PLOT: After contact is lost with the military team sent to investigate a downed craft in the Australian Outback a special blacks ops team is sent in to rescue the others and complete their mission. Expecting to run into guerrilla soldiers or rebels no one is too worried and think this will be an easy mission. It's nothing they can't handle. However as they head toward the crash site and soldiers last known location it becomes clear that they're not alone. Something else is out there with them. Something is picking them off one by one. Something not of this world.

CHARACTERS (they´re black ops soldiers so have fun with it):
1. Claire Bates (Elphie)
2. (Saved for Kenny)
3. (Saved for Scorpion)
4. (Saved for Lex_Sparky1)
5. Rupert Kensington (Ri)
6. John `Welshy´ Bowers Jr. (WeBand)
7. James "Jimmy Allen (NPC)
8. General Robert Davis (NPC)

Use this format for characters:
STRENGTHS (at least three):
WEAKNESSES (at least three):


1. 72 hours to make a choice. If you will not be able to make a choice in the allotted time, please let me know and I will extend your time.

2. Feedback is a MUST! also try to leave more than just "Great scene!" Tell me what you like, didn't like, etc. Constructive criticism only please.

3. Keep up with the RPG. Don't disappear on me. I plan to post one scene per week so it shouldn't be hard to keep yourself up to date.

4. Have fun! That's why we do this.


NAME: James “Jimmy” Allen
AGE: 32
PERSONALITY: James is extremely charismatic and has a presence about him. You can just feel when he's nearby. He's known to be very serious about what he does and hates to give up on anything. On the outside he seems to be a man that wants to be left alone, but deep down he's quite friendly. That's something his friends know well. He also tries to help whenever he can with whatever he can. He'll always be the first to volunteer for anything. From time to time he can be slightly egotistical.
BIO: Growing up in as an only child in middle class family James idolized his father who was a General in the U.S Marines. Because his father was in the military James and his mother were forced to move around a lot so James didn't have a lot of friends. Those that he did make didn't last very long. While in high school James took an interest in electronics, mostly communication equipment. James decided, shortly after high school to join the military. He served two yours in Iraq. During his third tour of duty his father passed away. James slipped into a deep depression and was eventually discharged. After overcoming his depression James was recruited to a special black ops team ad serves as the communication expert and one of it's most valuable soldiers.
STRENGTHS: Determined, Professional, Charismatic.
WEAKNESSES: Egotistical, Impulsive, can be stubborn when he thinks he's right.
FAMILY: Father-Frank Allen (deceased)
Mother-Jill Allen
OTHER: Along with guns James is also very adept with bladed weapons.

NAME: Robert Davis
AGE: 68
Tall, thin, African-American and imposing. Usually wearing immaculate suits or his uniform. He is also bald. His eyes are best described as cold and intense.
PERSONALITY: As a former General, Robert Davis is known to be cunning, clever and persuasive. He can also be deceitful and manipulative to achieve his goals. Robert Davis is a serious man with a no nonsense attitude and he is all business. As he is retired from active duty he spends his time organizing special ops missions. He is a cold, ruthless man that hasn't made many friends, but that suits him just fine and serves his purposes.
BIO: Growing up in a low income household as the youngest of five children Robert learned from an early age how to get what he wanted. Life wasn't easy, but he always found a way to get through. After high school college wasn't an option so Robert joined the military. Due to his cleverness and persuasiveness he quickly rose through the ranks and became a General. He's lead many dangerous missions and has had multiple successes. After many years on active duty and almost sixty Robert retired from active duty and spends his time organizing special ops missions. Most of them are classified and covert. His cunning and deceitfulness serve him well in this job. Most recently he has been put in charge of the mission involving the downed craft in Australia.
STRENGTHS: Clever, serious, handles everything with a business-like, clear headed no nonsense attitude.
WEAKNESSES: Likes to handle things himself, untrustworthy, puts the success of the mission before the safety of the people.
FAMILY: Father-Lawrence Davis (deceased)
Mother-Francine Davis (deceased0
Brother-William Davis
Brother-Johnathan Davis
Sister-Hannah Davis
Sister-Nicole Davis
OTHER: Robert knows the predators have to come to Earth before and has a feeling that's what this ship is. He sends the team in knowing they could easiy die, but he wants the technology from the ship.

