The Lord Of The Rings : My thoughts on LOTR

My thoughts on LOTR

I've only ever watched all the movies twice.

Each time it was the extended editions. I watched them first in early 2008 and then again two weeks ago.

To be honest, it is just not my cup of tea. The lore is uninteresting.
But the movies are extremely well made.

I'll probably get flack, but of course, it's my opinion.

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Re: My thoughts on LOTR

The Lord of the Rings trilogy is the greatest adventure movie made to date, and I don't see anyone doing anything better in the foreseeable future.

The Tolkien saga encompasses the entire range of what it means to be human, honor, courage, fortitude, love and compassion on the plus side and hatred, betrayal and evil on the negative side.

In all departments the production is superior down to the last detail and the cgi, particularly in the creation of Gollum, still holds up today while a lot of that technology looks more and more dated in other fantasy films.

I have the extended box set and have watched the entire series two or three times. Granted, it is so long you really can't watch it more than once or twice a year, unless you are a fanatic. When I do start with The Fellowship of the Ring, however, like eating potato chips, I have to stick with it to the end (over a couple of days, of course).

I've also read the books twice over the years and will probably do so again when I get the inclination.

They are astounding achievements in literature and the art of the motion picture. I think, if Tolkien were alive today, he would be proud of what he accomplished.

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