Special and Visual Effects : Making a latex costume

Making a latex costume

I am making a Batman 1989 costume, a full body latex suit and would appreciate some help... I've never done anything like this before!

I have a sculpt of my body: I tried paper mache and plaster strips, but it became awkward. In the end, I duct-taped myself, stuffed the duct-tape, sealed it, and ended up with a pretty good/accurate sculpt of my body. On top of this, I have laid down clay and have the cowl and muscle-body in clay.

Here is where I am stuck: would it be better to create a plaster mold and pour the latex in and build up layers, or to paint on the latex and build up the layers that way? Obviously, not making a plaster mold is easier, but are there any obvious problems with painting the latex on that I might encounter?