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Is there anyone still here...

...anyone at all? 😢

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So so strange, I was literally just reading through my old House on Haunted Hill RPGs and remembering how much I appreciate your length feedback. Glad to see you're still around. Elphie!

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Good grief! If it's not Kenny... the hell have you been! 😊

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Not bad, yourself? I didn't think anyone came here anymore except people who assume this board is used for RPG VIDEO games! I miss this board!

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Not bad. Only thought of this board as I'm getting older...

...strange to think that I was here in high school! And now...I'm like...all grown up!? LMAO... 😨

Yeah. I miss this place. Always hoped that it would revive itself...if only to clutch desperately to my youth and that time when I had all the time in the world to play RPGs...and had none of this adult cr@p to worry about! Lol... 😄

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Wow wow wow I had been thinking of this board not too long ago. I remember you guys both fondly!! Loved playing with you two and yesss HoHH was getting so good, I loved how you wrote Victoria, and the little alliance thing I had with Elphie.

I had been thinking of writing yesterday! Based on the tv show Survivor, which is still elimination but with people voted off instead od dying.

Re: Is there anyone still here...

*Screams hysterically!*

...and then faints!

OMG! I could literally cry, Ri. 😭

How the hell have you been!? GAH! I've so MISSED you!

OMG! Suddenly had flashbacks to I Know What Scares You...and Leah! I will NEVER forget her! NEVER. #LeahLives! Lol. At least she did in the sequel that never happened (I Still Know What Scares You)...never could forgive myself for killing her off! Lol. 😄

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Ieeeeehhhhh!! Hi Elphie! Please don't faint again :laughing:

Missed you!

I'm going up and down in how I'm doing. Heavy therapy since the start of the year, new love, new house with three girls, now getting things ready to start a new studies (Beautician - part-time school and part-time studying at home) in another city. It's a lot.

How are you yourself???

Oh Leah. Seriously, don't worry about it, you wrote her out in the most IC, respectful way and I remember she had quite a fight and rather sad final moment. You did the best you could for if she had to go. And I completely admit I have given people a bad attitude when I thought my character wasn't done justice so it's completely true :)

Haha she can be the star of part two: I Know What Scares You: Resurrection with Carly, Michelle and the other girls.

Re: Is there anyone still here...

Great to know that you're still fighting the good fight and doing okay for yourself! Yeah...I'm fine. Pretty much the same as you! Lots has happened. Graduated (finally!). Moved. Still waiting for my big break...! Lol. 😄

You should totally push that idea for Survivor! You know I would totally play, not sure about other interest...but perhaps we can somehow push the idea? 😆

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Re: Is there anyone still here...

Ah screw it, I feel like typing up some ideas.

It will be based on Survivor: Samoa (my favourite seasons have returning players, which is a bit hard to do here haha). You sign up with a character using the sheet below and during each episode (in RPG terms: scene), you may get choices that I'll PM to you that will affect the game. episode 1 on youtube in parts.

At the end of each episode, I ask the same 2 questions:
- Do you want to align with someone? If so, who?
- Do you have a target? If so, who and why do you want them out?
PM me your answers.

Based on your profiles, whether or not someone is injured or sick, mentally feeling well or not, etc., I try to analyse which tribe would win the Reward and Immunity Challenges. For these I'll just link to youtube so you see how they play out.

Voting someone out:
If your tribe has lost, you and your tribe will have to vote somebody out. I will ask you guys to PM me who you're voting for from your tribe. You can discuss or make a plea to be saved on the boards, but you may also PM a fellow player in your tribe if you want to strategize. In your PM with your vote, you will also give me your voting confessional, which is where a player holds up their slip of paper and says the name of the person they're voting for to the camera, and some reasons why if they have to (or even take a shot at said player). The person with the most votes leaves.

In the event of a tie, a revote happens where everyone except for the people in the tie will PM me their new vote. If then there's still a tie, it will go to rock phase where each player, whether they had votes or not, will pick a rock from a sack. The one who draws the purple rock has to leave the game and this is completely at random. So be aware of that and decide if it's worth the risk.

Other choices:

Before the game starts, I want all of you to send me a confessional with what your character would say and think of some of their fellow players based on their profile. I also want you to tell me in PM which one of them would you think makes the best leader. This is important for the Immunity Challenge, and in the youtube episode, you'll see why.

I will move away from Samoa here in that they tribes haven't been picked yet. They will be now. The two who were chosen to be the leader will be asked in the episode to choose their tribe. These two will send me their order of who they'd want in their tribe and the results will be based on that.

You may also see a message in the episode to one or more players with an important choice they should tell me for the next scene.

Character sheet:
Your strengths:
Your weaknesses:
Your fears:
Family & relationships:
Why do you think you should be the sole survivor?:
What are you going to do with the money?

The sole survivor:
The last person standing will win a million dollars. But you will have to go through a long 39 days living on a deserted island and go through Tribal Councils where you have to avoid being voted off. Once there are only 3 people left, the Final Tribal Council happens. Here, all three of you have a chance to plead to the jury why you deserve to win. The jury consists of the last few contestants who have been voted out and they get the chance to ask you questions. Then finally each juror will PM me who they want to win. So you might want to keep people on your good side!

This will be a more interactive game with possibly shorter scenes. A lot depends on you guys!

Any interest??

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I still lurk every so often. I was sharing my ongoing serialized story "The Other Side" here but I've since moved it over to another host. I've been very busy and haven't had much time to actually fully upload it all but the transition is a work in progress!

It's crazy to think about how long ago it's been since the prime of this board. Years, man.

Funny enough, I've been fleshing out some scenes/ideas I jotted down for another "Sceam" inspired story after finishing the latest season of the TV show. Talk about going back to the roots!

Wesley, why can't I stay?

Re: Is there anyone still here...

I check periodically to see if an RPG gets posted

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I'm so happy you guys remember HOHH, Elphie and Ri. Ugh, I had such big plans for that. Shame I didn't complete HOHH2.

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Been so long since I last checked this board. Nice to see a rew people are still around. I miss playing with you guys.

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Re: Is there anyone still here...

No, we've all died

Re: Is there anyone still here...

Well, well, well...

It wouldn't be an RPG Board reunion if Mikey wasn't here... 😒 😝

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