Travel and Recreation : Over crowded cities

Over crowded cities

There's nothing more obnoxious than that. Millions of people driving around with nothing to do every single day. Hanging out in parks for hours but living in a crowded city so the park is over crowded. Finding places to park then walking long distances to get there in an overcrowded city. Especially during covid-19. People don't care about spreading their diseases. It's like having the mentality of the 1700s but having access to technology like modern automobiles and mass transit. $15 per day to rent a city bicycle.😳 really?

People are worried about when you are at home and not taking a bath if you don't plan on going out. But they don't mind spreading the cornavirus while they are outside around others. They prefer to walk around wearing masks on their faces instead of pressuring scientist to make a cure. Weird. The coranvirus is insanity.