The Guest : The last 20 minutes… What in the hell?

The last 20 minutes… What in the hell?

Did the film producers do a mid-film director swap out, like they did in Dusk Till Dawn? The movie turned to pure garbage the moment the school dance scene starts.

I genuinely didn't think the film was that bad up until that point. It just got so f'king campy so rapidly.

Anyone know the background on this? It's more than obvious that something went wrong with the production.

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I'm pretty confident that the third act of the movie is what they intended when they wrote it.

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I highly doubt it was intentional. The film started out with a great deal of promise.

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You totally don't get this movie. That's all it is.

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What is there to get?

It rips off several elements used in the film Drive, and it completely crashes in a ball of fire at the end. There's really nothing left to say.

If you'd like to elaborate - feel free. Your overly simplified rebuttals are pretty much impossible to work with.

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Here's what I think. If you go back and rewatch the movie, you may have a different opinion after thinking about someone else's perspective on it while watching it. Or, you might not. Really doesn't matter.

On the other side of the coin, there is nothing that anyone can say about the movie that is going to make me dislike it as much as they do. It caught me off guard and even when it got extremely cheesy, I stuck with it. That's part of what I like about it. The high school funhouse scene is off the charts. Yes, it's dumb, yes, I have seen that done in other movies before. I know that they know that people have seen it done before. Just go with it. It's just stupid fun.

Nobody is holding a gun to your head to like the movie, dude.

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Ok, so you're just immature and enjoy the film as a guilty pleasure. Sounds good.

It's ok if you want to admit you like campy films. Just don't try to sell it as though it was some sort of clever move by the producers. The film is garbage and I guarantee it was not intentional.

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Again, I disagree with you and think you are just making yourself look dumb online for everyone to see.

Sell what? That the filmmakers like campy movies too?

I have really held back from personal insults up until this point, but, dude. You are either a redneck or an idiot if you cannot figure out for yourself what the vibe of this movie is going for.

They weren't trying to make something that great. The basis of the movie is Terminator meets Halloween. In case this hasn't occurred to you yet, the kinds of people that make movies are the kinds of people that watch a sh!tload of movies.

You take what you know and like and try to put an original spin on it. The part that you thought was so awesome about this movie is actually the boring sh!t. That's where they are flying on auto pilot to get people comfortable with where they think this movie is headed.

I'm done.

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You like idiotic *beep* I get it, dude. I really do. Peace.

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Bob, feel free to read this post. I thought I provided this to you earlier. It's an in-depth analysis and rebuttal that completely explains my thoughts.

This is getting silly.

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Yeah, I've noticed some of your other comments about this movie and pretty much universally agree with you. I'm not quite sure when it went off the rails for me. Definitely by, if not before, the last 20 minutes.

Initially, the film had an effective slow-burn atmosphere and had me genuinely interested to learn the explanation of David's two-sided nature. I was speculating that maybe Caleb did something that resulted in the death of David's brother, for example. Instead, they give us a "failed experiment/neurological disorder" reason that's a slight step above "it was all a dream" in terms of creativity.

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You're right, it did become a completely different movie, but I honestly loved the last 20 minutes. Super stylish and fun to watch. The creative team made the choice to go balls to the wall in the ending, and they didn't just go half way. They went all out.

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Agreed, I felt like watching an 80s slasher. It was amazing.

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I agree, it put a slight dampener on what was a really good film.

I still thought it was a really good film though.

P.S. Some of you people on here really need to get a life haha going crazy nasty over someone else's opinion just because it's different to yours..

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Absolutely, a potentially great film spoiled by a stock ending. I can live with the military experiment explanation, but to cop out with a sub-par haunted house slasher scene is a great shame.

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I completely agree. The third act just completely crashes and burns.

In the first 80 minutes establish David as a friendly, albeit bloodthirsty entity. He's helping the family in different ways. Then, suddenly, he kills the 2 gunsellers (does he really need to do this to frame Anna's boyfriend? there's no other way? he IS a drug dealer. all the police have to do is raid his drug supply.)

Then, he murders the mother and father? Why? By silencing them, what does he achieve? His cover is already blown. The authorities already know what he looks like.

If he's so nuts that he just killed them on a whim, how did he demonstrate such self-control and unthreatening confidence in the first two acts? Killing the mother and father made NO sense.

It didn't show him as someone who had nefariously ingratiated himself into the family because he wanted to hurt them. It showed that he actually wanted to help them. So, his acts of destruction make no sense.

And, when he kills the waitress at the diner-- what?? Luke had mentioned that Anna told the waitress about Dave, but so what? Why is it so important for him to tie up loose ends-- when he is already on the run?


Plus, how is he this superhuman that can survive all manner of (what should be) fatal gunshot and stab wounds and just keep going?

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Lol people that enjoy this film are immature??? LMFAO. You got issues bro. What the hell movies do you enjoy. The Pianist??

The end was by far and away the best part. Entire movie is dope. Reminded me of Get the Gringo and its final act. Freaking epic.

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I thought the flip in his nature was explained well by the Agent in the car. As soon as the experiment was compromised he was programmed to tie up ALL loose ends to protect it. I liked the ending but I know it was a little bit jarring for some. I didn't expect that to end up like it did but it was enjoyable. The other way it could have gone with him continuing to "help" the family and protecting them til the end while the government came after him and dying in a blaze or glory was the obvious way to go and they I thought it would. It would have been just as enjoyable but I like it when *beep* goes south and flips on its head.

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exactly, david went on "cleaning the house" because "mission was compromised", it's really is easy to see how some brainless fools can't even digest some simple dialogues, damn

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I love how this film goes gloriously off the rails loony in the last third.

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