Classic Film : In Memoriam - Film Obituaries 2017

In Memoriam - Film Obituaries 2017

This is part one of our very end of the 2016 year and 2017 extension in the IMDb Hall of Remembrance which features the obituaries of those in the film and entertainment community that have passed on.

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Osiride Pevarello - actor

Osiride Pevarello, whose life spanned the entirety of Italian cinema, from silent and classical cinema to modern and post-modern moviemaking, has died. He was a stuntman, an actor and an acrobat; a fearless performer who remained highly regarded in his later years thanks to an association forged with erotica maestro Tinto Brass. Pevarello was a son of the circus.

Osiride Pevarello R.I.P.

Re: Osiride Pevarello

Oh, sad to hear of his death. A fascinating individual. Have you seen the lovely, flavourful little documentary on him and his family and their caravan-based existence near the Rome catacombs that Marcello Baldi directed in 1966? He must have been quite an age!

That's all, folks!

Re: Osiride Pevarello

I've not seen that documentary. I'll look out for it, thanks.

Betsy Pecanins - composer

Singer-songwriter Betsy Pecanins has died at the age of 62.

Betsy Pecanins R.I.P.

Bohdan Smolen - actor

Popular Polish comedian Bohdan Smolen died earlier this week at the age of 69. Tributes have been paid across the country.

Bohdan Smolen R.I.P.

Alberto Seixas Santos - director

I'm in no way fit to write an obituary for this great man as I've never seen any of his films. But I sincerely do hope to see some of his movies some day ... he was a giant of Portugese cinema which should be celebrated alot more, of that I have absolutely no doubt. May he rest in peace.

Alberto Seixas Santos R.I.P.

Re: Zsa Zsa Gabor, 99

The woman born Gábor Sári, known in her homeland as Gâbor Zsazsa, has died, just 51 days shy of her 100th birthday.

It's been quite a ride, Zsa Zsa. We know the past several years haven't been easy ones. I'm sorry you didn't make it to 100, but hope you're at peace.

February 6, 1917 - December 18, 2016: age 99 years, 315 days.

Mina Mittelman - costume designer

Mina Mittelman has died at the age of 85. Mittelman worked on a number of delicate period recreations during her career, bringing a fine eye for detail to her work. Having been schooled among the best in the business, Mittelman assisted some of the industry's top costume designers.

Mina Mittelman R.I.P.

John Sutton - sound mixer

It's been reported that musician John Sutton died earlier in the month, following a long period of illness. Hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Sutton was a key member of George Romero's technical company, a sound department specialist who also worked for Dusty Nelson early in his career. Sutton went on to perform duties for several graduates of the Roger Corman School Of Filmmaking, operating as a sound mixer on projects directed by Jonathan Kaplan, Ron Howard and John Sayles. His contributions to cinema are greatly appreciated by fans.

John Sutton Rest in Peace

Gordie Tapp (Canadian entertainer)

I admit that I have never heard of this entertainer until I saw the article:

Thank you for running these threads, cherry-malotte! You do a great job of keeping them going. Much appreciated!

Jim Hutton (1934-79) & Ellery Queen =

Re: Gordie Tapp (Canadian entertainer)

I just KNEW that name sounded familiar. Being from Texas and being alive in the early 1970s, I could not have missed seeing "Hee Haw." Here is a clip with Gordie Tapp (on your left) with Archie Campbell.

RIP Gordie.


Trust me. I'm The Doctor.

Re: Gordie Tapp (Canadian entertainer)

Thanks for the clip! Of course I have seen a lot of entertainment from that time period, but just now Hee Haw.

Jim Hutton (1934-79) & Ellery Queen =

Dick Latessa - actor

Beloved Broadway entertainer Dick Latessa has passed away at the age of 87. The Tony Award winning actor was born in Cleveland, Ohio where he acted on stage before moving to New York. He performed a wide variety of roles in theatre, appearing in a number of plays penned by Neil Simon. Among his big screen roles, Latessa played Father Gianni Delmonico in the horror smash 'Stigmata' (1999).

"Dear sweet extraordinarily talented Dick LaTessa has left us. He shall be deeply missed."

- Bernadette Peters

Dick Latessa R.I.P.

Michèle Morgan - actress

The French actress Michèle Morgan, one of the last remaining stars whose career began in the pre-war period, has died at the age of 96 in suburban Paris. Born in the same area in 1920, she began her career at 15, achieving her greatest early success in Marcel Carné's Le Quai des brumes (1938). In the 1940s she worked mostly in Hollywood and Britain, starring in Carol Reed's The Fallen Idol (1947), probably her most widely-known film, among many others. She continued to act regularly, mostly in France, through the 1960s and had a few sporadic roles thereafter with her last appearance occurring in Giuseppe Tornatore's Stanno tutti bene in 1990.

