Sports : NBA Players Complaining About Coming Back?

NBA Players Complaining About Coming Back?

Harden was one. A guy who flops, dribbles all shot-clock long, jacks 3's, can't play defense, chokes every playoffs and needs guys like Josh Smith to bail him out as he sat on the bench, so yeah, I never thought he'd be inspired to play basketball. Here are just a couple of quotes.

Harden says he won't play until COVID-19 has “calmed down all the way to a minimum.”

“I want it to be entertaining for the fans and players to get out there and compete.

It could be a few years before fans will be able to attend a game!

There are millions of people working for minimum-wage, without ANY protections, and I've seen first-hand at grocery stores and supermarkets that make BILLIONS, and pay $0 federal tax. They don't have health care, while the NBA has the greatest in the world, and they will have great arenas and facilities and have already taken precautions. The league would NEVER jeopardize their players for a few reasons. Litigious reasons, but it's their "product". If players are sick, you won't have great match-ups.

These minimum wage workers are the very definition of essential. But they aren't paid like they are essential. But when Wall St. ruins the world economy, they get TRILLIONS in bail-outs (to buy back their stocks and profit more), and then again, they get bailouts! But they won't increase someone's food stamps by a small %.

And I want the NBA to start ASAP - I'm going crazy, and the NBA isn't top-priority, but it would help millions.

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Put anyone out there then. As long as it's not the WNBA, I'll watch.

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Bring on the naked cheerleaders.

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As soon as one person gets infected they would have to test them , everyone on his team and all other teams and personnel they came in contact with. I don’t understand how this is going to work.

"You had me at Elk Tartare"
-Erin Wotherspoon

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That's the way it is in any business. Testing, contact tracing, and in some cases, shutting down the business until it's safe.