loved this album. Anyway, this is one of my all time favorite songs by them, and I forgot how cool and surreal the music video is.

"Get on Top"

Murr: I don't know, but I used to find this song hilarious. Oh, right... "Gorilla, Cntilla, Sammy D and salmonella..." I don't know. Sounds like they're trying to do their earlier funk thing, but somehow it's just not working.

Cher: I love how like...completely different this song sounds from Otherside. Like they have songs where the music is faster and they just kind of yell out nonsense sometimes, and it’s kind of cool. Like this song just goes all over the place, lyrically, and it’s kind of fun. More of a throwback to what their super early stuff sounds like, this song could fit in on Freaky Styley, except it sounds a lot more polished. Also, lolz at “set you up to get on top”


Murr: God, their videos from this era are mostly horrible. Anyway... I've always had an aversion to songs about Southern California. Perhaps because rock/pop music is so saturated with them, and I resent people using Southern California to represent all of California. Anyway... "First born unicorn..." Awwww. I do like the cynicism of this song... "space may be the final frontier, but it's made in a Hollywood basement..." Kind of crushing everything as some empty facade. Awwww. <3 I really do think the whole play on words, "California/fornication", is stupid. But whatever.

Cher: This song is only a little over 5 minutes? I remember when I was younger I thought of this song as like, really cool and long, but I guess it’s really only long in comparison to the other songs on the album. Anyway, this song is kind of a masterpiece. I mean it sounds amazing, and it’s very cynical. Hollywood sells this idea of beautiful people, perfect lives, etc, and it’s like dream of this, you should want to achieve this, Californication is the American Dream. Actually, I remember in high school my sister had this project about finding the American Dream in pop culture and stuff, and I remember helping her work on it and we were analyzing this song. Plus, combining California and fornication is pretty clever. ALSO, THIS SONG IMPLIES THAT THE MOON LANDING IS FAKE, WHICH I KIND OF SORT OF BELIEVE, SO I MEAN, THAT’S GOOD. I don’t know. I mean about the moon landing. I have lots of thoughts, but I am not 100% sure which side I fall on. Also, “marry me girl, be my fairy to the world, be my very own constellation” has been my dream proposal since I was like, 16. Lolz actually a couple weeks ago, my friend Christina, who I had not talked to in AGES, texted me and was like “I just heard the song Californication and thought of your dream proposal.” Any of you men thinking of asking me to marry you someday, plz take note. But seriously, there are so many little lines of this song that I really love. “Tidal waves couldn’t save the world from Californication.”


Murr: Meh. This song is manic; parts I like, parts I hate. "Everything must go" is good (the line and the melody), and I like the little "softer" "story of a woman on the morning of the war..." part. But the rest of the song kind of gets on my nerves.

Cher: “The story of a woman on the morning of a war, remind me if you will exactly what we’re fighting for” I really like that line. Also, “Throw me to wolves because there’s order in the pack, throw me to the sky because I know I’m coming back.” I haven’t heard this song in awhile, too, it’s one of those songs that I pretty much only listen to when I am listening to the album in full, which I haven’t in awhile. So this is nice.


Murr: Beautiful song. Truly. Something about this character (whether real or a product of his imagination) is just lovely. Don't even know what to say... this song is just beautiful.

Cher: I have a story about this song. Okay so I used to dye my hair black, and like, it made my skin look light and delicate and whatever, anyway, I remember I had this pic ON MYSPACE, and my skin looked all pale and perfect with my black hair, and there was this guy on there who was all into me, and he also liked this band, AND HE TOLD ME MY SKIN LOOKED LIKE PORCELAIN AND THAT THIS SONG MADE HIM THINK OF ME. I kinda thought he was a creeper, and also, then I didn’t listen to this song for like, a year, haha. But anyway, it’s a nice soft song.

"Emit Remmus"

Murr: This is a song I'd always skip. I'm about a minute in and wishing I could skip it now.

Cher: This song title is Summer Time backwards BECAUSE THEY ARE CLEVER LIKE THAT. Anyway, this song pretty much just makes me want to go to London in the summer. Sounds nice! You know, if you reversed this song and said English man and American girl, it could be about my love affair with Pete <3 Later maybe, we can share some air.

"I Like Dirt"

Murr: Wow, the album really starts tanking around now, doesn't it? This is horrible.

Cher: Lololol I have heard some theories that this song is about anal sex. I mean I don’t doubt that Anthony enjoys it, but I don’t really think that when I hear this song. EXCEPT I JUST SAID THAT, SO I GUESS I DO THINK THAT NOW. T.ears. Hahaha. Anyway, not sure how insightful my comments on a song called “I like Dirt” are expected to be

"This Velvet Glove"

Murr: Huge improvement over the last 2 songs. Good song, but fairly forgettable. Honestly, this could've been a brilliant album if it were only 10 songs. But we'll get to that...

Cher: You sent me this song once before in a season of Cherry Idol, I don’t know if you remember. It was one of those send from my favorite albums theme, and you were like “ugh I did go the easy route with RHCP, but at least I didn’t pick a popular song.” I do really really like this song. “Sit alone in the sun, I wrote a letter to you, getting over myself” that will always be my favorite line from this song, but there are a lot of lines I like. “Your solar eyes are like nothing I have ever seen, somebody close who was made for you, I take a fall and you know that I’ll do anything, I will for you.” This is another great song, honestly like this album was just full of so many great songs, I wonder how many people appreciated it in full, and how many just played the singles (and there were like, 5 singles off this album, which is pretty good).


Murr: I was gonna say this is the same as "This Velvet Glove", until this weird borderline Hare Krishna hippie jingling sht started. Oh, nevermind, the song is back to its former self. Meh. Again, good enough song, but the beginning of this album is obviously where it's at.

Cher: Okay...since you guys already know I am a crazy person, I will admit one more story about how obsessed I was with this album. So I took a calligraphy class one semester, and we were supposed to like, practice writing our calligraphy by like, making a poster thing of a phrase or song lyric we liked, and I totally did one from this song “And now I see you in a beautiful and different light, he’s just a man and any damage done will be alright.” This song has so many cool lines and images though, THE FLOWERS IN YOUR FLOWERPOTS ARE DANCING ON THE TABLETOPS. <3

"Purple Stain"

Murr: "Up to my ass in alligators; let's get it on with the alligator haters". Lolz. Also, is this supposed to be a play on Purple Rain? Entertaining, but not especially good.

Cher: This song however, is totally about period sex. “To fingerpaint is not a sin, I put my middle finger in, your monthly blood is what I win” that’s pretty clear, haha. But this is another song with just so many cool all over the place lines “up to my ass in alligators, let’s get it on with the alligator haters” like lolz what? Knock on wood, we all stay good, cuz we all live in Hollywood.

"Right on Time"

Murr: Yeah, this album should've ended a while ago. wtf is with this weird disco groove all of a sudden? Actually, not gonna lie, I like the disco-groove part of this song. Not so much the aggro funk part, though. ­­­

Cher: This song is so short, but Anthony sings so fast like he is determined to get a certain quota of words in under 2 minutes haha. “Joan of Arc reincarnated, maybe we could be related, so much blood to circulate and so much space to decorate” that’s kinda cool, like there is only so much blood to circulate, who knows who you could be related to if you separate by enough degrees.

"Road Trippin'"

Murr: Pretty song. Not anything too mindblowing like some songs earlier on the album, but it's a nice relief after most of the last half. lolz. Pretty melody, interesting guitar - sounds like 2 different guitars to make one fingerpicking pattern? Not sure if that's laziness or that's the effect they were going for, but it's nice.

Cher: I’ve always wanted to go on a roadtrip, and possibly this song is the reason! I made Murr promise to go on one with me sometime, if you don’t hear from us, we’re probably lost anywhere in the USA. “Your smiling eyes are just a mirror for the sun” This song is just such a great close to the album, it’s soft and kind of dreamy, about getting lost, falling in, it’s just a great way to fade out. Let’s go get lost...

