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Back to the future

I love this trilogy!!
I remember watching it and crushing on Micheal J Fox!
I think I think when they went into the future! I wanted to see
More if that timeline! I loved seeing marty’s kids


Re: Back to the future

It's my favourite film trilogy of all time and the first film is one of my top 10 films of all time and has got to be the most easy to like (or one off) film's of all time, a perfect movie. If you want more BTTF and play video games I have only heard great things about the tell tale BTTF game people say it's like BTTF 4 happened but as a video game.

Re: Back to the future

people say it's like BTTF 4 happened but as a video game

That would be a legitimately accurate way to describe it, yes. Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale contributed to the story so, it adds to the authenticity.

I finished the game, I didn't really like the gameplay because you don't have much freedom in what to do and nothing has consequences (you can't die/lose… you just keep trying until you find the solution). However, I loved the storyline and, like you said, felt like it continued the movie trilogy. So overall, I highly recommend it to any fan of Back to the Future.

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