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Re: Favourite Poems of All Time?

I used to write poems and songs routinely when I was younger. I had a notebook full of them, but I think it got thrown away. I had some beauts in there.

One of them was called "Back Door Blues" about anal sex.
"I got the back door - back door blues!"

Another was called "Pink Sphincter." It had the line "I'll do a line of coke off your vagina so fine, I want to sniff your pink fuzzy panties from behind." Ahh, Chloe. She was blonde and cute as a doll, and wore pink panties. When I think of her, I think of her having a pink and glittery colon.

Here is one I wrote when I was 12, but since lost, but I have this part memorized. Tis a rap:

An ordinary guy with imagination
His mind filled with beloved sensation
Radio control up in your mind
Controlling you and the people on the other side
Bringing their guilt, out on you
Making you nervous and so blue
Kill 'em all! Kill 'em all! That's the guilty party
But watcha gon' do, feel sorry?
Assassination roughness here and there
With the granny sitting on the rocking chair
Reading the newspaper of yesterday
About the murders in NY and LA
Walk away from your troubles
Know who you are and what you are
You are the Big Star
Can you feel it?
The People around you and what you are
You are the big star.