At once I knew I was not magnificent

Re: Final Three Results!

Bright Eyes - I'm Wide Awake, Its Morning

At the Bottom of Everything

Murr: I love these weird little Conor intros. It's kind of a given that you'll get first place this round. So, congrats in advance! I've loved Bright Eyes since I was kid, when all these dumb girls made me listen to him and I thank them for that. Not the best Bright Eyes song, but such a fantastic intro to this particular album (and yes, still very good). We must plunge, we must plunge, we must plunge!

Cher: I love the beginning of this song, so much. Like it’s just so conversational, like he’s casually telling a story. Then like...when the plane starts to crash, the idea of this intelligent older man who had zero interest in making small talk with the woman next to him previously, just comforting this woman because she is panicking as they are going down, it’s just so kind. Then the airplane story just kind of intertwines with the rest of the song, like it’s cynical and bleak, “we must memorize 9 numbers and deny we have a soul” but the music is so upbeat. Like it’s so...positive and hopeful sounding, “and they splashed into the deep blue sea, it was a wonderful splash!” Like so charming, as if he’s describing a dolphin splashing around, only you know, IT’S A PLANE FULL OF PEOPLE SPLASHING. “And then when we get down to the bottom of everything, we’ll see it, we’ll see it, we’ll see it!” Such happiness, about a plane crashing and the realization that you are no one in the world.

We Are Nowhere and Its Now

Murr: I've never understood people who actually like the taste of alcohol. Something must be wrong of them. "Why are you scared to dream of God?" "As we move over the ground, and all day it seems we've been in between a past and future town". And now the big lift, here we go... That yellow bird! He comes in again over the course of this album... maybe it's a concept album about a yellow bird.

Cher: This song has a completely different sound from the one before it, none of the upbeatness of it, but the themes are kind of the same, being nowhere fits in with the realization of being no one. There are so many lines I love in this song “you see stars that clear have been dead for years but the idea just lives on” and “like a 10 minute dream in the passenger seat while world goes flying by, I haven’t been gone very long, but it feels like a lifetime.” Then the part about the waitress at the that’s just a thing, like there are people you can see out in the world and might notice that they seem upset but you don’t say anything, either because you don’t actually care enough, or because it’s not your place, or whatever. But she turns the jukebox on for him, so it’s like you do what you can, without having to say anything to these people you know, but not really. Then the whole part about the yellow bird at the end is also really lovely.

Old Soul Song

Murr: I love this song, but it's so precious. Kind of like the fantasy your dumb 20-year-old self wants to live... "On the way home, I held your camera like a Bible". So stupid, but so satisfying and lovely and, in some weird way, meaningful. Yeah, they go wild...

Cher: “On the way home, held your camera like a bible, wishing so bad that it held some kind of truth. And I stood nervous next to you in the dark room, you dropped the paper in the water and it all begins to bloom” I really like that a lot, like the idea of trying to find some kind of meaning and truth in these photographs. “And when I get so lonesome I can’t speak, I see some flowers on the hillside like a wall of new TVs...yeah they go wild” just a really cool image or whatever, watching these images from what is going on inside your head.


Murr: Supposedly this song gets sent all the time, according to Cherry, but I don't recall ever judging it - I think I judged a cover once, but that's it. Haha it was mostly in the Natcher days it got sent all the time, and the first couple seasons of Cherry the time you came around to judge I had already started banning it lolz Yes, it's one of Bright Eyes' more popular songs, I'm supposed to be all "ew, it's so overplayed, but I actually love this song. "But me, I'm not a gamble; you can count on me to split..." I actually have some anecdotes for this song, but... meh. Sorry, Chairy. Truly beautiful, though. "I got a flask inside my pocket, we can share it on the train; and if you promise to stay conscious, I will try to do the same..." <3 "It's not something I'd recommend, but it is one way to live..." Incredible song.

Cher: I really, really love this song. I didn't ban it from a bunch of games cuz I hate it, I really love it, it's just when there are only 4 songs being sent, and one of them is guaranteed to be this one, and another one guaranteed to be First Day of My Life...needed some variety! Haha. “When everything is lonely I can be my own best friend” is one of my favorite lines, ever. Like...that kind of just is me and my life. I also just really like the point about how things that come naturally, seem normal at night, just seem completely different in the morning. It’s like when you’re drinking especially, but sometimes even sober, you get caught up in these things in the nighttime, make decisions or whatever, and it just seems one way...and then you wake up in the morning, and it just seems so different. “It was so simple in the moonlight…”

Train Under Water

Murr: This first line always makes me cringe... let's move past it, the song gets better. Here we go... "but I siiiinnngggggg glory..."!!! An explosion, an instant of life to wash the slate clean... He should re-record this just skipping the whole cringey raindrop thing. It's songs like this that make me wonder why Cherry doesn't like country... this is basically a country song, just his voice isn't very country. But instrumentally? Full-on country. "And if I don't come back - I mean, if I get sidetracked - it's only 'cause I wanted to..." And then those screams in the background with COUNTRY guitar playing driving it along... Fantastic.

Cher: This is one of the songs on the album I have less thoughts about, but there are a bunch of lines I really like “I was a postcard, I was a record, I was a camera, until I went blind…” and “If I don’t come back, I mean if I get sidetracked, it’s only cuz I wanted to.” So blunt, so relatable.

First Day of My Life

Murr: Yeah, not crazy about this song. It's just way too sappy. Conor has a lot of sappy songs, but most are balanced with this depressive, or even violent, catharsis. This is just... what commercial was this used in? Was it for Hallmark? If it wasn't, it should've been.

Cher: This is definitely the most popular Bright Eyes song, and it’s also the other one that everyone rushes all over themselves to submit when I do a Conor theme. It is a cute love song, I mean if this was written for me I probably wouldn’t barf, but it’s also not like, one of the best songs off this album or anything, but I see why it is the hit with people who don’t appreciate Conor’s genius. The video is also really cute. I do really like the line “these things take forever, I especially am slow, but I realized that I need you, and I wondered if I could come home.”

Another Travelin Song

Murr: Another full-on country song, just with Conor's voice instead. But everything else about this is pure country. Chairy, why is it you don't like country??? But I never feel quite prepared... WOO! "I dream the dark on the horizon, I dream the desert where the dead lay down / I dreamed a prostitute child touching an old man in a fast food crown / I dreamed the ship was sinking, there was people screaming all around / And I woke to my alarm clock - it was a pop song, it was playing loud". Love that little dream sequence - pointed dream sequence. Love this one, too.

Cher: “Well I guess the best that I can do now is pretend that I’ve done nothing wrong, and to dream about a train that’s gonna take me back where I belong.” This song kind of makes me want to travel by train. Also “I will fight like hell to hide that I’m giving up” <3

Land Locked Blues

Murr: "I don't want to risk our paths crossing someday; so you walk that way, I'll walk this way..." Another country song, btw. The melody here is pure country. "And he shot me dead..." I kind of have a sentimental attachment to this song, but it's really not the greatest on the album. Still good, though. "So, I'm always pacing around or walking away..." I love how it gets all political near the end (it does earlier, too, but very overt near the end)... "if you're still free, start running away".

Cher: I really, really love this song. I love the simplicity of it, like just the smallest acoustic arrangement, and he sings, and then she joins in. T.ears this is another one of those songs that I will end up quoting like, half the song as a favorite line:
“And the world's got me dizzy again
You think after 22 years I'd be used to the spin
And it only feels worse when I stay in one place
So I'm always pacing around or walking away
I keep drinking the ink from my pen
And I'm balancing history books up on my head
But it all boils down to one quotable phrase
If you love something, give it away” and also:
“We made love on the living room floor
With the noise in the background of a televised war
And in the deafening pleasure I thought I heard someone say
"If we walk away, they'll walk away"” This is one of those songs that I really love listening to when I am on the bus or something, just stare out the window and listen to my song, and kind of get lost in it.

