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Actors you love to hate

The following have all been in a good film or two. However that's in spite of their mediocre acting.
Brad Pitt– Liked 12 Monkees. All the others his acting is atrocious.
Leonardo DiCaprio–One word: Titanic
Will Smith– I liked Concussion. Don't like his other films.
Robert Downey Jr. - Liked Zodiac in spite of this guy who cannot act. All he does is play himself, the same stoned persona in everything. I know…he doesn't do drugs anymore, but he acts stoned all the time, even all his Superhero crap!
Ashton Kutcher– Replaced Charlie on 2 1/2 Men and Butterfly Effect. The two worst sins in Hollywood!
Will Farrell–Too silly for me.
Adam Sandler–If you like this idiot there is something WRONG with you!
Mel Gibson–I only like him in South Park.
Mira Sorvino– Woody made her a star and got her an Oscar so she stabbed him in the back.
Matt Damon–everything he's in I need to turn it off! No it's not the fake disdain of Jimmy Kimmel. This hate is the real thing!
Rose McGowan–When she dies every guy she's ever falsely accused will get retribution: eternal heck!

Mean people suck.

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I don't like hating on actors. Whatever negative review I had of such actors, it is usually done in error on my part. Later on, I revisit their movies and realize their talent deserved more positive review.

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On your list I hate Will Smith, Adam Sandler and Ashton Kutcher. It's not just their personas I hate, because they play the same character in every film. But like you said, they're mediocre actors.

DiCaprio, Damon and Downey are all great actors though. I'm not quite sure why they're on your list.

Brad Pitt might be just another pretty face, but he's competent.

Uh, look man. Make tool! Caveman. No fool!
I GameBoy - H. superior

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Jack Black
Ben Stiller
Will Ferrell
Adam Sandler

Of that list, Jack Black is the only one that causes me homicidal thoughts.

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Seth Rogan 🤬🤬🤬

30 seconds after the Challenger blew up he's on the phone selling NASA stock short. Mr. Nice Guy!

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Adam Sandler and Jim Carey - both are so irritating!

I love movies!