American Horror Story : trans people are ridiculously stupid.

trans people are ridiculously stupid.

There is a scene where a man who dresses like a woman, at this point not knowing if he's drag or trans, flashes back to when he was a man, married to a woman.

He goes to the hotel with his macho work buddies; they want to go out and hit on the ladies, he tells him he wants to stay in - because he wants to dress like a woman in his hotel and feel free. He dons the dress and makeup. He's afraid of people to see him.

He goes out, his work buddies catch him. They bully him. They call him a "faggot" and "I drank from your glass, I hope I didn't get AIDS from you" and "Did you give me Aids?"

His response: "I'm not gay!"

Now here, this response would only be logical if it meant "No, it is not likely I gave you Aids, because I do not have butt sex with other men."

But he didn't mean it that way. In later scenes he's fucking men.

What he meant is, because he's "trans" and identifies a woman, his butt fucking men would classify him as "straight" on a technicality.


He's still a biological man who has sex with other men. AIDS/HIV doesn't pass you up so long as you identify as "trans" instead of gay. His response "I'm not gay" made ABSOLUTELY ZERO SENSE as a rebuttal to being accused of spreading AIDS.

If that were the case, humans would just identify as cats so they can't get COVID.

Not to mention you confused 95% of your audience who believe "I'm not gay" translates to "I just like to dress up like a woman, but I don't like men sexually."

I hate trans community and their stupid bullshit, and I despise Ryan Murphy. He's one perverted sadomasochistic fuck.

In Ryan Murphy universe there literally there is a 50/50 ratio of straight/gay people.

There's always a trans character.

There's gay sex galore. If you're watching AHS with your grandparents, they might say, "Did a gay man write this?" And that answer is yes - it's obvious a highly promiscuous gay man wrote this.

Don't tell me this gay is a creative genius and can write different things, when American Horror Story is basically Pose with more killings. Tell me this guy wrote Breaking Bad and Glee, and I'll say he's talented. He's a hack who cannot write out of his own twisted, warped, demented element.

Re: trans people are ridiculously stupid.

trans people are ridiculously stupid.
Finally, we agree on something, Optimus!

Re: trans people are ridiculously stupid.

There’s heterosexuals then there’s you

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