Obit (in French)

Be true, Unbeliever.

Re: Michèle Morgan - actress

A legendary star of the silver screen.

Thanks for the movies.

Michele Morgan Rest in Peace

Re: Michèle Morgan - actress

I must admit I haven't seen that many of her films - the ones I mentioned plus Passage to Marseille and The Chase. Not that many of her French films are really widely available, though I do have copies of Remorques and Landru - and the latter costars Danielle Darrieux who has a little birthday coming up soon, so maybe I'll watch it in tribute tonight.

Be true, Unbeliever.

Re: Michèle Morgan - actress

Very sad to hear of Michèle Morgan's passing. A fine actress and attractive woman, but not shown to good advantage during her brief stint in Hollywood during the war. She was in Joan of Paris and Passage to Marseilles but missed out on what might have become an immortal role, as Ilsa Lund in Casablanca. But her home studio of RKO wouldn't accept the money Warners offered for her.

Morgan was a Leap Year baby (born February 29, 1920) so it's fitting she passed in another leap year, one in which she got to celebrate her real (and sadly, last) birthday.

R.I.P., February 29, 1920 - December 20, 2016.

Re: Michèle Morgan - actress

I have a weakness for 29 February and people born that day: well, many centuries ago it was New Year's Eve, prid. Kal. Mart (the Kalends of March), and I still celebrate it and try to do something special that day or say good-bye to something.

Michèle Morgan, born in 1920, like our dear mate SaveMeRick, and in Neuilly-sur-Seine, only three months after a famous treaty was signed there, following the end of the First World War.

Beautiful and unforgettable as Nelly in Le quai des brumes,, both Queen Marie Antoinette and Empress Joséphine, an attractive and sophisticated Frenchwoman.

May she rest in peace.



Re: Michèle Morgan - actress

Re: Michèle Morgan - actress

My heart dropped as I saw this. An exquisite, sophisticated, and quite wonderful actress. I'm battling through the tears as I recall all those roles and films that I cherish dearly in my heart. Michèle Morgan, with those astonishing eyes that dazzle across time from the screen, was the star who really first awakened an interest in me in pre-Nouvelle vague French cinema. From her eye-catching star-making turns in 'Gribouille' and 'Le quai des brumes' to her extraordinary central performances in a raft of post-war classics such as 'La symphonie pastorale' (her best role she often said), 'Les orgueilleux', 'Les grandes manoeuvres', and 'Marguerite de la nuit' she showed herself to be one of the greatest and most loved stars of the French screen.

Michèle Morgan was a glorious and iconic presence who graced the screen time after time with her rare beauty and luminous talent. She might now be gone but her star will always burn bright. R.I.P.

That's all, folks!

Re: Michèle Morgan - actress

Not bloomin' sure that I'd agree that she were a ''timeless'' star, shipmate. Her sophisticated elegance and class were utilised very well in many flicks but, a bit like Katharine Hepburn, I sometimes find her a bit cold and of her epoch as I wevisit her flicks now. Strangely, I fink that slight coldness is what makes Les grandes manouevres such a charming success as we see 'er gradually warm. I fink ''sophisticated'' might be a better word than ''timeless'' to wemember this great star with.

God Save the King

Re: Michèle Morgan - actress

Haha, okay! I actually kind of agree with you after re-reading what I wrote. I might take out ''timeless'' and replace it with ''sophisticated''.

Cheers, and Happy Christmas! Hope you're keeping well.

That's all, folks!

Re: Michèle Morgan - actress

Sad news, indeed. Along with Delphine Seyrig, Michele Morgan represented the epitome of the elegant Frenchwoman to me. A great beauty who could act.

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Gordon Hunt - director

Popular voice coach Gordon Hunt has passed away at the age of 87. This gifted improv specialist was born in Sherman Oaks, California, but moved to work in New York. He directed a wide variety of plays, animations and comedy pieces; among his live-action television jobs as a hired director, Hunt helmed episodes of the influential sitcom 'Caroline In The City' starring Lea Thompson, and the comedy smash 'Mad About You'. Hunt was also a working actor and voiceover artist, as well as being a teacher (his daughter, Oscar winner Helen Hunt, studied under her father as a child).

Gordon Hunt R.I.P.

Leo Marjane - singer

Legendary French chanteuse Leo Marjane has died at the age of 104. Marjane was one of many artists whose career suffered from the fall-out of the 2nd World War and never recovered. She was an extraordinary talent. She worked with the filmmaker Jean Renoir in the 1950s.

Leo Marjane R.I.P.

