The Watercooler : Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers

The biggest problem is their relationship with Generation XYZ+.

I marked these 2 videos at certain points that prove this point.

What do you think? Don't let opportunities pass you by, like your relationship or lack thereof with Baby Boomers and a chance to voice your opinion about it. After all, Baby Boomers have the warm fuzzies for their own parental generation. Don't be the only generations left out who don't have a successful relationship with their parental generation. Don't just wait for someone from Generation XYZ+ who does have a good relationship with Baby Boomers to come along and make you jealous, if you're also from Generation XYZ+. The biggest problem is that, when Baby Boomers try to interact with Generation XYZ+, they call it off because of other people getting jealous and interfering.

Also, do Baby Boomers think Generation XYZ+ is in trouble for how some ended up, and, therefore, Baby Boomers use it as an excuse to not to try to interact with Generation XYZ+ as much? I know here in Orlando, people were scared to be friendly to me because there are other people who would get jealous and make it an uncomfortable situation, and it had to do with Baby Boomers trying to interact with me. Now, Generation XYZ+ has been trashed as a hopeless, worthless cause and bunch of people by Baby Boomers. Since there are unspoken rules about this, it's true it's one of those important issue. It reminds me of the many papers I've done on people forgetting about classical musicians.

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