Desperately Seeking Susan : Desperately Seeking Susan - Trailer, Clip & Review

Desperately Seeking Susan - Trailer, Clip & Review

What's your opinion on Madonna's preview movie? She actually only had a supporting role. Rosanna Arquette was the lead.

a decent movie, but not funny
I fear I may be going against the grain here…

"Desperately Seeking Susan" was certainly inventive, original, and oftentimes fun. The acting was actually decent, even from Madonna (whose acting has won her 6 Razzies). However, I think the movie suffers from being labelled a comedy. While a couple lines brought a smile or a chuckle, I rarely laughed throughout this movie. Not that there were jokes that didn't work; I couldn't tell what was even supposed to be funny! The whole situation was amusing, but I wouldn't call it laugh-out-loud funny. Eh, whatever. I'd still recommend it.

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It was great. I guess I agree, that it wasn't really a comedy. More like an amusing film, with a memorable conclusion. The ending was the perfect stage for one of Madonna's biggest songs ever.

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It's the only thing I've ever liked Madonna in, and that includes most of her music videos. The movie was amusing and quite endearing.

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She always grossed me out due to her looks and demeanor so I never saw that film.

I did like her voice at times but she reminded me of the Italian trash times I grew up around. ALso, I saw her naked pics back then and she was the type of Italian woman he had pubic hair that goes up to her navel, like some Italian guys.


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I have a soft spot for this unusual and amusing off-kilter comedy/thriller. It doesn't have to be laugh out loud funny to make it work. Slapstick is what usually creates huge guffaws and this wasn't that kind of film. I recall the first time I saw it and as soon as it opened in the beauty parlor I knew I was going to love it. Contemporary but different at the time and now just a wonderful contemporary 80's blast from the past.

The film has a Jonathan Demme vibe to it and was a year before
Something Wild
, a film that pairs wonderfully with Susan, even though I would consider SW superior.

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