HEIGHT: 7'8"
-Wrist blades
-Net gun
-Spear gun
-Self Destruct device
-Medicomp (medical supplies)

So let's get this started.

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Re: PREDATOR: PROVING GROUND. Sign Ups! (1 spot open)

Just putting this out there now, Dino...

I still need to find an actress and tweak a couple of details (such as age and all that).

NAME: Claire Bates.




A very tidy, and very conscientious soldier for the black operatives. Very organised. She is always punctual and always ready for action. Always the first on the scene for duty. Claire is very observant (she has an excellent eye for details) and is very astute. She literally absorbs information and never has to ask for confirmation or clarification.

Claire is always cordial and very civil to all. She is very soft-spoken and rather polite (for a soldier). She always has a smile and has never been known to really lose her temper with anyone (for any reason). A very pleasant and rather affable character. She could almost be considered too dainty for such a hardened and brutalised role.

Claire is friendly (with everyone and anyone), but she certainly isn't all fluffy, or rainbows and unicorns with her niceness and friendship. She is realistic and doesn't force friendship...but still would prefer a civil atmosphere amongst her comrades. She doesn't like bullies (especially within the black ops) and certainly doesn't appreciate bravado. She can be a little shy, and she can be a little timid (mostly socially)...but she is not scared or fazed at all by the field. She has a hard exterior (for the black ops)...but a softer interior (especially when not on a mission).

And even though she will approach and tackle each and every mission with a can-do attitude (regardless of how difficult and regardless of how bloody)...she is still easily, and very often embarrassed by a naked body in the showers or the slew of rude jokes in the barracks. She is more disturbed by the sight of a naked chest than she is by the sight of blood or a severed limb. Claire is a very private person (especially with regards to herself and her own body), but not cold or distant to others. She will help anyone (and likes to help). She likes to be involved and to be useful. She especially likes to be needed. Claire is very loyal and would never leave anyone behind.


Claire is the only daughter of Richard and Sarah Bates. She has one older brother (Charlie) who ran away from home at sixteen years old. It is believed that he travelled to London (where he passionately protests against the destruction of the rainforests).

Claire’s father (Richard) is also a member of the black operatives...but is currently MIA. However, there have been rumours (amongst his colleagues) that he is actually AWOL rather than MIA (which has caused distress to Claire and her family).

Her mother (Sarah) has always been a housewife (and the wife of a soldier). However, Sarah currently resides within a residential care facility as she is catatonic with depression and requires twenty-four hour specialist care. She has been so since the disappearance of her husband (to whom she was utterly devoted).

Claire is now responsible for the exorbitant fees to pay for her mother’s care. She secretly resents this a little as she is only a member of the black operatives to follow in the footsteps of her father (a responsibility that was expected to be fulfilled by her older brother (Charlie)...but since he disappeared - the expectation (mostly by her father) had to be fulfilled by Claire). If Claire had her way, then she would have nothing at all to do with the black ops. She would rather have been a nurse (as she says that she would rather heal than harm). Claire has often considered that she would also rather be at home to care for her mother rather than have her in some care facility, and rather than be in the black ops...

However, Claire has a very make-do attitude and does what is expected of her (regardless of how she really feels about the black ops). She still has a very can-do / will-do attitude (despite her silent resentment towards her father) and continues to fulfil her roles and responsibilities as a black operative soldier to the very best of her abilities.

STRENGTHS (at least three):

* Extensive medical knowledge (as she is fascinated by medicine and would prefer to have been a civilian nurse).

* Follows orders without fail (she has a very can-do attitude and will follow the orders of her superiors without question). She often achieves the best results (due to her diligent nature) and has a perfect track record as a soldier for the black operatives.

* Agility / H2H Combat: Claire is the smallest and lightest soldier in the set and therefore can exercise rather impressive displays of agility. She is very fast and very nimble on her feet – and excels / exceeds the others at hand-to-hand combat (rather than weaponry).

WEAKNESSES (at least three):

* Very emotional (she is easily hurt / offended and will cry very easily). This is why her initials (CB) have often been used for the nickname: Cry Baby (even used affectionately by her closest comrades).

* Timid: Claire often has to fight to be heard above the others and can often be overlooked when an opinion or decision is sought by colleagues / superiors.

