I Need To Know : Hercules, black panther, two different TV series

Hercules, black panther, two different TV series

1) I'm pretty sure that it's episode of "Hercules" TV series or movie connected with Hercules. I remember that Kevin Sorbo and other guy (he is a king, but he has not a crown) are stopped by group of warriors. The king is captured and shouts: "I'm your king, morons!". Hercules laughs of him. Then, Hercules (played by Kevin Sorbo) says to him: "It's strange that they don't recognise you if you don't have a crown". I think that Hercules was winner and he won a fight with warriors.

2) It was episode of unknown TV series, perhaps "Are You Afraid of the Dark?", probably from 90's. I'm almost sure that it's TV series from 90's. I remember only ending scene: the black panther goes through the forest in dark night. Long-haired man is scared, but when wild cat is very near him, the man shouts: "Forgive me Father for I have sinned!" (several times). The black panther stops. The lector says: "The most important is humility!"