Poison Oak

Murr: Alright, so... I've been trying to be reasonable/fair and not give too many perfect scores. Only one from this album up to this point, and one other for another album. But this and the next are both getting perfect scores unless I'm in a weird mood and suddenly hate them. This song in particular is just one of Conor's best songs ever. It's perfection. "In polaroids, you were dressed in women's clothes / Were you made ashamed? Why'd you lock them in a drawer? Well, I don't think that I ever loved you more... than when you turned away, when you slammed the door, when you stole the car and drove towards Mexico... I was young enough; I still believed in war". I don't even know what to say about that... with this mellow acoustic, this lapsteel humming along... and then the explosion in 3,2,1... !!! "And I never thought this life was possible; you're the yellow bird that I've been waiting for..." Told you this album is about a yellow bird. "The end of paralysis, I was a statuette - now, I'm drunk as hell at a piano bench..." This is amazing. Truly.

Cher: This is one of my absolute favorite songs, like, of ever. If you are ever BEING QUIZZED AND SOMEONE IS LIKE “OMG WHAT IS CHERRY’S FAVORITE SONG?” SAY THIS ONE. I love it so much, sometimes I get chills listening to this, it’s just so like, pure emotional. “In polaroids, you were dressed in women’s clothes, were you made ashamed, why’d you lock them in the drawer? Well I don’t think that I’ve ever loved you more, than when you turned away, when you slammed the door, when you stole the car and drove towards Mexico…” and “but me, I’m a single cell, on a serpent’s tongue” “now I’m drunk as hell, on the piano bench, and when I press the keys, it all gets reversed, the sound of loneliness makes me happier” this song is just so beautifully written. Also, I’ve noticed this before too, but he mentions a yellow bird again in this song, just like in “We are Nowhere and it’s Now”

Road to Joy

Murr: This song is also amazing. I love how it has this marching feel to it... just sheer power. "I read the bodycount out of the paper, and now it's written all over my face / No one ever plans to sleep out in the gutter, but sometimes that's just the most comfortable place". This actually would've worked for the Amused to Death theme, but then you couldn't have sent it now. "So, when you're asked to fight a war that's over nothing, it's best to join the side that's gonna win..." lolz, what cynicism. <3 Alright, here it comes, my favorite parts... feedback, noise, and... "Well, I could've been a famous singer if I had someone else's voice, but failures always sounded better - LET'S FCK IT UP, BOYS! MAKE SOME NOISE!" *complete chaos* Yes! Brilliant song, and such a brilliant last track - to just let it all go to hell in this barrage of noise.

Cher: When you’re out to start a war that’s over nothing, it’s best to join the side that’s gonna win. I remember, 9 years ago, driving around Omaha with my friend Christina listening to this song, along with some other ones by him. I can’t believe how long ago that was, and how much the world has changed since then. I don’t feel like getting into political stuff in my comments though, obviously. So I’ll focus on my favorite lines of the song, as always: “No one ever plans to sleep out in the gutter, sometimes it’s just the most comfortable place” and “I could have been a famous singer, if I had someone else’s voice.”

At once I knew I was not magnificent

Re: Final Three Results!

Okay since all albums have a different number of songs, all songs were scored individually, then all scores will be added up, and divided by the number of songs on the album.

Pete's average: 7.2 + 6.5 = 13.7

Neil's average: 8.3 + 6.1 = 14.4

Jesse's average: 9.15 + 8.45 = 17.6

Which means that Pete, you have received the lowest score and are Murrcherliminated We both adore you, so you should probably sit alone in a corner for the rest of the week, thinking about how you let us down, and the ways to do better next time in every way, xoxo.

As for Jesse and Neil, congratulations on making the final two, gentleman! Please behave, both of you. xoxo.

Murr has some stuff to post.

At once I knew I was not magnificent


The seas are even higher today, with the smell of driftwood permeating everything. In the midst of this disaster, you can feel the inventions of the coming age: the air filled with fog, the anemones of tidepools now far submerged.

I've escaped further inland, though I don't know if "escape" is the right word. I've come here merely to watch the inevitable play out slowly, methodically, as though it were God's design all along. To rush it, to be overwhelmed by the rising waves, in just an instant... what a loss, what cruelty to this creator, to not bear witness to mankind's last show - our great demise.

The Mermicorns have arrived, have pulled back the shroud hiding their civilization and are claiming what Creation has given them once again. Since the days of Pangaea, they've lied in wait... and now, to claim their world - perhaps our world. It's beautiful to live, and perhaps, die through this.

Still, I sometimes see the hint of tears in their eyes - the same tears, I can only imagine, they shed when the Mahabharata unfolded with the destruction Mohenjo Daro so many millennia ago - the same tears they've shed every time mankind has led to its own undoing. For their glory does not overshadow their compassion for lesser beings.

A wave is coming, I can feel it. Soon, we'll be just anemones, yet Lyonesse and Atlantis will rise. The age of the Mermicorns is here, and their magnificience... O! how magnificent they are! Hail the Mermicorns!


First, I would like to thank everyone who participated in this game. And thank you, Cherry, for co-hosting it with me. Also, to make this a special event - the last Idol game in IMDb history, I'm pleased to announce we have a guest judge. Please welcome the great, the wise, the powerful, the champion of MurrCher Idol season 1... WOLFNAT!!!

Now... your final themes! Lucky Round 13!

13A: Superheroes

This theme is courtesy of Natwolf. Send a song about a superhero. It needs to be an actual superhero, with some comic book/literary/etc... precedent. Not just some random person with powers. "Kryptonite" by 3 Doors Down is banned so hard. If you even try to send it, I'll deduct 10 points from your score. Seriously.

13B: Valtari

Send a song from Sigur Ros' album, "Valtari". Simple enough. This is one of my favorite albums of all time, and now, you get to cater to me. Thanks!

13C: Unicorn

A magical album, from T. Rex when they were still Tyrannosaurus Rex... before the platforms, glitter, and electric guitars, Marc Bolan was a precociously mystical folk darling, and this album is the best representation of that era. Not the best representation of T. Rex as a whole, but the album title - and several of the songs - fit the themes of this game very well. So, send a song from Tyrannosaurus Rex's 1969 album, "Unicorn".

13D: Music of the 1920s and 1930s

It's an era generally long forgotten in Idol games, but one of my favorites. Exciting time for the Berlin scene, modernist "classical", blues, jazz, etc... If you send a song, if must have been recorded between 1920 and 1939; if you send a classical piece, *ideally* send something recorded during that era, but it must have at least been composed during that era.

13E: Songs for Cherry...***

Not as simple as the title suggests. Last season, we did a theme, "Songs Cherry and Murr Hate", in which the scores were inverted - you wanted the lowest score possible. For example, if I scored it a 2, that effectively be an 8. For this theme, you should know our likes and dislikes, and where our tastes differ. So, send a song THAT CHERRY LOVES BUT THAT I HATE! Cherry's score will be standard (if she scores it a 10, you get a 10), but my scores will be inverted. Basically, you want to send a song that shows where our tastes differ... something she loves, but something I hate.

13F: Songs for Murr...***

Same as above, but for this one, you want to send something that I'll love but that Cherry will hate. My score will be standard, her score will be inverted.

***For themes 13E and 13F, only Cherry and I will judge. Keep that in mind.

And, the final theme (lucky 7)...

13G: Departure

Arthur Rimbaud is one of my favorites poets, and I've wanted to do this theme for ages. It's a broad theme, and very interpretative...


Enough seen. Vision met in every air.
Enough had. Murmurs of cities, evening, and in the sun, and always.
Enough known. Life's stops. O Sound and Vision!
Depart in new affection and new noise.


