History : RIP Ramsey Clark

RIP Ramsey Clark


Started with JFK at the Justice Department. When it comes to someone who worked for the government, this was one of the Good Guys. He fought unpopular causes, many which are now accepted and being used to make money.

Clark said he only wanted the United States to live up to its ideals. “If you don’t insist on your government obeying the law, then what right do you have to demand it of others?” he said.

Exactly! How can this country/world get better if you don't take the proper diagnosis. It's not fucking mr. potato head. I'm completely turned off by social issues now that don't relate to liberty. I criticize the country and other things because I want a BETTER world and think there's a lot of untapped potential that's dormant. People need to be shook, so they can wake up.

Ramsey Clark said his work at Justice drew him into the civil rights revolution, which he called “the noblest quest of the American people in our time.”

He also maintained opposition to the death penalty and wiretapping, defended the right of dissent and criticized FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover when no one else in government would dare take him on.

“We talk about civil liberties,” he said. “We have the largest prison population per capita on Earth. The world’s greatest jailer is the freest country on Earth?”


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He was what a true patriot looks like to me.

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