Special and Visual Effects : The disorientated cameraman

The disorientated cameraman

Is it me, or does anyone else stop watching a film because of the annoying camera work that seems to be 'popular' today with the 'jolting' movements of what seems to be a hand held piece of apparatus?
why would you sit talking to someone (as in the films) whilst shaking your head about and not looking directly at the person/image? it really annoys me and i will not watch anything that has this type of filming technique?
why would you sit on a bus or walk into a bar moving about in the way that the cameras do?
i think that as well as having an age/parental notification there should be in large print a notice telling you whether the camera filming is a stable technique or filmed on a boat in stormy seas. At least that way i wouldn't waste my time driving to the cinema and being disappointed. I tried to watch Cloverfield, who on earth would continue filming when your life and everybody Else's is in danger?

just a cheap way of filming, and def' not for me.