* Not the best with weaponry: Claire is far from the best with guns and mediocre (at best) with bladed weapons (though she is skilled in hand-to-hand combat). Her weaponry skills are obviously passable for the black ops – but she is often considered the slowest with weapons (as she focuses too much on ensuring perfection...and is more load, check, aim, check, ready to fire, check, fire...rather than load, aim, fire).


Richard Bates: Black operatives soldier (MIA).

Sarah Bates: Catatonic with depression.

Charlie Bates: Rumoured (not confirmed) to live in London with a bunch of tree-huggers (as his father would say).


Claire has never had a serious relationship. She never had a boyfriend at high school and briefly, but barely, flirted with a relationship at college (where he liked her / she liked him...but neither did much more than nervously smile at each other across the lecture hall).

ELPHABA: Eleka Nahmen Nahmen Ah Tum Ah Tum Eleka Nahmen.

Re: PREDATOR: PROVING GROUND. Sign Ups! (1 spot open)

I'm interestd; will work on a bio over the next day or so

Diane, never drink coffee that has been anywhere near a fish.


NAME: John Bowers, Jr. (aka Welshy)

AGE: 30

PERSONALITY: On the surface, John seems cold and disconnected from many people around him. This comes from the fact that John has some latent, though extremely minor, sociopathic tendencies. Beneath that, however, he is charismatic, easy-going and bitingly sarcastic at times. In the heat of battle he’s level-headed, but will often pick up on the unease of others, and attempt to calm them down with humor…unfortunately, being Welsh, its usually British-style gallows humor.

BIO: John Bowers was born in a small fishing village in northern Wales. Most of his childhood was spent helping out on his father’s fishing charters; but, by the time he reached university, he was looking to do something more with his life. Unfortunately, however, his family could not actually afford to send both him and his twin sister to school at the same time; particularly since there would be another child in the family going a couple of years later. Since the plan had always been for John to take over the family business anyways, they paid for Summer’s education and John was left to fend for himself. Determined to leave his small-town upbringing, John applied to the British military and his “aptitude for killing people” gained him a position in the SAS. As the only Welshman in his SAS training squad, he was obviously saddled with the nickname “Welshy” at first in a demeaning manner, with most of his classmates viewing him as a “hick” because of the fact he was from a fishing village. The initially derogatory aspects of the nickname soon vanished, however, as John proved his worth to the other men in his group and eventually reached the top of his class.

In addition to discovering his aptitude for killing people, John also discovered he was incredibly skilled with computers. The army sent him to school to help him hone these skills. After this, he ended up leaving the SAS for MI6, before ultimately becoming a government “cleaner” of sorts, acting as a wetwork operative for MI6, the SAS and other NATO-allied military organizations whenever needed. He saw combat through-out the Middle East (including backing up the Seal-6 team that killed Bin Laden), and, when the team in the Outback went missing, it was thought his “cleaner” skills might prove useful.

STRENGTHS (at least three):

Disconnectedness: When John left home to attempt to go University, his family couldn’t afford to send him and his twin sister at the same time; to ensure he was able to go to school, he applied to the British Military in hopes of getting a scholarship and, his entry exam showed he held latent sociopathic tendencies making him an ideal candidate for the black-ops wind of the SAS. He was naturally disconnected from the world, and quickly became a high-value wetwork operative often loaned out to other national armed forces.

Skilled combatant: While he generally favors pistols and melee weapons such as knives the most, John is comfortable using long-range sniper rifles; explosives, however, are something he only uses as an absolute last resort.

Hacker: John is an exceptionally skilled hacker, able to crack through most computer systems with relative ease.

WEAKNESSES (at least three):

Disconnectedness: The very same personality trait the made him the “ideal killing machine” according to the SAS may also be his single biggest hindrance as a person. He’s never been able to forge lasting relationships with women, instead having a series of flings and one-night stands with people he meets at dive-bars wherever he’s stationed. He has made a few friendships over the course of his life, however, but those very rarely last for more than a few years.

Reckless: Over the past few years, despite his overall disconnectedness, John has started to feel something he’s never actually felt before: guilt. As a result, he’s become more and more reckless; he tries to avoid putting the lives of his comrades in danger, but has little qualms about putting his own life in danger, hoping that his own death will be some type of redemption.