It seems apt, both for the theme of this game, and for IMDb going bye-bye. Send a song that reflects your interpretation of that poem. I realize this is a very interpretive theme, so you have a lot of rope. If it looks like you've made an effort, I'll accept it - if you choose to take this as "song of choice" and send in the Spice Girls' "Wannabe", I will not accept it.

Also, for this theme (and only this theme), everyone who participated in the game will have the option to judge, as one last hurrah. I will be sending songs for this theme to everyone who's been eliminated from this game - they will each judge on a scale of 1-5 (NOT 1-10). Whoever's scores I get in the allotted amount of time will factor into your scores. However, if I get the impression the didn't actually listen to the songs, or guessed at who sent what and scored based on that, I'll toss their scores.

And that's that. Send songs to me at your earliest convenience. Congrats on making the final 2, and good luck to both of you!


Congrats to Neil and Jesse for making Final 2. Thanks to Murr and Cherry for hosting. I was unable to send my favourite album for copyright reasons, but still felt confident with The Clash......but it wasn't to be.

As for the teenager I was, listening to that album...well, I like to think I was too cool for words, but in reality, I was the guy with odd tastes in music (The Clash, The Jam and lots of sixties stuff) lol Should i Stay Or Should I Go was, and still is, one of my all-time favourites. Should I ever travel to the States, Wisconsin will be high on my list of places to visit, for sure.....and not just to see The Fonz statue !!

"Does Barry Manilow know that you raid his wardrobe?"


Good game, Pete. Can't believe I made the final of this. Without doubt the hardest idol game I've ever played and these final themes, help someone??

I'll try to make a contest of it but this is way beyond me.

Murr, is that another easter egg you posted on your profile? Plese no, not for the final lol.

#VivaLaIMDb Games: Other Games. You will be missed!


Pete, you never said what your favorite is, I'm curious.

Lol why did you feel confident with The Clash though? It wasn't bad, but it's not something either of us have expressed a huge love for. Final three, you go big or go home

Also the Fonz statue is in my city! I have a pic of myself standing with him somewhere hahaha.

At once I knew I was not magnificent


He probably felt you guys might like it... just cause you never express anything for them doesn't mean you won't like them. I hear a lot of new stuff I enjoy.

And thats really cool about the Fonze statue!

I really hope Murr didnt post eggs for the FINAL!!! I dont think he realizes what a FINAL is. lol

In Trump We Trust


I'm sure he did think we would enjoy it, I'm just saying when you only have two opponents, hoping for the best doesn't get you through.

And guys, I think the song in his profile is just a song. He likes it, he sent it to me in Cherry Idol once. I don't think he is sending you guys any secret messages lol.

At once I knew I was not magnificent


I like the Clash, certainly more than I used to... that doesn't mean I like every song. I scored, I think, 5 out of 12 songs an 8 or higher. But there were also some songs I didn't like much or thought were just alright, and scored them 4s, 5s, and 6s. Overall, I scored The Clash album higher than the RHCP album (largely because I scored two songs 2 and 3, respectively). I'm glad Pete sent something unexpected - it was cool to hear it, and I actually appreciated Combat Rock the most of all the submissions - think I listened to it 3 or 4 times digging through my mom's old records years ago, but not since. But in a game where we're judging how much we like the music itself, especially song-by-song, it wasn't my favorite. I'd consider 6.5 a solid album score, though - good, but not a favorite. Out of curiosity, I also scored my favorite album of all time, to see what would happen, and it only got around 9.1 when going song-by-song. So, keep that in mind.

There are no Easter Eggs this round, but even if there were... it shouldn't matter. I've seen playlists used for final themes - a bunch of Easter Eggs all nicely lumped together and the final 2 required to use them.

Anyway, great job to both of you. I'm interested to see what you two will send.


Pete, you never said what your favorite is, I'm curious.

Lol why did you feel confident with The Clash though?

My favourite is The Beatles - Revolver . People rave about Sergeant Peppers and Abbey Road, but for me Revolver is in a league of its own, with Rubber Soul in 2nd place. Not very original lol.

I felt confident with the clash because this particular album contains so many good tracks and as an "album", from start to finish, it really is underrated.

But as I said before, congrats to Jesse and Neil, I shall follow the final with interest.

songs from 1920-1930s , fantastic theme !!

"Does Barry Manilow know that you raid his wardrobe?"


Sorry Pete, I mean I liked it okay, as you can see by how close the scores were between you and Neil, I didn't hate it, but it's not really my thing. I mean it's from the 80's I did score some of the songs highly though. I think you and I just don't have very similar tastes in general.

At once I knew I was not magnificent


Sent my tooooons for the last time lol. Can't believe I got second place at worst. It's the dream final lineup eh? . This is what the people wanted! I bet the rest of the board saw it and collectively groaned so loud, you could hear it from Jupiter

#VivaLaIMDb Games: Other Games. You will be missed!


I always make Final 2 in Idol Games. Have never left before unless I quit.

In Trump We Trust


Good luck Neil and Jesse.

Why does everyone think Closing Time is just a song about weeding out of a bar though? The singer said it was about having a kid.


Thank you Pete. Good job

In Trump We Trust


Songs sent out. Jesse and Neil - good luck!

Everyone who was in this game - if you did not get a PM from me with the Departure songs (2 songs total), please let me know.


I'm extending the deadline for former cast members to judge the 2 songs (think I have about 6), at least slightly. The forum is dying and the "D'oh" message is becoming ever more pervasive, so I'd like to post results tonight or tomorrow afternoon at the absolute latest (I imagine by tomorrow night, IMDb will just be one big D'oh for the forum's last days).


I thought this game got cancelled...haha had to. I forgot about this! Yeah it's sad but the board is becoming more and more unreliable by the day. It's shutting down.

That little thumbs up breaks my heart 👍

#VivaLaIMDb Games: Other Games. You will be missed!

Re: MURRCHER IDOL 2: AGE OF THE MERMICORNS GT2 (Final 2 themes posted!)

Neil, Jesse: Congratulations on F2.I have an important question to ask: Do either of you want me judging this round? I know that people have complained before about final round guest judges being brought in, so I want to ask you, the people who will be affected.

"A passionate celibacy is all that any of us can look forward to."

Re: MURRCHER IDOL 2: AGE OF THE MERMICORNS GT2 (Final 2 themes posted!)

Lol I've not got a problem with it 👍

#VivaLaIMDb Games: Other Games. You will be missed!

Re: MURRCHER IDOL 2: AGE OF THE MERMICORNS GT2 (Final 2 themes posted!)

I hate how its been Murr and Cher all game but now they wanna bring in others. That changes everything.

You learn their likes but adding others, whose tastes can be nothing like the Hosts, changes everything and can really hurt me and/or Neil. Then you have the situation where you have someone like Kathy, who is friends with Neil and according to Neil they sit around bashing me, judging me and his scores??? Shouldn't be.

But being that we have no say, go ahead and do it. I liked that this game didnt rely on gimmicks but they save them for the Final round -_-

In Trump We Trust

Re: MURRCHER IDOL 2: AGE OF THE MERMICORNS GT2 (Final 2 themes posted!)

Guys, the past players are judging ONE song, and they don't even get a full 10 point scale. I really don't think the winner will be determined by that. Nat is judging all of the themes except two, but he is still just one person, Murr and I are two...and he won season one. He's not some random stranger off the street. It's not intended to be a "gimmick" and he knows what the game's not as if he is going to score songs and be like "well you sent this for Murr and Cherry, and they probably like it, but I hate it, so zero xoxo." Nat is not expecting you guys to cater to him personally, and he's pretty accepting of music in general and has a lot of similar opinions with both of us. It will be okay, I promise.

At once I knew I was not magnificent

Re: MURRCHER IDOL 2: AGE OF THE MERMICORNS GT2 (Final 2 themes posted!)

