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Dark souls fans?

We got any souls fans on here? Any one know the word on how the game compares to the previous two (or three of you played Bloodborne?) personally, I'm ridiculously excited. These games are some of the deepest, most challenging games that satisfies like none other.

Re: Dark souls fans?

Huge fan. Dark souls ruined every other game for me. Fallout 4 was far too easy/boring after sinking hundreds of hours into ds1 and 2.

Reddit is probably a better place for a chat about dark souls however.

Re: Dark souls fans?

im with you man, I've played dark souls 1,2,3 and bloodborne. some of the best games ever made. I wish more people could get into them.

if I had to rank them it would be
1.Dark souls = bloodborne
2.Dark souls 2 = Darksouls 3

Re: Dark souls fans?

I am fan, well once.