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Confess your sins to the Forum.

I sometimes throw gum onto the road. I generally only do this while driving.

I used to throw gum on the road in parking lots, in bathrooms. I was out of control. I was evil. Then, I found god after I stepped on a wad of gum. Now I am careful not to litter.

I'm cumming in BLM.

Re: Confessions

I eat gum off parking lot roads an on bathroom floors.

Re: Confessions


👈👸 i slept on the sidewalk by the side of the castle in the Magic Kingdom 😴👉

Re: Confessions

I once picked up a Penny that was tails up!

Re: Confessions

I eat uncooked cookie dough.

Re: Confessions

All right, here goes:

1) I'm not very fond of ice cream.
2) I enjoy watching baking/cooking shows immensely.

How unfortunate to be born at the end of the universe.