We originally weren't going to, but since the boards are dying, and this is the final Idol game on IMDb, we wanted to do something special and include everyone in some way. We talked about it, and considered the pros and cons. You and Neil may now be subject to more unpredictability, but you're both in the same boat; it shouldn't give either of you an advantage or disadvantage. If I get even the slightest impression someone is judging based on guessing which of you submitted what, their scores will be tossed.

That said, Nat is non-negotiable. He won season 1, he's a great judge, and it's only fitting for him to be part of this farewell. However, if you and Neil are 100% against everyone else being included for the one theme, we'll gladly hear you out. I just ask that you at least give it fair consideration, as some Kumbaya *beep* and a farewell to this board (again, I don't see it giving either of you an advantage or disadvantage). I know you, yourself, had guest judges in some rounds of your game (I was a guest judge after being eliminated the first season), so it's hardly unprecedented... and in this case, I think it would be a nice send-off.

Re: MURRCHER IDOL 2: AGE OF THE MERMICORNS GT2 (Final 2 themes posted!)

Lol he's just pissed cos he had a fight with Nat and now he gets to judge . Like, who fights with Nat? I've never even fought with Nat

He's not some random stranger off the street.

That'd be hilarious <3 please do that in the next game. Ask random people on the street to judge some songs, get their e-mail, mail the songs to them and hey presto. Random street judge <3

#VivaLaIMDb Games: Other Games. You will be missed!

Re: MURRCHER IDOL 2: AGE OF THE MERMICORNS GT2 (Final 2 themes posted!)

If Nat didnt call me an idiot I wouldn't have argued with him. He didnt need to go there when I didnt.

In Trump We Trust

The Grand Finale

Ladies and gentlemen, for your pleasure...

🇪🇷 Eritrea (EnnJaySee) V (KingJesseRebel) Saint Kitts and Nevis 🇰🇳

Not since Mayweather vs. Pacquiao has there been a battle this talked about! Shall we begin? Let's begin.

13A: Superheroes

Paul McCartney & Wings - Magneto and Titanium Man

Cherry: I wanna start by lolzing at the disclaimer that Magneto is a hero in some storylines. As if I was going to question anything, I am not the super hero expert! I do recognize the name though, but I have no idea who Titanium Man is. Anyway, haven't heard this song, so it's not an obvious pick from my point of view. I've never really listened to Wings much. I don't know, this isn't bad, but it's also probably not something I would go out of my way to listen to again.

Nat: I'm going to take a page out of Tomcat's book and list all of the songs that I wish were sent, but weren't. You get them because your song is first. Ballad of Barry Allen by Jim's Bg Ego, Ring Capacity by Kirby Krackle, this song Tomcat just told me about Secret Wars by Last Emperor. Heck, the Teen Titans theme song would have been fine lol. Anyway, thanks for the little note. I assume it's not for me because I don't consider Magneto a villain. He's the Malcolm X to Xavier's Martin Luther King Jr. And I doubt Cherry even knows who Magneto is lol. This is pretty great. Paul McCartney singing about a Marvel character. What's not to like? I like this a lot.

Murr: Magneto is actually one of my favorite Marvel characters. Just putting that out there. Usually not crazy about Paul McCartney, but he has his moments... and this actually pretty damn good. I love the little shuffle feel, and the backing vocals here are incredible. I think it's resolved: I like Paul McCartney alright when he's not being entirely serious, but I hate his more "serious" songs. Anyway, not sure I've ever actually heard this before (which is weird), but it's pretty solid.

Five for Fighting - Superman

Cherry: This is definitely the more "obvious" pick of the two. But...I also kinda like this song, even though it's really cheesy. I like his voice, and I am generally a fan of piano songs. It's like...I don't WANT to like this, haha it's cheesy with the whole IT'S NOT EASY TO BE MEEEEEEE stuff, but...dammit, I do like it, haha. My favorite line is "well it's alright, you can all sleep sound tonight, I'm not crazy or anything"

Nat: I should have asked for this to be banned too lol. Not because it's bad, but because it's so obvious. I like it though. What I grew up on. Early 2000s music.

Murr: lolz, should've banned this, too. Oops. Yeah, I really don't like this song. It's way too sappy and just kind of awkward. I really hope you're more than some pretty face, bro... I mean, have you seen your face? No offense. Bro, you basically are crying with this song... so, just go for it. He sounds like the bastard love-child of James Blunt and every one of the million singers who tried to sound like Eddie Vedder during this era (which I guess would make him the product of the world's largest gangbang, figuratively speaking, but whatever... wow, poor James Blunt in that scenario). Um, what was I saying? It's really not awful, it's just not my thing at all. There is some sickenly sweet quality about it that's very satisfying and I start to like it... then he does some vocal crap, or this hammy chorus, or whatever, and I'm brought back to reality.

13B: Valtari

Sigur Rós - Varúð

Cherry: Guys, I'm not gonna lie, the album title Valtari makes me think of the Volturi from Twilight. Amg are these songs about vampires? Okay so like...I never really listened to Sigur Ros until like a year ago. I'd heard of them, but just never really made the effort to listen to anything. But then like, between Murr rubbing off on me and also, my Iceland obsession, I have started to listen to them a bit. I like to listen to Route One when I need background noise when I'm reading or writing, but don't want to be distracted by lyrics. Oh, this is the song that Nat sent last season for the finale, not sure if you picked it at random, or if you stalked out the old thread for which song was guaranteed to get you a good score, haha. Anyway, the theme this was sent for last time was songs that make you feel like you're flying, and this song fits that perfectly. I just listened to it twice, I really do feel like I am just lost and floating somewhere.

Nat: Did I send this song in last season? Or was that a different Sigur Rós song? I'm fairly certain it was this one. So of course I like it. Yeah, no, it was definitely this one. Excellent choice. It's the type of song that just sucks you in and makes you feel like you're floating. Pretty sure that was the theme too. You gotta love those Icelandics.

Murr: This is beautiful. Your 2nd choice, though... Ekki Mukk! "Ekki Mukk" is the name I used for my first game, Lsquared: Restoration. How cool would it have been to have Ekki Mukk be part of this send-off? For me, anyway. heh. Whatever - this is incredible. Nat sent it last season, and it got a score of 19 between Cherry and me - and since Nat sent it, I assume he likes it, too. So, smart choice. I don't know Icelandic, but based on the English translation, this song is really sad. It's basically dying cold and alone, forming a wall around yourself throughout life that dictates your moment of death, and trying to overcome that... trying to break that curse. At the beginning, there are 3 dead; by the end, thousands. All unknown to each other, all alone. Perhaps hence the video, of all of these people sending semaphores to each other, to know and be known. That build-up, before it just explodes, is ominous... like flying up into the air and crashing down, right when you think you're ascending (also probably deliberate). It never just flows... it keeps building momentum and then just stops. That's it. Jonsi has one of the most beautiful voices ever, and there isn't a weak part of this band. Also, dat bowed guitar - he made it especially squealy/less reverb heavy on this song, which is interesting. I love that - how every little sound, every glitch, adds to the emotional impact of this song.­­­­­ Definitely one of their darker songs, but truly beautiful.

Sigur Rós - Dauðalogn

Cherry: This has a very peaceful sound to it, and the accompanying nature video seems very fitting. Parts of this song remind me of something you would hear at church, like when the organ is playing and they are singing in Latin. I mean I know this song isn't Latin obviously, but that is what it made me think of. It also has kind of a fresh beginnings sound, like being born. I don't know. I open my mouth, words come out, I type them for you guys. I think I like the other song a bit more, but this is nice.

Nat: I can't pronounce any of their songs, but I sure do love them. Not only are their songs great, their videos are too. Very pretty. I don't like it as much as the other one, but it's still very good.

