Goofs : How goofy must a goof be?

How goofy must a goof be?

I spotted a goof in an episode of a TV sitcom featured on IMDB and submitted it, along with two separate quotes from the same series. Once submitted, one can only re-submit after fourteen days. I've been submitting the same quotes and goof every fortnight for God alone knows how many months and still nothing happens.

The error I spotted is no less wrong than any of the errors already on the page and the quotes are no less witty than the quotes already featured (in some cases, I'd say, they're a damned sight better!) but no sign of my offerings being posted.

So how long should I expect to wait? My submissions are usually added to the site long before the two weeks is up; it seems the IMDB bods are keen to ignore these latest offerings that I've been proffering fortnightly for at least four months (and, more realistically, for at least a year...)


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I don't think IMDb even screens goofs submitted for old or obscure movies and shows, because those tend to post within a day or two of my submitting them.

If you submit a goof for a movie or show that is more famous and/or popular, it seems to take longer for them to show up.

I've only ever had one goof that has been stubbornly rejected over and over, and that's for the M*A*S*H TV series. I have NO idea why, but I've submitted it at least half a dozen times, and it is easily verifiable.

As far as being 'goofy enough?' Have you seen how many accepted 'goofs' are nothing more than which hand a character was holding their cigarette in, between takes? I don't consider those goofs, at all, yet they get posted.

For the most part, the whole process of acceptance or rejection of a submitted goof is a mystery, to me.

- Oh, SOMEbody asides me is gonna RUE this here particular day...

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Go over to the Get Satisfaction site and and ask your question on the Data Issues & Policy Discussions board, if you haven't done so already:

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