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Super fights

When did special effects dudes figure out how to portray a believable super-powered battle?

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That has more to do with getting the physics right than anything else.

If you want to hurt or harm someone you have to transfer energy to him (you know, by punching his face). To transfer more energy, your mass or your punching velocity should be greater.

Now let's ignore flying powers. If two superhuman dudes fight who weigh as much as a normal guy, but 1000 times as strong, their punches will not carry enough energy to harm each other. If one of them punches the other, he will not be sent flying because they are of comparable mass.

If a guy can lift tons, the amount of force his body can withstand easily exceeds the forces of being punched away, shot at, hit the ground at terminal velocity etc.

I hope they decide to get the physics right, now that there's technology to portray things right. Most old movies are ridiculous in this aspect, and newer ones are more careful about realistic physics.

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Since Zack Snyder started making superhero movies