Murr: This song is so amazing. So, there's this NPR interview with Jonsi, where he picked songs/his own playlist for the show, and talked about them. And he talked about how much he loves castrati singers, this very antiquated sound and style, and one of the songs he picked was, ah fck, I think it was Domenico Salvatori... And really, this song sounds like some old song by a castrato. With even dreamier musical accompaniment, but there's such a Romantic-eding-on-Impressionist/Symbolist era classical feel to the very structure of this song. Perhaps the most outright operatic song on the album, and it's incredible. It's also interesting that it's one of the more traditionally structured songs on the album (actually, maybe the only one) - a very clear verse and chorus. I love it when his voice goes up in pitch for the chorus, and you have all of these sampled voices creating this choir behind him... it's otherwordly. Then the choir leaves, his voice lowers again... it's so subtle, no huge dynamic (not like anyone's suddenly stepping on a fuzz pedal), but so effective. Lyrically, actually pretty similar to Varud (again, going by translations), but a more positive spin on it... going from this "dead calm", but seeing this twinkling in a forest, something to find and feel part of everything. Actually, I'm pretty sure the song between them on the album references hanging oneself (hell, its English translation is "Tight Knot"), so... hm. I've actually never thought of the album as a story, perhaps because it's not like I focus on the lyrics every time I listen, whatwith them being in Icelandic. I need to do that. Near the middle, this interesting sound comes in - it's very subtle, but you hear what's probably a music box sample, but with static - so you get these little "twinkles" of sound that are kind of breaking up, or trying to come through the static - whichever. It's kind of amazing. Anyway, yeah, I love the sht out of this.

13C: Unicorn

Tyrannosaurus Rex - The Seal of Seasons

Cherry: Amg, this is the selkie song! I didn't even know selkies were a thing actually, until Murr told me about them. They are like, a seal-person hybrid, they can turn into seals in the water, and humans on land. And Murr mentioned this song when we did a theme in season one for mermaids and similar creatures, he told me he wanted someone to send this, and then pouted when they didn't. So yay! And see, I listen when you talk to me, Murr! That said, I like the idea of the song more than the song itself lolz. Not really digging his voice/style here, is he trying to sound like he is drunk and under water? If so, great job!

Nat: I'm not an expert on T. Rex, but I'm liking what I'm hearing. Short and sweet. I wish there was more because I did not expect it to end that soon. It was an entirely pleasant song from start to finish.

Murr: This was my favorite song on the album for ages, though I do tend to think the 2nd half, which neither of you chose from, is stronger overall: Evenings of Damask, Misty Coast of Albany, Pilgrim's Tale, Iscariot... Sea Beasts! How could neither of you send Sea Beasts for *this* game? So, apparently this is a concept album... all of the early Tyrannosaurs Rex albums correspond to seasons, and this one is winter (hence "Throat of Winter") - effectively, the concept is sitting at home sick whilst reading/daydreaming of this some magical land, and effectively being transported there. Marc's voice on these early records was weird, barely sounds like English - sort of this goat-like (unicorn-like?) warble. "And flew, flew! Just like a prancer, a gypsy dancer..." This album is great in the dark, not focusing on anything else. "Out of the depths, she stood before me / One breath, and shells grew on my nut tree". Winter, with a cold, this vision kind of turning your very being into "spring"... Really very lovely. Also, I have to say that for how sparse this album is, its stereo field is amazing for the time. Especially for the backing vocal tracks, which come at you from left, right, seemingly from behind and above you... Kind of amazing. Nothing on this album is intended to have any sort of political meaning, or any meaning at all... it really is just reflective of a mind reading about these mythical creatures and having a feverish dream about them. That sort of wonder and sense of awe which Marc modernized come the glam era, and which Bowie really borrowed from him with his own manifestos (including Life On Mars?, which you sent earlier). This sort of openness and dazed, sleepwalking quality. I love that, and this song in particular is one of the more direct, in that regard. Beautiful.

Tyrannosaurus Rex - Cat Black (The Wizard's Hat)

Cherry: Not going into this one with high expectations, I mean if the one about a seal person wasn't that great, I don't expect much from a song that's just about a cat. Seriously lolz, the background music is okay I guess, but I literally can't understand a word he is singing, why does he have such terrible vocal styles? I feel like I judged at least one song by this band before and thought it was decent, so idk why these suck (You judged songs from his glam era... this is before that, when he was a weird hippie) He sounds like a drunk hobbit.

Nat: I liked this one too. So much I listened to it a second time. This is just a chill song. I dig it.

Murr: Another case where you nailed it with your back-up... "She Was Born to Be My Unicorn" is a huge shift in the album, where it becomes less tangible, more entrenched in the fever... this wall-of-sound with an Eastern drone and stuff about Nijinsky and all that, it's so trance-inducing. And it's an incredible song. Whereas this, your first choice, is probably my least favorite song on the album. This is actually an earlier song, but he changed the lyrics for the album. The original is all, "Catblack, she's my honey, all she wants to do is spend my money / She's a real gone chick, and I love her so / Helps me out, but she doesn't rock & roll". And, for whatever reason, he changed it to some stuff about a wizard's hat and a mountain man with sky blue teeth. When people accuse Marc of being Tolkien-esque, this is one of the songs they're referring to. So many beautiful, nuanced, almost ethereal songs on this record, and you sent the fcking Hobbit song. I do still love it, though. Still, there are some beautiful lines in this, in between the stuff about dwarves... "her silk, skin-spun, repells the sun" - like, I don't even know what means, but it sounds awe-inspiring. "A yellow orphaned dancer, rich in Nature's costly gold, wept for the jailer of time to bless her old / But his kiss he held and shadowed, for the spells of night are strong..." I mean, it sounds like nonsense, but it's really lovely. This idea of a child - a sad child, someone who's suffered - calling out to God to live a long life, and he ignores her prayer and she dies. And yet, when she dies, she creates (or experiences?) a "whirlwind in the childhood of a song". Presumably this song, but I guess it could be anyone's song - anyone reading about her or dreaming of her or whatever. Kind of giving life to all these fairy tale figures you read as a kid, as though their existence (assuming they were real at all) is to inspire. Really beautiful. "We of the wind must rejoice and speak, and kiss all our star-browed brothers on the cheek". <3

13D: 1920s-1930s

Benny Goodman - Sing, Sing, Sing (With a Swing)

Cherry: The song title is the cringeiest thing ever. Ugh, it's this song. This is one of those songs you literally hear like, everywhere. I'm kind of disappointed, I mean the display of different instruments is kinda nice, and this is great for a flashback dance scene in a movie or something, but sending this song for the theme kinda seems like a let down. I was really hoping for some cool old jazz vocals or something, not a swing tune that is played in a zillion movies that even I, a person who doesn't generally listen to pre 50's music, instantly recognized. Omg, and there is still a minute and a half left, dammit. Why is this so long? It's really boring to listen to when you're not watching people dance.

Nat: Oh, I know this. Everybody knows this. It's more dancing music than listening music, which there's nothing wrong with. I like it, but I think you could have done better.

Murr: I wish Pete had been around for this theme... he would've sent Edith Piaf, or some Weill/Brecht collaboration, or something in that vein. Also Gershwin, Ravel, old blues (Robert Johnson, Bessie Smith, etc...) - more what I was going for. I was also hoping someone would send Billy Murray's "Roll 'em, Girls" which is a guilty pleasure of mine. Anyway... this isn't bad. It's more performance/dance music than something I'd want to just listen to for its own sake, though.

Mammie Smith - Crazy Blues

Cherry: Yes, thank you, this is more the kind of thing I was expecting. I feel like I am being transported in time, haha. This has such a cool really old vintage sound, and I like her voice. Classic blues is just so much cooler than swing. Like, let's go hang out in a speakeasy

Nat: I don't know. There are plenty of songs I would have preferred for this theme. So many. This is just okay.