Fran Jeffries, actress/singer

Fran Jeffries, a lithe, silky-voiced singer and dancer who performed a showstopping samba in the 1963 film “The Pink Panther” and tantalized Tony Curtis with a seductive performance of the title song in “Sex and the Single Girl” a year later, died on Thursday at her home in Los Angeles. She was 79.

The cause was multiple myeloma, her granddaughter Zoë Sandler said on Tuesday.

Ms. Jeffries was well known on the cabaret and Las Vegas circuit as the singing partner of Dick Haymes, her husband, when the director Blake Edwards added a scene in “The Pink Panther” to showcase her talents.

Dressed in a black cat-suit and singing in Italian, she slithered her way around an Alpine ski chalet performing the Henry Mancini song “Meglio Stasera” (English title: “It Had Better Be Tonight”), as the bewitched cast looked on.

As the nightclub singer Gretchen in “Sex and the Single Girl,” she performed three numbers. Most memorable was her teasing rendition of the title song, aimed at Mr. Curtis, her boyfriend in the film. Delivering the message that women enjoy sex, too, she treated Mr. Curtis's living room furniture as an erotic gymnasium, closing in on him as he struggled to read a book.

She was born Frances Ann Makris on May 18, 1937, in Mayfield, Calif., near Palo Alto. Her father, Stephen, was a Greek immigrant who moved the family to San Jose to open a restaurant when she was young. Her mother, the former Esther Gautier, was a homemaker.

In her early teens Frances won a local talent contest, the Del Courtney Amateur Hour, performing the Betty Grable song “What Did I Do?” She took home a Bulova watch and a sack of groceries.

After graduating from high school she began singing in San Francisco nightclubs as part of a trio. One night she found herself on the same bill with Mr. Haymes, a crooning balladeer in his 40s. They formed a duo, married and for the next several years enjoyed success in nightclubs, cabarets and Las Vegas casinos.

Ms. Jeffries's first marriage, to the pianist Ed Blasco, had ended in divorce, as would her marriage to Mr. Haymes and to three subsequent husbands. In addition to Ms. Sandler, she is survived by a daughter, Stephanie Haymes-Roven, and another granddaughter.

After appearing in a bit part in the 1958 film “The Buccaneer,” Ms. Jeffries sang and danced her way through a brief film career. Her third husband, the director Richard Quine, cast her in two of his films, “Sex and the Single Girl” and, in a nonsinging role, “A Talent for Loving” in 1969. She played the femme fatale Aishah in the Elvis Presley movie “Harum Scarum” in 1965.

Ms. Jeffries recorded the albums “Fran Can Really Hang You Up the Most” (1960), “Fran Jeffries Sings of Sex and the Single Girl” (1964) and “This Is Fran Jeffries” (1966).

In the late 1960s and early '70s she toured Europe with Sammy Davis Jr. and Southeast Asia with Bob Hope. She performed for decades in supper clubs and cabarets, and in 2000 recorded a set of ballads and standards, “All the Love.”

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Re: Fran Jeffries, actress/singer

Her number in The Pink Panther really is a highlight of the film which is one of my all time favorite comedies. Maybe I'll give it another look tonight in her memory!

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Re: Fran Jeffries, actress/singer

I was never crazy about the Pink Panther series, yet I've seen all of them that had Sellers and even Alan Arkin. I've not seen the Ted Wass or Steve Martin entries.

But I actually saw the first Panther entry after seeing the Elvis film (which I saw a few days before Christmas in 1965) and Ms. Jeffries got my hormones going a lot more than Mary Ann Mobley. When I found out that she was in The Pink Panther, I saw it on a double-bill with the second film not long after.

She was the only reason that I watched Sex and the Single Girl on TV. I even saw the wretched A Talent For Loving because of her and that film has completely disappeared so I can't find out if it's as bad as I remember. Contrary to the IMDb's trivia page for the film, it did receive play dates in NYC for about a week on the bottom of a double-bill.

It ain't easy being green, or anything else, other than to be me

Re: Fran Jeffries, actress/singer

I so agree. Her "Meglio Stesera" is one of my favorite musical numbers of any film, ever.

Very sad. RIP beautiful lady.

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[ Re: Fran Jeffries, actress/singer ]

Fran Jeffries, actress/singer
by clore_2
IMDb member since February 2002
Wed Dec 21 2016 07:11:40

- - -
Francis Makris "Fran" Jeffries (May 18, 1937 – December 15, 2016)
was an American singer, dancer, actress, and model.
She was featured in Playboy several years later in 1971 at the age of 33
in a pictorial entitled "Frantastic!"
In 1982 she posed a second time for Playboy at the age of 45.
This second pictorial was titled "Still Frantastic!".
She died on December 15, 2016 in Los Angeles at age 79 from multiple myeloma.

