Incident in a Ghostland : Superior fright film

Superior fright film

This is one of those horror movies with a nicely tricky plot that keeps viewers on their toes throughout. A mother and her two daughters survive a brutal home invasion by two vicious lunatics. The trio must face the long-term trauma wrought by said attack sixteen years later. But that ain't the half of it. Writer/director Pascal Laugier not only ably crafts a supremely creepy gloom-doom atmosphere, but also astutely pegs the severe lasting emotional and psychological damage that savage violence has on the people subjected to it, plus provides a few neat twists and turns throughout. Crystal Reed and Anastasia Phillips are both excellent as a pair of radically contrasting sisters. Mylene Farmer likewise excels as the mother of the two girls. Moreover, the two psychos in this movie are genuinely nasty and terrifying pieces of twisted work. Highly recommended by yours truly.

You've seen Guy Standeven in something since the man was in everything.

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You have impeccable taste, so I'm giving that movie a viewing.