Suggestions and requests : Avatar Lives Matter …

Avatar Lives Matter …

… life being animation. @nimda's brother should have made it work for all of us!
by @Cerridwen
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Yes. Nimda's brother did it for me.

I'm keeping my dead froggy avatar until justice prevails. When he moves the protest will end. Won't film|boards save some cloud space by allowing us to link directly to those GIFs as was done in this special dispensation?

Another suggestion: Beef up the [img][/img] tag to give us some resizing options. TIA!

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Re: Avatar Lives Matter …

Animated avatars would be easy if they don't have to be resized. When it comes to resizing an arbitrary aspect ratio gif into a 48x48 size, that's when it becomes an issue. This is because the upload process would require some image/frame processing, and that sort of thing isn't the most intuitive for general web coding. It's heavy backend stuff, so don't hold it against your admins if they're not able to fathom it. I may take a look into it, but it's probably more work than it's worth.

What kind of resizing options are you talking about? Option-based markup would throw a wrench into the general markup schema. Things like aligned images and aligned video embeds are easier, but resizing can become a pain.

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👍 Avatar Lives Matter …

I was referring mainly to images in the body of posts. I see that your avatar is not resized, but mine is: 150px × 150px (scaled to 48px × 48px). The converted JPG is also one-tenth the file size of the 290x290 GIF in the body. If resizing is a problem, linked GIFs could be limited to 48x48.

I thought there might be a problem when I discovered that animated GIFs stored on MS OneDrive don't move when linked–even when not resized.

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Re: Avatar Lives Matter …

That's the most annoying animation I've ever seen. You really are an obnoxious woman.

🐸 Avatar Lives Matter …

It annoys me too, but mainly because it is a special dispensation. I will change it immediately when there is equal treatment of animated GIFs.

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