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My idea for a new Avengers series on Disney+

This is based on the joke in the last episode of The Falcon/Winter Soldier about how Bucky has gone from being an Avenger to making amends for his past crimes.

The timeline is sketchy as this takes place after Endgame, Wandavision and The Falcon. The reason it's sketchy is because everyone who was dead is still alive when it's plot convenient, but none of that matters because people love those characters and will be eager to see them again. Can you say Multiverse? It's here!


Episode One: Witch Way Is Down?

After Sokovia and the resulting death of thousands of innocent lives caused by the Scarlet Witch after she carelessly discarded a bomb into an occupied building the spotlight is full on the Avengers. Having half the universe wiped out for 5 years by failing to stop Thanos didn't help matters either. People are mad, some. Even though those who weren't affected personally people generally look for any excuse to bitch and talk shit about others. It's pretty much the American Way. This is their time, and they're gonna make it shine.

scene: All the Avengers meet and decide nothing they do seems to matter. Only make things worse. People die. Their enemies become more bitter. They have finally realised almost all of their enemies were basically created by their actions. Bucky tells them how he's been going around making amends with people and how it gives him a good feeling, once all the sobbing is over.

They decide they will give it a try, and immediately dispatch one of their own to start the healing process.

scene: Zemo is resting in his cell plotting his next move. The intercom comes alive and a voice informs Zemo he has a visitor. He looks surprised as he doesn't have any friends so he decides some of the Avengers obviously need his help because they are to incompotent to do anything as individuals, yet again. He grins wickedly as the Scarlet Witch walks into his cell, plotting 12 different ways he can kill her before he remembers he's an intellectual and not a brawler. Plus she's wearing a really revealing top and he shifts his focus into how he can get a better angle to peak down it.

"Yes? Is there something I can do to help my most hated enemies, yet again? Surely you know I hate you the most and will take any opportunity to undermine or cause you grief?" says Zemo as he tries to keep his cool and seem like a badass.

"Zemo! I'm sorry for killing your wife and children, but i'm here to make amends. Now get that dick out and let me suck it, RIGHT NOW!" says Wanda as she takes her boobs out and drops to her knees and puts on an extra coat of red lipstick then licks her lips seductively. She winks. She licks her lips again. Zemo seems to be in a trance. She repeates the whole process again while fingering her snatch. "I'm a natural blonde, you know. I only dye my hair because, you know, the whole scarlet witch thing. Get over here and see for yourself."

"What? OMG you crazy! That won't bring my wife and children back, I want you to suffer the same way I did! I refuse. I won't do this just so you can feel good about yourself. Now get out, RIGHT NOW!" Zemo scathes with clenched teeth while unzipping his pants.

"I hate giving blowjobs. Trust me, this is probably the worst way you can hurt me, unless you like anal. Wanna fuck me in the ass instead?" Wanda turns and wiggles her fat ass at him.

Zemo approaches and begins giving her a good spanking. "We will do both and so much more. Before I am done with you death will feel like a welcome release."

Zemo whips out his porn-sized dick and turns her around before inserting Tab A into Slot W's mouth.

[cheesy porn music plays as a 17 minute high quality porn scene unfolds]

After it is over Zemo lays on his back, smokes a cigarette and watches Wanda as she gets dressed, all the while plotting how he can get Captain Marvel to make amends with him next. Cum runs down Wanda's leg which she ignores, but she wipes off a dollop of cum that runs out of her mouth with her finger before reinserting it in her mouth and licking it off in slow motion.

"Wow! Zemo, who knew such a beady little man like you could be such a great fuck? Maybe I invested too much into my sex robot, The Vision. Oh well, plenty of fish in the sea, and now that I've gotten a taste I'm eager to try my hand at some more fishing. If that doesn't earn me a free ride on the stairway to heaven for my crimes then I don't know what I can do that's legal? Have I made proper amends? Are you satisfied?"

"Wanda, my dear, that was fantastic! Marry me! Let's run away to my secret island lair and spend our days sleeping and doing massive drugs & fucking on the beach all night! I have like a zillion dollars stashed away, being a criminal mastermind is quite profitable you know!"

"And who knew it would be so easy to pussy whip such a hard man? Okay, I'll do it! But I may need to go make amends with other people I have wronged from time to time, or even complete strangers, deal with it. I'm a liberated woman now, and I'm free to let anyone abuse me for their own gratification if I want to. Just let me call the other Avengers first and let them know I'm out. I'm sure they'll be thrilled to find out what a great preemptive crime fighting plan this amending is and how I've brought our greatest enemy, besides Thanos, to his knees and begging to eat my ass!"

Zemo smiles, planning to use her for a few weeks then murder her in her sleep…


Episode Two: The Bigger They Are… The Harder They Are (Black Widow vs. Thanos)

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Re: My idea for a new Avengers series on Disney+

That's pretty terrible but I would watch it provided you get the original stars assets and not some ganked out porn stars for the parts!

Keep on smiling!

Re: My idea for a new Avengers series on Disney+

It is very pornographic for a kids show but I'd probably watch.