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What’s the point

In getting house money when all the druggies of the day take it on me I’m too stupid to say no

Jesus Christ is Lord ✝️

Re: What’s the point

There is no point

nothing is nothing

come with me and praise satan

he will provide.

Seven deadly sins, where do I begin? So many choices, so little time.

Re: What’s the point


Below is a picture of filmboards trying to work out exactly wtf you just said.

It is so confusing that even DONNA, who is famed for really not giving a shit what white people do say or think, is trying to figure it out.

Hell even ORSON, a man who is normally passed out drunk in a puddle of his own making at this point in the evening is trying to solve this riddle, it is THAT confusing.

what does it MEAN, miley?