Children and Family Films : The Last Fling of Noah's Ark - 1980 Movie

The Last Fling of Noah's Ark - 1980 Movie

When a B-29 bomber strays from its course, its crew – high-living pilot Noah Dugan (Elliott Gould), a prim missionary (Geneviève Bujold), her cargo of farm animals, and two stowaway orphans – must make an emergency landing on an unmapped island in the South Pacific. In order to survive, the foursome, along with two unexpected allies, convert the downed plane into the oddest sea-going vessel ever and then set sail – animals and all – on a perilous search for civilization in this Disney adventure for the whole family.

Fun film to watch. Good family movie. Aviation buffs will get a kick out of seeing a full-scale Boeing B-29 Superfortress bomber in the film. The Bomber gets converted to a sail boat, basically. It actually did float and was filmed with the actors at sea.

My old man took me and my sister to see this movie when it released in theaters.

You can watch the whole movie here:

"That's a dumb question, Miss Glenn’s Organ."