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Repost some old RPGs?

Hey guys, before the boards close, maybe we can repost some stuff? I just got into re-editing an old Prom Night RPG and I think I'll repost it here haha.

Or maybe that Wiki?

Re: Repost some old RPGs?

Jessie shook her head, making a teasing ‘have fun!’ comment before she walked off.

She found Marcus at the school gym, working out as usual. Marcus was a good guy who didn’t party or drink. Instead, he put almost all of his spare time in sports, but made sure he got to spend time with Jessie as well. What she didn’t know was that Marcus and Dana were secretly sneaking around together. Dana’s sort-of-boyfriend Buddy didn’t care, he was humping girls in bars all the time. But Jessie didn’t know and Marcus didn’t want her to. He cared about her and didn’t want to hurt her feelings, but knew that this was wrong as well.

He smiled when he saw Jessie, her long blonde hair dancing around her shoulders. She was really pretty, though. And her smile just made everything better. And she was sweet. A bit of a ditz, but always kind to him and had her own group of friends, instead of clinging onto him every minute of the day. He liked that. She did her own thing a lot more often than people gave her credit for. Why again did he cheat on her? Right now, he had no idea, he just forgot why.

He stopped pumping iron and gave her a quick kiss. Her lips were soft, if not a bit sticky from her pink lipgloss. He looked into her eyes for a moment, then let his gaze slide up and down. She was dressed nicely, wearing a tight pair of jeans that made her legs come out great. And yet, he knew she also spent a lot of time on her looks.

Jessie was hot, you couldn’t deny that. And she was a really sweet girl as well, but just so dense sometimes, most people got tired of her easily. Marcus wasn’t, but it was just… there was something about Dana that both attracted him. She had something in the way she walked and her attitude, the whole ‘devil-may-care’, so confident and especially in her body. Maybe he was just stupid. An ass, wanting to have his cake and eat it too.

MARCUS: Hey babe. ‘Sup?

JESSIE: Nothing really. Just feeling a bit left out with Zara being busy with Peter all the time. And Dana’s just busy with her own stuff as usual, oh, and Yukie seems to have something bothering her. It’s because she looks at them… you know.


Jessie sat down on the floor right next to him, crossing her legs and pulling them towards her.

JESSIE: Well… you know! The ‘I-don’t-like-you’ look.

MARCUS: How do you know that for sure?

JESSIE: I just know! Intuition or something! Or life experience.

MARCUS: (sarcastic) Life experience?

JESSIE: Yeah! Why is that so hard to believe? (puts up the real girly dumb girl act) Just because I’m blonde and have big breasts? Doesn’t mean I’m dumb.

MARCUS: (laughing) Yeah, yeah. Just teasing ya.

Marcus kissed her again. It was moments like this where silly and naïve behaviour was actually just cute. He couldn’t help it but it made him smile. No, he would not risk to break this relationship for a hot girl. Right? At least Jessie was sincere.


At the side of the school, Chase West and Buddy Bentworth were just sitting together, smoking weed. Buddy had a real bad influence on Chase and purely used him to deal more drugs and so earning more money to afford his lazy parents who didn’t get themselves a job. He wanted to sell even more this week since he wanted to actually be able to buy a good tuxedo for the prom.

Not that he cared about having a date or the whole prom king thing or something, he just wanted to look good for once. Chase secretly really wanted to go to the prom with a date. He knew who he wanted to go with, but he didn’t know how to ask her. He was known as the massive stoner who was on pot all the time and useless. He would really make her look bad and he didn’t want that. Josie Joyner, an American exchange student who he didn’t speak with that much since she was in a different group of friends. So why should she acknowledge his existence?

BUDDY: Look I’m gonna work out at that gym, so I’ll see you at 5 at my place.

He spoke with a voice that didn’t take no for an answer and demanding Chase to come. Chase would come then, mainly because of the drugs. He was so addicted.

But right now, it felt like a blessing to be left alone for a bit. He decided to just look for his best friends Alex and Marcus. Oh and Allen. Allen would probably be the only one Chase could find, as the other two had girlfriends. Then again, maybe he just wanted to be alone for now and smoke the pain away.

