Cult Films : The Stupids - 1996 - A cult movie?

The Stupids - 1996 - A cult movie?

I know this is a long shot, but is there any chance this very silly movie is a cult movie?

I know the reviews and box office weren't great, but doesn't that describe many cult movies?

Thanks for your comments and opinions in advance!!!!

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Re: The Stupids - 1996 - A cult movie?

Not sure if you're still around but I'd vote now. What makes it a cult if it has some type of following after it's released. It's hard to explain but now but Spinal Tap was really popular in the 90s. Before the internet you'd hear references to it now and then from people, mostly in real life or maybe radio.

I remember when The Stupids came out but I never hear it referenced at all, good or bad. Every movie that bombed will have people who like it, that doesn't make it a cult movie. Howard the Duck is remembered as being bad, if people remembered it as being really good it would be considered a cult film.