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Favorite film quotes

Here are some that come to mind:

Dirty Harry- Clint Eastwood, "Anyone can tell I didn't do that to him." "How?" "'cause he looks too damn good!"

Kinjite: Forbidden Subjects. Charles Bronson, "THAT'S JUSTICE!"

"Tomorrow is another day!"-Scarlett O'hara- GWTW

"Follow the yellow brick road"–Munchins– Wizard of Oz

"Obi-wan kenobi Help me, you're my only hope."- Star Wars

"Sometimes nothing's a real cool hand"–Paul Newman–Cool Hand Luke

"I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got in my pajamas I don't know". –Groucho–Animal Crackers

"How you got to teach a course in anything is totally amazing".–Marshall McLuhan–Annie Hall

"I'm a police officer"–Sidney Poitier–In the Heat of the Night

"It isn't safe".-Dustin Hoffman-Marathon Man 1:14

"Here's Johnny"–Ed McMahon-The Shining.

"Oh Captain, My Captain"-students–Dead Poet's Society

Mean people suck.

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Paul Kersey - Charles Bronson: "Chicken's good… I like chicken."


"That's a dumb question, Miss Glenn’s Organ."

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All balls itch! It's a fact! ~ Buddy Griffith in Just One of the Guys

I have many anchovies for you, many! ~ Tony in Loverboy

You're going to die screaming, and I'm gonna watch ~ Samantha Caine in The Long Kiss Goodnight

I love this scene

If we take the time to see with the heart and not with the mind, we shall see that we are surrounded completely by angels ~ Carlos Santana

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Schrodinger's Cat walks into a bar, and doesn't! 😸

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