Computers and Software : I want to get this laptop because of school.

I want to get this laptop because of school.

Without the backup fee and tax, it's $1299. With those fees, it's like $70 or $80 a month for 2 years, like $1600 or $1700. I might pay it off earlier also using my stimulus check for some of it. I have to have it for school, that or a Windows, and I just have a working Google Chromebook. My Windows is dysfunctional and always has been, was too late to return for that reason I guess or something. Since my credit is too bad to get a Best Buy credit card, my dad may have to utilize his card for me and me pay him back.

If you scroll down, it has this bar at the top of the keyboard with rays/bars of lights, where you apparently use it to create shortcut commands more frequently used for ease.

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