I Need To Know : Need help finding movie I barely remember

Need help finding movie I barely remember

I wasn't that old when I watched this movie so I can't remember too much about it. What I remember is that in the first couple of minutes in the movie it shows a father off at war in a village, he and a couple other men see a women walking towards them with (something) involving water, the father steps forward and the other men notice that the women has a bomb on her chest, the father realizes to late and the women pulls up her clothes to reveal the bomb and the father gets blown up. The rest of the movie revolves around that boys son, the boy doesn't seem to want to accept that his father is dead and the son sometimes will think he is seeing is father speaking to him, the son is raised in a home with his mom and an alcoholic/abusive stepfather until the son joins some nationwide (music?) competition and ends up winning it. one of the last scenes in the movie involves the stepfather walking into a bathroom and taking a piss, a tall black man walks into the bathroom and recognizes the stepfather as the stepfather and beats him up. This movie came out somewhere in the mid to late 2000s/early 2010s.

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Paragraph breaks, Billy Bob.

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