Murr: This is definitely better. Not her absolute best song, but definitely solid - I wonder how the recording is gonna go over with Cherry and Nat, though. It's pretty "lo-fi" (funny thinking this was once a recording standard). I kind of like how it blurs the arrangement, though - like every instrument is just kinda swirling together. It's funny - Phil Spector's whole "wall of sound" innovation was really more or less just perfecting old recording techniques. heh. It's cool how the instruments are really interacting with her singing, too - really such a lost art. Anyway, great pick.

More to come...

Re: The Grand Finale

Continued, mijos...

13E: Songs for Cherry

San Cisco - Fred Astaire

Cherry: I remember one season of Cherry Idol, someone sent this song, it might have even been one of you two, but anyway, I remember me, Nat, and Andre were all "amg San Cisco <3" and Murr was like "meh." So I mean, good choice for that reason. This song is fun and catchy...but there are a lot of songs by them that I like a lot more, so I kind of wish that you would have picked one of them.

Murr: Oh yeah, this is definitely pretty dumb. I don't absolutely hate it, though. It's not something I'd ever willingly listen to, but it's not like, "why the fck are you making me listen to this???" These lyrics are painfully stupid, though. Like, it pains me to listen to these stupid lyrics. Oh God, please don't do the chorus again... ah, *beep*.

The Decemberists - Down By The Water

Cherry: Same for you. This round is kind of a letdown, there are so many songs by the Decemberists, and this is not particularly a favorite, and on top of that, it's not even the first time I judged this one in a game </3 stop sending me songs from The King is Dead, people! This is one of their most popular songs too, come onnnnn this is the finals, and you guys know me better than this.

Murr: I'm not crazy about The Decemberists, but they do have some songs I like. "On the Bus Mall" is brilliant - that's their masterpiece. I say that every time someone sends them, and yet no one sends that song. This actually isn't bad. It's not great, but it really isn't something I hate. They have a number of songs I legit hate - this isn't one of them. Still, not a favorite or anything, so it's not like you're being tanked here.

13F: Songs for Murr

The Church - Blood Money

Cherry: ...on the one hand, I understand the logic of picking a band that Murr never shuts up about, on the other hand, how many *beep* songs by this band do I have to judge? I did not sign up to judge a game called Church idol! Also...lolz @ you picking a song off Starfish, the only album with songs on it that I liked during the Church round. Like go back and read my comments for that round haha, I said this must be their best album. This has an 80's sound to it, but not in a totally disgusting way. I mean I actually liked this better than the T Rex songs, so...

Murr: I love this song, of course, but it's an awful choice for this theme. Maybe Cherry will hate it, but doubtful, considering Starfish was the Church album she seemed to really like all of the songs from it. "I'm priceless, you're worthless, but it's not a bad match" - I'll bet you $10 Cherry makes a comment about how that's how she feels about me. "She is worth the ransom - he says, 'do you accept my card?" Obviously I love this album, and I love The Church, and this song is fantastic. I used to see it as one of the weaker songs on the album, but one day I was listening to it and ended up listening like 20 times in a row, and now I love it. "You'll make the front page; I'm gonna bring back the lash". <3 This actually may have vaguely worked for the "Amused to Death" theme. I love Steve Kilbey's cynicism... apparently he hated Los Angeles, so half the songs on the album sneak in something cynical about that - but this song is perhaps the most overt, and I love it when he throws down. However, I fear Cherry will like this, too.

The Church - Tear It All Away

Cherry: This has a really early 80's British sound to it. I don't know. I mean yeah. Obviously this is not my decade, but it's not the worst thing ever. I don't know, honestly like...I am sure if I just focused on the lyrics I'd probably like their songs, but the music itself isn't really my thing. But again, this could have been worse, so...

Murr: This is legit one of my favorite Church songs, even though I readily admit is SOOOOOO cheesy. But it's also so beautiful. "People say, 'to see is to believe' / But then they just believe in that they can perceive..." YES! THAT! EXACTLY THAT! Like, that sums up so many spiritual beliefs - or beliefs about spirituality - for me. I love it. Such a perfect line. "People say, 'well, you just had to be there' / And all the time, you know they've been there / and it makes me sad to sit and think all those empty souls are merely at their brink..." Another beautiful line. I love how he contrasts this idea of being somewhere/going somewhere (this adventure, but vain, a lie) with just sitting and thinking. I mean, wanky as hell, but so lovely. This song is also REALLY '80s sounding, so Cherry will probably hate it, so... well done! "People grow up and learn to drive some car / But I did that and it doesn't get you far..." Well said, Mr. Kilbey, you prophet, seer, and sage!

Still more to come, you freaks...

Re: The Grand Finale

And now, the final theme... let's do this, brahs! For this, I'd like to welcome in a group of anonymous Latin American meat-packing glitterati... ie: your former castmates! Please welcome Pete, Dana, Sunflower, Martin, Than, and David!

13G: Departure

Sufjan Stevens - Death with Dignity

Pete: First of all, best of luck to Neil and Jesse, may the best player win.
I think this is why I like these idol matter what the theme is, there's always a chance that submissions will be at opposite ends of the musical spectrum yet fit the theme. What is that song you sing for the dead , I see the signal searchlight strike me, in the window of my room , These lyrics almost fit perfectly with 2 lines from the poem : Enough known. Life's stops. O Sound and Vision! . A very mellow tune, great pick, and thank you to whoever it was who submitted it, it has just been added to a playlist.

Dana: For the listening, it was mild-sounding with a distinct 70's feel. Pretty guitar and soft voices, not much change but relaxing.
Oh the interpretation of the Rimbaud poem! I can see how the theme of a serene death in the song meshes with the poem! A thoughtful and sensitive choice.

Sunflower: This is so reminding me of another band, another singer. Who is it? The effect used on the vocals, argh, it's so... I know this... I can't place it. It's something I used to listen to, 2008, 2009, Bon Iver? Hmm, yeah, it's sort of For Emma, Forever Ago-era Bon Iver with plucking instead of strumming. But there's something else that it's even more like, from around 08-10. Oh no, now it's over and I spent the whole time trying to figure out what song it sort of imitates, not great. Well, I can't deny the quality of the song, but now I'm not going to rest until I nail down the song it's slightly ripping off, so not a super enjoyable listening experience, but a good song.

Martin: Surely you can come up with a better way to send off IMDb than this snoozer. The guy sounds like he's about to fall asleep. I'm guessing that this means more in the context of the album? By itself, it's too laid back to be properly poignant. There's a difference between acceptance and apathy, is what I'm saying, and this straddles the line.

Than: Judging for the last time on imdb... So many stories, so many memories. Some were nice, some bitter, but it always feels good to be back and judge. Normally I'd love to troll you guys and tell everyone how much I love Kathy, hear Cherry complain about Kathy being a complete betch for stealing me from her, then have to compliment Cherry on her great bouncy boobs, etc etc. I am not going to act serious now, who cares if I like that music or not. I've never won an idol game and that's not because my taste is bad, it's because of crazy creepy alco-holocaust guys giving me 0's while they gave all 10's to Cherry. I could do the same, but what's the point, right?

David: Nice, pleasant song, which could bring a tear to my eye, if I was that kind of person. I like the harmonizing at the end of the song.

Murr: This really is a beautiful song. So, this was interesting to me: the former cast judges giving their interpretations of the theme/poem, which I loved. Thank you all for that. I really don't know the "true" interpretation - based on Rimbaud's life, and the transition, I'd wager there's something a little more pointed than just graciously moving on, but not as fated or depressive as death. But that's just my interpretation. Anyway... "Well, I suppose a friend is a friend".. "What is that song you sing for the dead?"... "You'll never see us again". I don't think this song is quite apathetic, but maybe it has a certain ambivalence... an uncertainty, and a willingness to let go of whatever needs to go, while also having some gracious moments. Beautiful song.

Nat: I love Sufjan. I sent Carrie & Lowell (the album this song is on) for the concept album theme last season (the season I won). I love it. I wanted to send Illinois, but Henry randomly sent a song from it earlier and foiled all of my plans lol. But yeah, absolutely in love with this song, the entire album, and everything Sufjan does basically. It's perfection.

