Books : Write novel paras or poems in this thread

Write novel paras or poems in this thread

Practise your writing skills or grandify them for the world.

Write text.

I watch through the window the mellow shadows of my forgotten lore that yonder before never to be seen ere afore on offshore accunts theisize the mammoth's mammonic tritriitic persommafaction of the ancient gales that bequeath the silence of the night.

Walking through the valley of the shadow of death
There's no vale
no shadow
sunshine blisters my skin
Death waits, nothing else.

In the wilderness of Sinai,
and that of Paran,
I waited for Yahweh to appear to me,
found myself talking to myself
I AM, says I to Myself
Maybe I AM, says I to Myself
I AM that I AM, says I to I
Oh my, what blasphemy, that day, i partook in.

Yahweh Yahweh
do not forsake me
before i forsake thee earlier than than the tribe chooses other deities besides thee
Yahweh Yahweh,
do not forsake me
as you did your only begotten son

Eleonor appears to me on the window as a raven, craven with lust, evermore. My pelvic thrust adjusts her crowish skeleton with semen that is so ancient that Moses himself would not dare set his foot on his way to Mount Sinai to witness a fiery bush of his woman that was unkemptly pushed out of the womb of a Midianite woman.

He sold his soul and his shitty website to an otaku from Japan who shilled it to FBI, CIA, NSA, Mossad, and Nippon High Police Internet patrol to circumvate a breakthrough the chinese firewall that kept Uighur terrorists in concentration camps killing million muslims so the world in the future wept for those monotheists instead of the chosenites that were concentrated then deconcentrated from Germany to Israel that was in the ancient pest.

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That was beautiful. I didn't agree with the moral but i felt emotional moved by your imagery.

So nimda is an astronaunt for the NSA?