Special and Visual Effects : Horror/gore movies should stick to practical effects.

Horror/gore movies should stick to practical effects.

As of now, i still haven't seen a single horror/gore movie that does gore effects better, than some of the better looking horror films that use practical effects.

Now, i respect the CGI artists and CGI does have it's place in cinema, but i also respect the ones making practical effects. And practical effects lose more and more ground. The worst case is with "The Thing" remake.

In the case of this movie it's not just that the 80's version effects look better and creepier, as most practical gore effects look. It's the fact that they actually worked with practical effects for the remake, initially. Just look up for effects related videos in Youtube about The Thing remake. Those practical effect are the BEST i have ever seen in my life. I'm not kidding, just look it up (actually i posted a link in the end of this post). And yet, in the end they decided to cover all that with CGI....

Its not only that the movie looks worse because of that. Its another CGI fest that looks fake like a 3D cartoon at times. Its the fact that modern audience lost their chance to witness truly amazing practical effects, in a big budget movie. Also, this must be like a huge slap in the face of the people who worked on these effects. I see more and more CGI devs complaining about the lack of respect in their work, but look at those people who made all these practical effects, only to see their work covered by CGI:


The creature in the end of this video, with the eyes pupil effect. Never seen anything more convincing than this.

Re: Horror/gore movies should stick to practical effects.

I agree practical effects look better.
Take the end of 'Society' and the gore effects in 'Sliver'.
These wouldn't be nearly as repulsive and gooey if they were computer-generated.