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New Zealand

Hey Belle; just saw the news regarding the latest Kiwi earthquake and tsunami warning. It says it was on South Island, but nevertheless; hope you and your kith and kin are safe!

Re: New Zealand

The most scared I've ever been, hands down. It lasted 2 minutes, measured 7.8 - the same size as the one that clear-felled the entire city of Napier in 1931, and was 15 times stronger than the Christchurch earthquake of 2011.

I live in an old wooden bungalow built in 1940 and am thankful. I have no damage to my home. I did hear the sound of crashing crockery but when I looked I found that the contents had rattled forward enough to push one of the pantry doors open, but nothing had fallen or broken.

In times of high stress I manage ok at the time and for a long while afterwards. Shock is delayed about 12 hours with me and at lunchtime on Monday I unravelled/melted/imploded, whatever.

The small coastal town of Kaikoura on the east coast of the south island is cut off with nothing going in or out except by air (with thanks to military assistance from Canada, Australia and Malaysia.)

If I had enough money to leave I would.

Quick, play dead.

Re: New Zealand

Hey Belle,

Glad you're safe, though what a trial. I've seen the pictures of the cracked highways and landslide blocking Kaikoura (not to mention the stranded cows); it's fortunate the residents are getting help. Even if the death toll wasn't high like the 2011 Christchurch one, what a terrible scare and ordeal.

7.8 is indeed strong; much more than the 2010 Haiti one. The 1985 Mexico City one was 8.1; my grandmother says she could literally see the ground moving in waves (and I've experienced my share, both in Mexico and Alaska).

Stay safe; keep us updated.