- - -

"Meglio Stasera" (From 1963 Pink Panther Movie) - Fran Jeffries - 3:29 - 112,003 views

"Meglio Stasera" known in English as "It Had Better Be Tonight"
is a 1963 song with music by Henry Mancini,
Italian lyrics by Franco Migliacci and English lyrics by Johnny Mercer.
It was composed for the 1963 film The Pink Panther where it was performed by Fran Jeffries
- - -

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Re: Fran Jeffries, actress/singer

That's too bad. I loved her performance in The Pink Panther.

May she R.I.P!

Jim Hutton (1934-79) & Ellery Queen =

Eduard Nazarov, 74

The great Russian animator Eduard Nazarov died last September in Moscow. Known for humanistic, exquisitely beautiful masterpieces such as 'Okhota' and 'Zhil-byl pyos', his work was part of a golden era for Soviet animation that engendered great admiration and praise.

That's all, folks!

Miruts Yifter, 72, Ethiopian long distance runner, Olympic champion

As a huge fan of track and field athletics, Yifter the shifter was one of my heroes growing up. I was very sad to hear of his demise today. RIP.

Poorly Lived and Poorly Died, Poorly Buried and No One Cried

Ljuba Skorepová, 93

The Czech actress Ljuba Skorepová has died at the age of 93. Over the course of her nearly seventy-year career she appeared in films ranging from the 1948 horror classic 'Podobizna' to 'Cesta z mesta' in 2000.

That's all, folks!

Re: Ljuba Skorepová, 93

Luba Skorepova R.I.P.

Rick Parfitt

Legendary Status Quo axeman has passed away.


The Spikeopath - Hospital Number 217

Re: In Memoriam - Film Obituaries 2017

Are we predicting who will die next year?

Re: In Memoriam - Film Obituaries 2017

It is rather farcical, isn't it! The OP could at least put 2016/17 in the heading.

That's all, folks!

Kevin O'Morrison - actor

Actor Kevin O'Morrison, a member of the Mercury Theatre, has died aged 100. He was also a published playwright.

Kevin O'Morrison R.I.P.

Gil Parrondo - production designer

Gil Parrondo has died at the age of 95. Throughout his long career in theatre and cinema, Parrondo displayed his considerable skills as a designer and decorator. He was awarded two Oscars for his work with the filmmaker Franklin Schaffner. In Spain, he worked numerous times with director Jose Luis Garci.

Gil Parrondo R.I.P.

Re: Gil Parrondo - production designer

He was in 'Battle of Britain' as well, under Maurice Carter, and in other famous films. His work in 'Nicholas and Alexandra' was superb, he and his colleagues really deserved the Oscar they won.

From 'El País': In Spanish.

May he rest in peace.


Re: Gil Parrondo - production designer

Yes, Gil Parrondo also worked on several of Ray Harryhausen's films (when shooting took place in Spain), such as THE 7TH VOYAGE OF SINBAD, THE 3 WORLDS OF GULLIVER, and THE VALLEY OF GWANGI.

Re: Gil Parrondo - production designer

I didn't know or didn't remember about 'The 7th Voyage of Sinbad', in spite of being an all-time favourite of mine. I took a look at the IMDb page: this was his first film as art director! (as "Gil Parrendo").

Vyacheslav Shalevich - actor

Vyacheslav Shalevich, one of Russia's leading stage actors, has died aged 82. In the late 1960s, Shalevich appeared in a pair of classic films; Tatyana Lioznova's 'Three Poplars at Plyuschikha Street' (1968) and Vladimir Fetin's 'Virineya' (1969).

Vyacheslav Shalevich R.I.P.

Deddie Davis - actress

Actress Deddie Davis has died at the age of 78.

Deddie Davis R.I.P.

Willa Kim - costume designer

Willa Kim has died at the age of 99. The Tony Award winner designed the costumes for many major Broadway productions and Off-Broadway productions, as well as regional theatre. In the cinema, she worked with director Francis Coppola.

Willa Kim R.I.P.

Eliseo Subiela. Argentinian director and writer (1944-2016)

He died on Christmas Day, but in summer, two days before he turned 72.

Hombre mirando al sudeste (1986)

El lado oscuro del corazón (1992)


Obituary in Spanish:

Descanse en paz. May he rest in peace.


George Michael (Ex-Wham singer)

Singer George Michael has died aged 53, his publicist has said.
The star, who launched his career with Wham in the 1980s and later continued his success as a solo performer, is said to have "passed away peacefully at home".

Thames Valley Police said South Central Ambulance Service attended a property in Goring in Oxfordshire earlier.
Police say there were no suspicious circumstances.

Robert Tucker - choreographer

Broadway choreographer Robert Tucker has passed away. An accomplished tap dancer, Tucker also worked as a voice coach.

Robert Tucker R.I.P.