He was really concerned about his mother, who had been diagnosed with breast cancer in his sophomore year and that had turned his world upside down. The feeling that his mother could just die any moment kept him awake at night, slowly driving him towards the drugs to make him feel better. What if she would die and he wouldn’t even get to be there? To just get home and see the neighbours standing there, being so devastated for him…

As much as he’d promised her he’d stay at home, she had stood up, stood firm, wrapped an arm around him and told him to go to the prom. To go and have fun. She wanted him to. He’d only have a senior prom once. Reassuring him she’d be fine for a night. But still Chase wasn’t completely sure…


And then finally at a table in the canteen, the last few students of the ’08 seniors were sitting. It were American exchange student Josie Joyner, a very smart girl and a skilled writer. She was planning to study journalism in college after the summer. She was sitting with her best female friend, Vanessa Phelps, a girl who was actually pretty outgoing for the ‘outsider’ group, but she just liked to hang out with Josie.

She was the captain of the soccer team and best friends with Kwame. And during the last few months, she had developed a huge crush on him, always looking forward to him driving her home while talking about their hobby. Vanessa was known as the sporty tomboy, but she did know how to doll up when she had to, she just didn’t feel like doing it every day. She felt comfortable enough in some basic clothes and a little bit of make-up. She was clever and good at standing up for herself, but sometimes this would come off as bitchy.

Then there were their guy friends: Donnie Thompson, Adam Lent and Ian Romero. Donnie was a bit of a loner and a huge movie buff, he knew everything about movies, about their actors, directors, everything. He was obsessed with it and was hoping to get a career in movie making later, especially Hollywood was appealing to him. Horror movies were his favourite and he often compared events in real life to ‘rules’ in movies. Movies were his life and his school was suffering, he never had time to do his homework so had to stick with C’s, even though he could get better grades if he’d just apply himself...

Then there was Adam Lent. He was what you would call the geek of the group, a bit shy as well and into reading and Biology, and he loved studying. His grades were straight A’s. He was good at analysing and often used scientific facts to state his opinions and wore big glasses because of his bad eyesight. He also was very much in love with Sarah but knew he would not be able to get her.

And then finally Ian Romero, who seemed a bit odd around them since he looked like an emo rocker. He had dyed black hair and wore make-up as well. And then he was chubby and gay. A lot of people didn’t really like him, but his friends did. They could always have a big laugh with him because he owned his looks, his attitude and didn’t mind poking fun of himself, the flamboyant gay act. He wasn’t ashamed of his sexual orientation and had a boyfriend in college. He knew a lot about fashion and especially the gothic/rocker fashion, a lot of the junior emo kids at school came to him for advice.

Everyone was exited for the prom. Ian had been trying to work out to fit into a decent tux and was busy persuading his boyfriend to come as well. The girls were all busy trying to find the perfect dress, and the guys were all talking about who was taking the hottest girl to prom.

But none of them knew that their prom would be a little different than expected. Yes, it would be a night to remember. They were dying to have the perfect prom. They didn’t know that soon, some of them would really be dying. Someone had plans for the night, and was waiting for the perfect moment to strike, to stalk, to scare, to toy with them until prom night, where they’d finish the job…

Re: Repost some old RPGs?

Lovely Ri! My character was Yuki I think- the Asian exchange student lol.

Re: Repost some old RPGs?

Yeah I've seen it, it's a lot to reply to haha. And oooeps, I thought I'd posted the first part of that scene! Ehh...

Yeah I think you were. She was premade but glad you and some others took some premades to fill up the cast.

Re: Repost some old RPGs?

I'm just happy you still had this.

Re: Repost some old RPGs?

Whatever you feel is comfortable Ri- I cannot wait to re-read your Prom Night rpg! I PM'd you btw.

Reposting here could be fine- however with three days left maybe using the old RPG WIKI to repost some of our old stuff may be a good idea as well! That way we know it'll still be there after the IMDB boards apocalypse in three days lol.

If anyone wants it here is the link for the old rpg wiki site-

It'll be nice if we could bring some much needed life to it- maybe we can make it flourish into something special as well as post some of our original works since.