Computers and Software : Have you ever been so addicted to the Internet that it affects your real life?

Have you ever been so addicted to the Internet that it affects your real life?

For example, you turn down job opportunities and even going out with friends just to have more time to spend on the Internet. You don't want to take that job that starts at 7 AM because then you couldn't stay up all night on the Internet chatrooms, when the real shit goes down.

Imagine if you had a job that started in the morning. You'd miss all the Tinychat and Discord shows that happen around 3-4 AM because you'd be sleeping. Your job performance would be affected due to lack of sleep. No one does chatroom parties at 5 PM. If you go to bed at a reasonable hour like 9-10 PM, you miss out on the Best of the Internet.

I would say 12-3 AM are the peak hours of the Internet. This is when the public chatrooms are the fullest. In this time, a woman may say "she's going to bed" and then switch to a different room to masturbate on cam before finally going to bed. After about 4 AM, it's all downhill, with everyone gradually going to bed.

It's hard even more if you get particularly infatuated with a girl on the Internet. And most girls who spend a lot of time in chatrooms don't have a job or much of a life themselves, which makes it harder on the person infatuated with them, as if they have any kind of life, they're going to potentially miss out on her.

I remember at 17 I was particular obsessed with this webcam girl. We ended up being close. I was spending the night at a friend's house and I knew that the girl masturbated on cam around 2 AM, so I had my dad call over and lie to say that I had to work in the morning to have an excuse to leave, so I left to make it home on time, but it was like 2:34 and I just missed it by 10 minutes. Ugh!

We think of people who spend their free time on the Internet as not having a life, but maybe they're not here for lack of other options, but they prefer it to those options. Maybe there's nothing physically wrong with them and they could have great life, and the Internet is not a "last resort," but something they prefer to a real life. Their real social life becomes working around their Internet time, and not the other way around. I know if I was married, I couldn't hang in Tinychats at 2 AM without my wife wanting me to go to bed. I'd have to spend time with her an shit and miss out on chatroom shenanigans

Back when the Internet was still relatively new, Internet addiction was a real pandemic. Professionals would recommend you limit your Wifi use to 1-2 hours a day. No joke. Now our entire lives are on the Internet. Even when we're in bed, we check our phones for a last "rundown" of events. Turning our computer off 15 minutes prior wasn't enough. We do a last check with our phones.