Travel and Recreation : Trivia. How deep is the Bolton Strid

Trivia. How deep is the Bolton Strid

Good luck with this one folks. The information is out there from a guy who used a sonar device to measure the depth. However this info is very difficult to find and I will not be making this multiple choice. For those who dont know The Strid is a section of Englands Wharfe river that while only 6ft wide and peaceful looking is actually on of the most dangerous bodies of water on earth. It is ridiculously deep and has power treacherous undercurrents and slick moss cover rocky banks. It is said to have a 100% lethality rate for those unfortunate enough to fall in.

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The Bolton Strid is a narrow section of the River Wharfe in Bolton Abbey, Yorkshire, England. It is a picturesque stretch that appears modest and calm. This section of the river is so narrow that visitors can jump from one bank to the other. The stretch also seems shallow that tourists are often tempted to swim or take a curious dive into the water. The locals even believe that the name “strid” was derived from “stride.”

The river not only provides water for domestic, commercial, and irrigation purposes, but it has also been dammed for the production of hydroelectric power. The river currently supports large-scale farming, but from the 17th to the 19th centuries it supplied water to the lead mines. It also supports tourism that has opened up the otherwise rural economy of Wharfedale. Every year, hundreds of tourists arrived from across the country to experience the natural environment and engage in social activities along the banks of the river. More than 200 species of birds have been sighted along the river valley including stonechat, common sandpiper, and golden plover.

The Bolton Strid is narrow, not because the water flows off course but because the river changes orientation and begins to flow vertically instead of horizontally, resulting in deceptively deep and powerful river currents. Deep caves and tunnels create a void where people and debris are trapped. The strid has claimed lives for centuries, but it is still a popular destination for hikers and adventure seekers. In 1998 a couple died while taking a walk along the river bank when the water level rose by over five feet in less than a minute, and in 2010 a young boy died after he slipped and fell into the river. These incidents have given the river its perilous reputation.

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At least 65 meters/213 feet deep.

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