Stubborn: John is incredibly set in his ways and he is pretty much always dead-set on proving he’s right about whatever he’s arguing with people about. This stubbornness has led to more than a few fights with everyone from his family to commanding officers (almost to the point of court martial); but he will eventually stand down given sufficient proof.

FAMILY: John, Sr. (father, 55; fisherman); Martha (mother, 57; teacher); Summer (twin sister, 30; city planner); Kathy (younger sister, 28; musician)

OTHER: Recently quit smoking (however, he carries one cigarette with him at all times to smoke “right before he goes…since odds are, it’ll be in the heat of battle”); loves whiskey above any other alcohol

Diane, never drink coffee that has been anywhere near a fish.


And I have been working on a profile, sorry for the delay as well. It's coming soon.


This must be the first RPG in a loooong time where I've seen more guy characters, but yes I wanted to make a guy too. Going with a more older character

I admit I had to look up what special op was as a non-American, so I hope this all makes sense in the profile.

NAME: Rupert Kensington
AGE: 47
APPEARANCE/LOOKS: Tall, bulky and compact built and often seen as a "big guy". Getting older has made it harder for him to keep off the extra pounds, but underneath that is a lot of muscle from his training and dutifully working out to stay in shape (he's not planning on retiring for the next few years, only for family). Has a huge amount of reddish brown hair and an equally impressive beard that he proudly wears. In his spare time, he likes the more hippie look, while on the job he wears his uniform or any business type of clothing he's required to. Being outside a lot makes him tan quite a bit, giving him even more a look of living in the wild, and his co-workers jokingly call him "Robinson Crusoe" for that.
BIO: Rupert grew up in a small, rural town where he had a pretty uneventful life. That changed because of two things. One being his little brother giving their parents a lot of trouble, leading to a diagnosis in ADHD and a long run of dabbling in all kinds of medications to find something that would help him with the symptoms. As the older brother, he knew he had to just step back, be nice to his parents as they already had their hands full taking care of his little brother. His father, being in special ops, was away from home often, but spent all of his time at home with his family and made sure not to lose sight of Rupert, even with most of the attention going to Jon. This is something Rupert has always been grateful of and he admired his dedication to both work and his family. In college, he studied psychology and ended up as a mentor for special needs children, reminding him of his younger brother, but things got rough for him when he was 25. He had been at home, staying with his parents for a weekend, when his father went to pick up a friend from the airport. Three hours later, the police stood at his doorstep, telling him his father had gotten into a car accident and died on the way to the hospital. It was completely unexpected and shattered him. He fell into a depression and coped with alcohol. Lots of it. He hit rock bottom and after a lot of pressure from his mother and brother, went to rehab, which he needed to do several times before he finally managed to shake the addiction and not relapse once out of rehab. During that time, he went to therapy for a healthier way of coping with the loss of his father, and there he realized he wanted to continue in his father's footsteps and join the military. Now he's part of the team and has many years of experience, being able to be a mentor to others again like when he used to counsel.
STRENGTHS (at least three):
- Experience: Not just on the job but also in life itself, Rupert has gone through a lot, more than many people would his age, which has shaped him and helped him grow and mature. There's not much he hasn't seen yet, also in his past job before joining the special ops, and it's hard to really shake him up. He often oozes maturity and acts as a father towards his team, making sure everyone fits in and is doing okay.
- Mediator/Teamworker: In addition to all of that life experience and his old job dealing with lots of troubled people, he's developed a lot of patience with people and this allows him to listen to opposing sides of an argument (or people) and to find a solution, bringing people together.
- Fit: No surprise being special ops, but maybe a bit more due to his age. He works hard to keep in shape and be able to keep up with the younger men and women in his team and manages to do so. Even with a few extra pounds from his love for rich and sugary foods, he still has quite a lot of muscle and is especially strong in brute strength.
WEAKNESSES (at least three):
- Passive: Not physically, but emotionally. Rupert is perfectly fine with just hanging back and letting other people take the lead, often acknowledging when someone else would be better suited for the job, and he's long past the point of wanting recognition for everyone and their mother. But this does make him blend in with others, to the point where he might lose out on opportunities to shine and be the leader he could be.
FAMILY: Father, Gerald (deceased, formerly in special ops); mother, Mel; younger brother Jon (44); wife, Karen (41); sons, Kyle (13) and Jason (11).



"It's only a movie, and, after all, we're all grossly overpaid." Alfred Hitchcock