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Elder Scrolls Skyrim

Thinking about buying it. Wasn't a huge fan of Fallout 4 though. Is the system pretty much the same?

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Re: Elder Scrolls Skyrim

Skyrim is much better, looks much better (modded), more interesting environments and skills, weapons, has magic etc. etc. and a ton of available mods on Nexus and the Steam Workshop (if you get the original and not the remastered).

According to Steam I've racked up about 600 hours in it but only 18 hours in Fallout 4 since I got it last Christmas. Fallout 4 was painfully dull by comparison for me. The only way I'll play FO4 again is if Bethesda actually pay me.

You could probably pick up Skyrim in a Steam or Humble Store sale for a few quid (I think I seen it go for about £3 a few times).

Best bet is to ask on the Steam forums about whether it'll be worth it for you to get the remastered or not. I read about what it offers and by the sounds of it modding the original is a better and cheaper option.

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