Cherry: Stop jacking songs that Nat sent last season, haha. This is actually perfect though. This is a goodbye song, and it's beautifully written, like "your apparition passes right through me, in the willows, and five red hens, you'll never see us again" I mean, that is definitely poetry, so it seems fitting for being inspired by the poem Murr posted. I also kind of connect with this song for personal reasons, so you hit me with the emotional factor. Great choice, perfect note to end on.

Semisonic - Closing Time

Pete: While the first song dealt with the poem as an "ode to death", I get the feeling this one is more "tongue in cheek", looking at the poem as an ode someone who has had WAY TOO MUCH TO DRINK....or maybe I'm just reading too much into it lol. Anyway, it's not a bad song, I've always liked it. As for how I interpret the poem...I have to say that the first song really "hit the nail on the head".

Dana: This is a familiar song to me which the other one wasn't. I have always liked this. So for listening pleasure this is the one for me.
Interpretation wise, I didn't think of death when I first read the poem, my take on the Rimbaud was more like the song says, moving on in a normal way, not sadness.

Sunflower: Omg, I used to love this song! I haven't heard it in a long while, but only after I heard it a lot, like a lot, a lot. I love the beginning where you can really hear the instrumentation and the stellar separation between vocals and piano and guitar, and then the strings come in and it's so good. But then, being what it is, having been written to be a song to close their concerts (afaik) and let people know it's time to get the heck out, it has to mid-level rock out with electric guitar and drums, until the end. It's a way better song than people realize, although somewhat and understandably limited by its purpose.

Martin: This really isn't my kind of music, but I'm digging it. "Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end." I appreciate that sentiment. To send off the boards, this is a solid way to do that. On the downside, the chorus is knocking a point off for you. It is too repetitive and I don't really see how it fits with the emotions of the rest of the song.

Than: And here it is... Last song I will ever judge. I hate goodbyes and I hate not being able to even say au revoir to this place. Literally, no au revoir, arrivederci, auf wiedersehen, eis to epanidin as we say in greek will actually mean anything, this place will be gone and so will our nice moments, our fights, our banter and all these times we made each other laugh, upset, sad. So much emotion between strangers. Who magically became friends. or randomly turned into enemies for life. we owe imdb a big thank you for these amazing years and personally, I am grateful to have met all of the guys who made these online boards a place full of life! Goodbye

David: It fits the theme, but I never really cared for this song. Not terrible, but it's one of those songs that made me slightly cringe every time I heard it.

Murr: I hated this song so hard when it came out. His voice annoyed me, the radio-friendly pop-rock was just too much. But, you know, I kind of like it now. I'll agree with Martin and say that the chorus ruins it. But the rest has a charm... for some reason, I love the line, "the places you will be from". That sense of continuation, not knowing where or who you'll be, but going full-force ahead all the same. And for that, I do think it's a great closing to this game, this board - everything. Which is why it's the last song. And this is the last song I'll judge on IMDb. It's been fun - my taste and this board's taste haven't often been compatible, but I've come to be very fond of all of you heathens, and thank you for accepting my presence on this board.

Nat: Appropriate song to end the last idol game on this board with. You can't help but like it, which I do a lot. I've heard this more times drunk than I have sober. Unfortunately, it's no Sufjan Stevens.

Cherry: ...I really don't know what to say. I mean, lolz @ sending an alternative song from 1999, Murr hasn't mentioned dislike for that genre/era combination before. I do like this song, but like...this song is something you listen to when you're feeling nostalgic, or drunk. When I was in college, these guys I knew threw a lot of house parties, and they played this song a lot late at night when they wanted people to start weeding out. Also, bar close. Do these things sound like they have a lot in common with an Arthur Rimbaud poem? I am torn here, honestly. I mean like I said, I do actually like the song, and a goodbye/departure. But like...he posted a poem! He posted a poem, and you sent Closing Time. Lolz.

Results to come, once I math.

Re: The Grand Finale

And here it is. We've come so far, but aren't the Mermicorn overlords lovely?

🇪🇷 Eritrea (EnnJaySee) V (KingJesseRebel) Saint Kitts and Nevis 🇰🇳

13A: Superheroes

Jesse: 22.5/30
Neil: 20.5/30
Round: Jesse

13B: Valtari

Jesse: 26.5/30
Neil: 29.5/30
Round: Neil...

13C: Unicorn

Jesse: 23/30
Neil: 21/30
Round: Jesse

13D: 1920s-1930s

Jesse: 21.5/30
Neil: 15.5/30
Round: Jesse

13E: Songs for Cherry

Jesse: 11/20
Neil: 14/20
Round: Neil...

13F: Songs for Murr

Jesse: 13.5/20
Neil: 15/20
Round: Neil...

13G: Departure

Jesse: 51.2/60 (lol. Thanks, David)
Neil: 43.5/60
Round: Jesse

With total scores of *** 169 vs 159, we have our winner. Congratulations, Jesse!!!!!! You are the winner of MURRCHER IDOL: AGE OF THE MERMICORNS, and the final idol game winner of IMDb (though, hopefully there are many more winners to come on Henry's forum and wherever else all may roam). Great work throughout, and I think once the big names started dropping, most people put their money on you.

Neil, you beat your own odds and made it to the final 2, and sent a couple of my favorite songs in this round alone. Very well done, and much respect!

Thank you to both of you for playing, and thank you to the rest of the cast. We didn't know this would be IMDb's last idol game, fully on IMDb, when it started, but we couldn't have asked for a better cast. Thank you, you crazy kids.

*** actually 169.2, because of David's weird scoring... heh.

Re: The Grand Finale

YAYYYYYYY!!!!!!! I am so happy!

Thank you so much MurrCher and Nat and the rest of you that judged! I had a lot of fun with this (and stress too lol). I put so many hours into listening to music for this game.It feels worth it.

The curse is broken!!!

Thank you again, and great job Neil.

Re: The Grand Finale

congrats jesse

Re: The Grand Finale

Well done on your win, Jesse.

Lol I knew I wasn't winning this. Was much closer than I thought it'd be. God Job Murr and judges. Was by far the most challenging idol game I've ever played and although it frustrated me throughout, there's a bigger sense of achievement at making final 2.

Bull out! 🐂

#VivaLaIMDb Games: Other Games. You will be missed!

Re: The Grand Finale

Congrats Jesse!

Oh it's like slang. From...England

Re: The Grand Finale

Congrats, Jesse! Once Tammy left, I predicted you would win, haha. Neil, you did well too, it's always nice to see a close finale.

Thank you so much to everyone who joined, and thank you to all of you who took the time to score the final theme, it was great to read everyone's feedback and differing opinions!

Nat <3 thank you so much for judging the finale with us and having amazing taste as always!

Murr, "I'm priceless, you're worthless, but it's not a bad match" <3 how did I not even think of pointing out how perfectly that sums us up? Anyway, thank you for putting up with my craziness as always and hosting another fun game with me! Also, for sharing my love of mermicorns <3

At once I knew I was not magnificent

Re: The Grand Finale

*Special News Update* After Jesse won the season of Mermicorns he went out and bought a shotgun and went after all the Mermicorns, making sure they were no more so he would never have to see or hear of them again lol

Re: The Grand Finale



At once I knew I was not magnificent

Re: The Grand Finale



WTF crazy creatures are these? Thank God they aren't real or I would be scared to go outside lol

Re: The Grand Finale

Congrats Jesse, a well-earned victory !

"Does Barry Manilow know that you raid his wardrobe?"

Re: The Grand Finale

Congratulations to both Jesse, and Neil, for their performance in a game in which the finale round was one tough bit of business!

This game has always introduced us all to new kinds of music and I hope it will continue to do so on the other forum.

Gee Woodle, Space Kadoodle!