Science : Biggest differences between Freud, Adler and Jung?

Biggest differences between Freud, Adler and Jung?

I have no idea when I read psychology it just goes over my head because it's not lay

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Interesting. I'll tag @TheAdlerian for this.

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I'm unfamiliar with Adler. When I noticed his name I did some quick google. I'd like to see him explain why Adler?

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I think he also broke with Freud in Vienna

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Freud was a jerk.

He stole ideas from Schopenhauer and was a general doctor trying a bunch of things to get famous. He literally wrote that to his gf.

So, he wanted to create a "brand" and corner the market.

Adler was a real psychotherapist and had been working on that much of his life. He disagreed with Freud's ideas that humans were only motivated by sex. Freud
then tried to ruin Adler for disagreeing with him.

Freud was also pseudo-intellectual and as I mentioned a lot of his stuff was mystic in nature and borrowed/stolen from popular Indian ideas.

Alder on the other hand was based on observation and common sense ideas that most people can conclude, such as, if you learned something, that's what you will believe and do.

If you read Freud it's written in the way Euro philosophers and religious people used to write, which was overly complex and nonsensical. That's to seem smart. So, lots of fake latch on to that and say they understand things that no one can, because it's nonsense.

Wine tasting is a great cliched example. Wine tastes like spoiled grape juice kept in a wooden barrel. It does not have a "muscular body" and tastes of cherries, pineapple, and McDonalds. That's bullshit that creates Group Think and makes people go "Oh yes!" when they don't agree at all.

So, lots of fakes latched on to Freud.

Adler had long detailed explanations about many psychological problems and that anyone could read and understand. He did that because he wanted EVERYONE to understand them and for society to benefit.

People like that, are not popular.

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I gave a quick to the point explanation.

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I wonder how the three thinkers would interpret 2021. I also wonder if they would change or if they possibly could change the way things are looked at by a little bit.

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I am a GIANT Adler fan.

I know lots about Freudian psych because it was popular when I was younger. A professor of mine heard me talking about my thoughts on psych and said I should read Adler as I sounded like him.

Anyway, in the 30s Adler predicted that American poor people would go insane and start killing each other over luxury goods. I don't know your life experience or age, but that was pretty common in black areas for the last couple of decades.

Killing over sneakers and different fad items was common. A lot of drug dealing is to get "bling" that isn't needed and most people think looks stupid. But, people murder each other over it all the time.

You could be murdered for a necklace. Meanwhile, most men in the US think it's "gay" to wear a necklace.

Spike Lee used to wear these fake glasses many black people killed each other for. Meanwhile, they did not need glasses.

Adler predicted a long time ago that American rich people are very showy and would drive the population of poor insane.

Adler also believed that mental illness was just complex selfishness. I'm sure he would see that sociopaths run most things and that they are mentally ill people running things into the ground.

He believed religion was fictional but an okay fiction to believe if it was positive. So he would be against judaism and Islam. He was ethnically jewish but thought the "infidel" type stuff was crazy and negative.

Adler would see making a communal or real communist society as a solution.

Freud would see everything going on today as a big struggle for sexual dominance.

The idea of humans being "equal" was spread by the Enlightenment movement. However, according to Freud, humans do not think that way.

Jews and Muslims can rape women who are outsiders, like chimps do. If you are around black men, they will be aggressive to a white male, but not a white female, as they want to fuck them.

That's the way of humanity, according to Freud. So, there will never be stability because humans are not stable. There will always be intense conflict as one group of males wants to fuck every female.

As noted, there's RELIGIONS (LOL) focused on fucking your woman, taking your stuff, and killing you.

He believed that females have "penis envy" meaning they secretly hate the dominant nature of males and want to be males. So, many females are "lesbian" whether they know it or not.

These females will try to undermine and immaculate males, thus some mother produce homo and trans sons.

So, all of the trends about homos and trans over the last couple decades are generated by female psychology. The same goes for trying to undermine males in the media and so on.

I don't think Freud would see many solutions to all of this conflict.

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I'm glad you asked!

This is a LONG topic but I will keep it to the point.

Darwin came out with ideas about evolution and that triggered people in psych to wonder what the mind evolved to do. Why do with think, plan, and communicate when other animals don't appear to do that.

Freud: At the time in Germany/Austria intellectuals were tired of Jewish explanations for things. They traced themselves to India, not the mideast. So, Indian stuff was very popular.

Freud believed the mind had evolved in order to think of mating strategies. According to him, everything was about mating. He believed that different parts of the mind existed to handle the desire to fight, kill, and mate.

To Freud, humans are like deer with antlers ready to fight for a mate. However, due to being a group kind of animal, humans had to also live with each other, and and so different brain functions were used to subdue aggression.

So, a guy might play sports to stand out for mating vs kill other guys.

Freud also through in Indian ideas such as "Chakras" which are energy zones in the body. He used this idea to talk about intellectual development. He also took the reincarnation idea and said that humans are born knowing everything "subconsciously" and we have all of these plans stored in our brain.

Freud believed that human psychology is the result of managing sexual aggression.

Literally, none of that is true and no one thinks about Freud much at all except for a few points he made.

Jung: He was even more fantastic that Freud but was still in the same school of thought. Again he used a lot of Indian ideas and claimed that humans are born with knowledge about being human and all of that influenced them.

He saw humans let we see birds and beavers. We can see that with no training many animals know how to do things, like build a nest.

I find that extremely interesting because humans don't know how to do anything but many animals know how to do complex things and how is that possible? He believe that humans had a "collective unconscious" which was an inborn set of information.

Again, that's from Indian ideas which were a huge fad leading right up to the 60s.

Adler: Alfred Adler was a genius and a nice person from what I understand. He came up with modern ideas of psych that are probably fact and still in place today.

His idea of evolution was that humans are a group animals and dealing with the group is why our minds developed. He believed there was much more to life than mating. Humans had to survive and get along before they could mate.

Also, humans continue to function after mating years. Typically, older people help keep people together which according to Adler is the top reason we have intelligence.

Adler believed that humans are born without knowledge and that we much learn everything. So, humans personality is the result of what you learned around you and the society you learned it from.

So, Adlerian psychology is the Individual perspective (psychology) as it operates in a Society/culture (sociology). So, Adler combined psychology and sociology.

All of that turned into Cognitve Behavioral Therapy, which is my specialty in real life.

Freud: Humans are aggressive sex obsessed creatures.
Jung: Humans are fantasy based creatures.
Adler: Humans are positive creatures focused on community living, and mental illness is when they are too self focused.