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Eleder Skrolls or Fallout

Me and my friend are arguing witch is better

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Hard to choice.

Medieval fantastic or post apo ? GoT vs Mad Max ?

Wich universe you prefer ? Personnaly i prefer medieval fantastic, so i take Elder Scroll, but Fallout is very very good

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I've always loved fallouts story more than gameplay and elder skrolls gameplay than story
Personally I choose fallout

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I think, Elder Scrolls is better because i love the gameplay and the story. I've never played fallout... :v

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I'd recommend playing it

Fallout is skyrim with guns and a post apocalyptic setting

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My friend and I are arguing which is the better game. I've seen gameplay from Fallout 4. I never played it but I have a sibling who did. I wasn't into the whole nuclear fall out concept. I recently purchased Skyrim and I think Skyrim is a much better game. Even though at times the glitches are unbelievable. Like I walk into a Farmer tent and for some reason I'm stuck and end up resetting from my last save.

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I actually prefer oblivion more than skyrim I know that skyrim is bigger with better graphics but I love the small feel of oblivion

Kind of reminds me of the first legend of Zelda where I felt like it was a huge adventure but I was never intimidated by the size of the map and new I could beat it. With skyrim i addmited defeat and felt I could never 100% it

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I like Fallout. I have played Fallout 3, New Vegas, and 4.

In scrolls I have only played Skyrim.

I just like in both games the openness and being able to do whatever you want to do in the game.

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Re: Eleder Skrolls or Fallout

I have played all of the ES games, and only Fallout 4, but have enjoyed Skyrim way more. In my opinion, the different story lines are what Fallout lacks in replay value.