Film General : Celebrities you’ve met!!

Celebrities you’ve met!!

I went to school with Rocky Dennis. Yes, I’m an old fuck. Anyway I asked him one day what was it like to have a face like a lion. He gave me the finger told me to get lost. He was a prick in real life. Not anything like he was portrayed in the movie!

Re: Celebrities you’ve met!!

Courtney Love
Rick Flair
Muhammad Ali
Nancy Allen
Michael Williams (not very famous, was one of the three kids in the original Blair Witch Project)
Lynne Cheney (not really a celebrity, just (in)famous)
Miguel Ferrer

Flair was a regular customer at a convenience store I worked at (smoked Camel shorts!), the others I ran into at a book store where I was assistant manager. It was located downtown next to various hotels, hence the celebrity traffic. I know I'm forgetting a few.

Re: Celebrities you’ve met!!

Nice. I would love to meet Ric Flair. Wooooo!!!!

Re: Celebrities you’ve met!!

Robert Plant. Ran at him at a McDonald's after seeing his show.

"You're a disease, and I'm the cure!" - Marion "Cobra" Cobretti

Re: Celebrities you’ve met!!

Robert Englund.
Gary Busey.
John Carpenter.
Heather Langenkamp.
Jeff Foxworthy.
Ryan Sheckler.
Patrick Page (Broadway).
Michael Arden (Broadway).
Philip Quast (Broadway).
Norm Lewis (Broadway).

Hark! Harold the angel sings.

Re: Celebrities you’ve met!!

Avatar Lives Matter …          

Leslie Caron – I cashed a check for her while working as head cashier for an exclusive club. Other celebrities that visited at that time were:

Carol Burnett
Spiro Agnew

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