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Movies You Saw in Film Class?

College, high school, whatever. But an actual film class.

I'm interested in comparing (what else is new?) between all the different film schools. If you can give an approximation of the location without giving up your identity, that would be cool.

I remember the teacher very well. Old guy, white hair, still remember his face, but oddly, not his name, despite having a great memory. On Tuesday, we would watch the movie, and then as we left, he'd give us reading assignments, which I always avoided, but we'd have a discussion on Thursday. I kinda wish I could do it all over again since I wasn't very experienced at 18. There are a few of those movies I wanted to re-watch, but they were pretty straight-forward.

-The Searchers
-Double Indemnity
-Taxi Driver
-Blade Runner (I actually fell asleep, and woke up at near the end)
-The Crying Game

We might have also seen "The Maltese Falcon", but I'm not sure. I don't remember any foreign movies, which is too bad. We also had a non-required "new" movie, "The Matrix", which I had already seen, so I didn't go. It was an ok movie. CGI does nothing for me; I was more interested in the psychological stuff.

I know there were more, but I just can't think of them right now. Maybe someone here will name them.

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No unfortunately not. Your experience sounds like a life changing event.

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Blow Up

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I went to college in New England in the 1990s and I did take a film class.
We watched:
Rear Window
The Americanization of Emily
La Strada
Cinema Paradiso
The Last Picture Show
Citizen Kane

and I don’t remember what else. The only thing I remember about any of the professor’s comments is that he said Rear Window was Freudian.

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Nice, and thanks for the details.

"La Strada" is my 2nd favorite movie ever :)

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Do you think this newfound interest in psychological horror is good for movie goers in general or should filmmakers rely on vapid romantic comedies and highly stylized action movies or sappy dramas?

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I took basket weaving and sheep shearing courses in high school.

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This is from two different classes and I know I am not correctly remembering all of them:

The Grand Illusion
The General
The Birth of a Nation (as an illustration of Griffith’s innovation in editing film)
Citizen Kane
Johnny Guitar
Saturday Night Fever

If you’re scratching your head on the last two, the professor who taught that class presented them as examples of competent but nonetheless bad movies. Not sure why you’d waste an entire quarter taking up that much time with stuff you thought was bad, but he wasn’t a very good teacher overall and a horrible, boring lecturer.

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Yeah, that is odd. Maybe he's just a big fan, and trying to rationalize?

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Children of Men
Winter's Bone

The professor also presented Limitless, as a compentent but overall bad movie to learn from.

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Does Talented Theater in high school count?

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